G'z 1:26pm, 9 January 2007
Life is in the everyday details...

This is the final reason why I take part in this project. Picturing my everyday life didn't sound interesting at first sight. And it isn't when it would become a practical blog of what I did, where I went, who I met etc ect. So I decided to give it a more phyloso-sociolo-psychological touch.

Besides that I liked the idea of being invited to it by 'Un Parisien' – since I'm a fan of Brassai, Doisneau, Cartier-Bresson and other 'humanistes' in mid-twenthied century Paris – I had to find a very good reason to start with it and to persist troughout a whole year... So, I will haunt for the details, footnotes and sidelines of everyday life!

Because I'm sensitive for details (like many photographers use their senses more than average) and believe that small and irrelevant details are nevertheless the spice & colour of life, I will try to capture every day in such a detail. Doing it this way, it will force me to search for a relevant detail every single day of 2007. There's not one single day who can slip away whitout being noticed, without having one remarkable small aspect...
In a year where my age turns from twenty- toward thirty-something, every day starts to count... ;-)

Don't expect 365 macro photo's – I'm not good at it.

Besides I'm not an 'esthetic' photographer at all, to me it's the message, context and the overall feel of a picture that counts, more than perfect cadrage, excellent lightmetering or sharpness etc... Partly because of laziness and impatience – I admit- and partly because everyday life isn't perfect either. Picturing an ugly face is to me more interesting when its two stops too dark, a bit noisy and partially of-frame. This face in a well ballanced framing and lighting and 200% sharp doesn't feel 'right'.. Nonetheless I admire photographers who do have the skills, patience and persistence to make technically perfect & stunning images. But... it's just not my way ;-)

Anyway, I will look for details that stroke me and try to translate them in a picture. This way, I will have a blog of thoughts, quotes, meanings etc reveiled in an image. Not easy, but we're gonna try at least ;-)

Weekly updated.
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:: 01 01 2007 :: La Luna Porta Fortuna!

On the first day... almost too late!
Few before midnight I realised I still had to take a pic this day...
As I walked home late, I looked at the bright and full moon. Early today I enjoyed staring in the sun: on the first day of year, as a belgian, having sun is a good sign I think... Now at the close of day there's this bright moon... “Maybe this will mean a beautifull year” was my cosmic conclusion and I felt a bit Italian because of so much superstition ;-)

On this cold winterday, my thoughts got lost and made me dream of last holiday back there, in warm and sunny Italy... I took a look at my 'Sailing Certificate' which I received in the end from my Italian sailing-instructor and I remarked this last line on it; after a few notes about the sailing etc... he ended with: “Tanti auguri e fortuna per il futuro”
As we know, Italians still keep a close eye on La Fortuna, something we, in the north, forgot for already a long time... Much best wishes and good luck for the future. And I'm pretty sure he really meant it – in summer, btw.

Suddenly it occurred to me how many times in the passed 24 hours I had kissed people by saying “best wishes for 2007” but it sounded like something automatic, though I mean it, it's said so quickly, as a standard phrase, without thinking about it...
And I figured that it's really heartwarming when you really wish somebody goodluck and best wishes... When you really hope fortune will bring all he or she desires... Like a supporter or a fan!

So I made at least one good intention for next year: becoming a little bit more Italian, slow down and think twice about what you say and only say things you really mean...

Allora, for now, dear Flickerit and dear myself: Tanti auguri e fortuna per il 2007!
May the gods, stars, the sun & the moon be on your side this year ;-)

And I promiss I'll never write long & mellow comments like this anymore, but hey, it's newyear for some reason! ;-)

01 01 2007
G'z 11 years ago
:: 02 01 2007 :: Try to focus...

Not easy this project: 2nd day and I already forgot to take a pic... First cheating! This earlier capture of my lenses will do fine as a backup, since this second day of the year I also forgot to take out my lenses at night. So 0201 was a 'troubled' day with less details ;-)

02 01 2007
G'z 11 years ago
:: 03 01 2007 :: ! Soldes – Bargains – Bored men !

