A frog in Paris

Grenouille O_O PRO 12:49pm, 5 January 2007
Happy new year to everyone!

I've lost my internet connection for more than a month now but i'll find other ways to post my pictures (once a week i guess).

My good resolution for 2007:
- lose weight
- always brings a camera in my pocket ;) (or my cell phone)

- January 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26

thanks to osbornb for inviting me :)
Francisco.©. 12 years ago
éhé welcome abord
Happy new year too

And have mutch fun ;)

between life & life
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
welcome aboard, frog
we're waiting for your gracious leaps !

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
Grenouille O_O PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Grenouille O_O (member) 12 years ago
Hi everyone!

i've found 5 minutes at work to upload some pictures, here it is...

[update: as asked by philippe leroyer i reorganized this topic to split this post and follow the rule "one day, one post"]

Sapin de noyel
31/12/2006 - I begin with the last photo of 2006 with my new Canon EF50mm. I find it very relaxing and use it as a wallpaper :)
alert chicken [deleted] 12 years ago
leffe! perfect!
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
minitv2002 12 years ago
mmmm Beer !

and you deserved it !!

JMW ( - Here by Samrag's command )
sunshinecity 12 years ago
I love the pedestrian street shot!! So peaceful, and the lights look so pretty!
Great shot!!

Hope you get your internet connection back soon!

~ sunshinecity,
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Grenouille O_O PRO 12 years ago
Déjà le printemps!
05/01/2007 - A little frog leap from the 31/12 to the 05/01 but i was not in this group yet... This picture has been taken in britain, it changes from Paris.
Grenouille O_O PRO 12 years ago
Eolienne bretonne
06/01/2007 - This wind mill has been built to provide some britain farmers with electricity. Private wind mill in France are rare, especially of this height (about 85 meters to the top of the pillar)
Grenouille O_O PRO 12 years ago
Dimanche en famille
07/01/2007 - "Les colons de Catane" is a german board game very interesting, since we got it at christmas, we play almost one/two time(s) every week. After some training , i think we'll soon be able to randomize the board :)
Grenouille O_O PRO 12 years ago
Un mois sans internet...
08/01/2007 - No internet since 1/12/2006, it's really annoying because we use it for everything (bank accounts, movie reservation, etc.). I hate France Telecom!
Grenouille O_O PRO 12 years ago
Cours Saint Emilion
09/01/2007 - Our first movie of the year (Arthur and the minimoys) and when we leave the theatre we can enjoy the the tranquility of winter.. This pedestrian only street is really crowded from spring to fall!
Grenouille O_O PRO 12 years ago
Une Leffe bien méritée!
10/01/2007 - I know i know there's nothing special in this picture but yesterday i came home from work at 21:30 after a hard day and i really deserved this beer! It was more than a beer it was a metaphor saying "hey you're home and everything is alright!"
Grenouille O_O PRO 12 years ago
Café du soir
11/01/2007 - Like yesterday, this pictures has been taken in my kitchen. It seems to be just an expresso machine but to me, it represents home. Two cups are feeling for me and my girl after dinner. It's warm and soft, i'm home...
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
yep and there's a drowning pear
crying for help
and no one does anything about it !

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
brash deer [deleted] 12 years ago
good beer, good game, a nice week as I see ;o)
sunshinecity 12 years ago
cool pics!

~ sunshinecity,
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Osbornb PRO 12 years ago
Hi, xFrogg -- good to see you posting here! I have not seen the pedestrian-only street called cours Saint Emilion in Paris before. Is it a new name? I look forward to more of your daily photos:-)
2007 in photos or bust
mbauhs PRO 12 years ago!, coffee!, wind power! nice photo-stream so far. great pictures
Grenouille O_O PRO 12 years ago
thanx all for your comments ^_^

@Ladybadtiming : a few people are strong enough to empty this bottle, it would be easier if she was drowning in a beer jug!

@osbornb: you're right it's a relatively new name, in fact it's a new street! It's better know à Bercy Village and is located on the east border of the Bercy park.
It was a place where wine was stored at the begining of the 20th century, it is now full of restaurants, bars and shops but they kept the cellars architecture almost intact so you may have the feeling to be in the south of france during the summer (except for the crowd!).
You should take a walk at the park and end up with a dinner there next time you come to Paris.
Grenouille O_O PRO 12 years ago
Platine vinyle
12/01/2007 - Vinyl turntable (is it the right name?) i fixed with a rubber band... The result is not really good