First day of the bargain sale and I enjoy the bored-male-phenomenon.... Why ooh why do woman ab-so-lut-ly have to take their man to this shopping circus?! On every shop entry you see a bunch of men outside: bored, shivering cold, packed with baggs & nervous kids... waiting for the lady inside.
Is this love or just scandalous dominance of woman?? :)
Anyway, I also saw a 'smart' shop: selling woman's clothes, they had a 'salon' in the middle, with comfortable clubchairs and a table with readings & magazines about cars, computers, gadgets ect ... No bored male face around, 'take your time my dear' ;-)
This one, behind the boutique window, has found a chair, but no reading: he still has to pay attention to his wife: “honey, what do u think of this coat? Does it fit me..?” “mm of course, my dear, this skirt is excellent” “The coat you mean..”

03 01 2007
G'z 11 years ago
:: 04 01 2007 :: Trentemoller – my new friend

At least in my cd-player. Bought this marvelous record of Trentemoller, The Last Resort. I never download music, just because I enjoy the whole excitement of buying a new record: first hang around the recordstore and decide on which disc to spend money. Then home, sniff up the new-paper-smell of the beautifull leaflet, enjoy the artwork and finally sink in my deep red, soft & satin cushions on the floor to listen the new music...
While I was laying there, I made a comp of my old amplifier, the leaflet with sensual artist picture & the cushion. Lazy day!

04 01 2007
G'z 11 years ago
:: 05 01 2007 :: Today, the spice of life is sweet

I'm a true Belgian in many ways, but perhaps even most when it comes to food: I really enjoy good & tasty food – in the best Bourgondic tradition. Also Brueghel still spooks around our streets: there's less tempting to me than the winter-smell of wafels & pancakes. You find them in every shoppingstreet, but the real good ones are few... “Het Wit Madammeke” temporary on Leuven's main square, still has “bon marchandise” and makes wafels the old way, grandma-style. I'm addicted, no single resistance... For me no cream, choco, sirop-de-liege or grand-marnier, just pale brown kids'sugar! Yameee.

05 01 2007
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:: 06 01 2007 :: Material Girl

I'm not. But when I go shopping the bargains, I do kick on new trics... After a shoppingday with some friends, I came home with a new shirt, trousers, shoes, pull-over and... a blue gym-ball! Showing off my new silver sneakers, my chalk-line pantalon and the start of my humm.. training-program, the gym-ball. (Curious when I have to post the first pics of blue spots on my knees ;-)

But, today's point is not the new stuff as such, but the question why I always HAVE TO put them on as soon as I'm back home... So 2night, I wear ánd the new trousers, ánd the new shirt ánd new pullover ánd new shoes! And on top, I always feel & look super with it, ready to go out... just because it's new. Question: why do new clothes give us self-confidence, while older clothes still look good either since they're mostly not older then two years anyway?? Is this strange “power of the new” perhaps an answer to why so many woman are shopping addicts? Because they kick on the ego-boost provided by brand new clothes...? And why many men don't care about new clothes, they have enough ego anyway – or at least don't digg it from the way they look ;-)

06 01 2007
G'z 11 years ago
:: 07 01 2007 :: Good bye, kitch & camp!

Last day of holiday, so also last day of the Xmass-ornaments and the ocean of charming lights flooding the streets... I'm always the first to complain about this kitch & camp begin December, but I'm also the first to feel sorry when the light circus leaves the city for another year ;-)

So, a final pic of the mayor's house in it's Christmass-dress.

07 01 2007
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
leroyer 11 years ago
Damn, Lbt, I was about to say that !!!
You stole my line.
Don't have much time right now for smartmouth comments, but I'll be back. Too.

[philippe leroyer - the milky bald guru on a day by day basis : too much pleasure for all !]
G'z 11 years ago
Tnx for comments;
unfortunatly don't have much time to follow this MDPD-community right now... So many interesting top's/people to reply though.. !

how do you guys find time to do this ?? ;-)

keep up admins!
Bernard- 11 years ago
Yes, very nice. I wonder if this gets easier the more we do this?
ILIGHT 11 years ago
I love that image of the mayor's house. The perspective and timimg are perfect.

Great gold sneakers, I must say!
chibi_butterfly 11 years ago
Wonderful pictures! Love them all.
You are bookmarked so keep posting. I'm reading you. :)

Ana (Mu aasta piltides)
sunshinecity 11 years ago
.... What a beautiful week you had.... your pics are very striking!
I confirm Italians' fixation with "La Fortuna" lol.... we're a bunch of supersticious, pasta lovin', love makin', mafioso lookin' people!!

Great start to your year, G!

... I too wonder how I'll manage to keep up with all the diaries... there are so many of them, and all so interesting!

~ sunshinecity - a picture, a story
G'z 11 years ago
:: 08 01 2007 :: How we look fishy today

When I woke up... one eyelid was swollen and both eyes tearful and irritated: out of the blue... into the red of an inflamed eye. Grrr, just this evening I had to meet a couple wherefor I'll take wedding pictures this Spring... nice to meet the photographer of your most special day with teary red eyes ;-)

Anyway, this temporary inconvenience reminds me again how precious these two small litlle blue balls are! Good & clear sight, so evident until it fails...

08 01 2007
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:: 09 01 2007 :: Modern Art

This happy couple always makes me smile when I walk by: it's a fine piece of streetart and lightens this grey concrete street. Of course it's illegal to tag or stencil someone elses property, but in many cases I think these artworks are an asset for boring and characterless places in the city.

In fact I like them almost more than so called 'professional modern art' which is often too abstract for me: some big name draws a blue line on a pink canvas in a famous gallery and you have a big-money-piece-of-art.... Crap. Viva street art!

09 01 2007
G'z 11 years ago
:: 10 01 2007 :: An inconvenient truth

Tonight a new weather-record was broken: almost 12 degrees at night, which was as warm as one July-night in 2006.... No snow, no ice, no winter this season, but confused birds who still hang around way too much north and kamikaze plants who nonchalantly start to spring and sprout...

Anyway, think some functionary in the sky mixed up two files for the 10th: the warmest day seemed also the wettest: it rained from the early morning 'till evening, with dusk starting shortly after the noon.... My terrace didn't know where to drain all this water, but sure looked arty with this wetsuit!

10 01 2007
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:: 11 01 2007 :: Stormy weathers

Much better than yesterday: now this is rain! This is bad weather: winds up to 100 km/hour, woohy! Let's go to the seaside...

As I was resolute to picture the white anger of the sea, I didn't notice that it was really raining, so in 10 minutes I was soaky wet up to my skin. In Oostende, 200 km from home, 2 hours train...oops.

“Ok, lets look for a wash-salon where I can dry my clothes.” But then it occurred to me that I could not just sit and wait in my underwear until everything is dry...;-) So I went to the shoppingstreet, first bought a towel and dry socks at Hema, then went to H&M where I bought a cheap trousers. My jacket was dripping, but fortunatly my pullover was only a bit humid... hm

Anyway, no fish-diner anymore, but asap back home. At least I had another new trouser and some foamy pics of the furious sea...

11 01 2007
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:: 12 01 2007 :: Cheating Nr 2

F*ck. F*rgot.
The only thing I remember of this day is the press-noise about a royal scandal. Prince Laurent is involved in a fraud with tax money. The royal throne is questioned again and opponents think it belongs to the Ancien Regime and not in the 21st century...

Whatever is going to happen with it, I always relate the court with Brussels and it's typical atmosphere... Don't know why. So I replace this 'royal' day with a picture of authentique Brussels people: Marroliens on the funfair, selling escargots and moules parquees.
I wonder what they think of our Prince...

12 01 2007
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:: 13 01 2007 :: Hot spot – for the lonely

Today we have an annual family NY-party, so I take the train to visit them. In Brussel-Zuid I have to switch trains and wait in the immense railwaystation. There's a hotspot to connect wirelessly to the rest of the wwworld, but the only atmosphere there is one of lost and lonely people who lost every connection to the rest of the world... Besides a few waiting travellers like myself, most here are just hanging around, no better or warmer place to go.

Badly paid East-European cleaners keep the site clean of fastfood and newspapers with todays breaking news & stock-exchange. Minutely updated schedules announce trains coming and leaving: Antwerp, Liège, Paris, London, Basel... There's even a train to Moskow! People in a hurry, crisscrossing the whole station, suitcase in one hand, handy in the other: calling their family, business-partner, hotelstaff, lover or dogg.

No better place than a big railwaystation to feel that the world is turning... except at the hotspot.

13 01 2007
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:: 14 01 2007 :: Sunday, day of rest – both sides of the wall

I promised to work in the STUK-bar this afternoon as an extra. Of course it's the first beautifull day after 7 cloudy days! Thanks Mr Murphy. In order to have at least a little portion of sunbeam, I take a green route to the cafe and walk. Green means I also have to walk over the cemetary, but I don't mind. In one way or the other I think it's relaxing there ;-)

Seriously, this confrontation with life's end always makes me more 'relativating': walking in trough the gate I still can be f*cked up because of some stupid small detail, but by the time I reach the other side and walk out throught the other gate, I go like “oh well, whatever...” :-)

Instead of separating the dead from the living by a wall, we should burry them in the corners of every green spot and park in the city... People would become less fussy.

14 01 2007
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
James KEZMAN Photo PRO 11 years ago
Lovely photos throughout! I particularly like 07 & 10 January!!

Light Image Truth by J. M. Kezman
ArtinArt 11 years ago
Great shots you have....and the lines that go with it, love to read them and "see" some of you :-)
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:: 15 01 2007 :: Enter this world in a short message

When I was young we entered the world from a flower cabbage or brought by a stork... :) Now people come in trough an sms: biep biep, here I am! Maren, a friends little daughter was born the night of the 15th.

15b 01 2007
G'z 11 years ago
:: 16 01 2007 :: My mother as a child

My mum on a chair in a kitchen. Nothing special, unless you enlarge the dimensions with 2,5 so it looks like an adult is as small as a two year old kid. Nice to experience a house (and it's dangers) through the eyes of a little kid. “The Large House” is set up as an educational program for young parents.

16 01 2007
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:: 17 01 2007 :: Before the storm

The ominous clouds on the evening before the heavy storm in NW - Europe...

17 01 2007
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:: 18 01 2007 :: Exams

An evening course student has an oral examination by two professors. Leuven is more or less dead these days since all students are behind their books. In two weeks it's my turn, since I follow an evening course Italian - but that's more or less relaxing :-)

18 01 2007
G'z 11 years ago
:: 19 01 2007 :: After the storm
The roof of a friend’s house after the storm. A few lost tiles is nothing compared to the several victims who got a roof, a wall or a tree on their head and died. Silly way to go, bad weather.

19 01 2007
G'z 11 years ago
:: 20 01 2007 :: Travel without moving
Meeting of Hospitality Club and Couch Surfing in Brussels. In a nice tapas bar you meet people from all over the world without leaving your town. I met Japanese, French, Swedish, German, Pakistan, Turkish, Polish, Australian, Fin, Estonian ... people. Nice to open the windows once in a while.
20 01 2007
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:: 21 01 2007 :: Le plastron rouge

A men's shop near Brussels Grand Place with the window in Valentine style...(Allready!!)
The man takes a suspicious long time to choose his tie :-)

21 01 2007
Wow and Flutter 11 years ago
Just stopping by to say hello and also to let you know I think your photography is perfect from a creative and journalistic aspect. I'll try to swing by from time to time to see how things are going for you.
Have a great day! DG
Honest Mrs. Tracy, my dog did eat it! or how I explained my missing story of what I did in 2007
sunshinecity 11 years ago
it's crazy isn't it?? You're barely over christmas and along come all the valentine's decorations! We're such a consumer society!!! LOL

Great pics... hope your eye healed up!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
G'z 11 years ago
tnx rocket!
@sunshine: I even saw chocolate eggs for Eastern in the supermarket .. :-( It's sad and crazy indeed..
But my eye is ok meanwhile, tnx :)
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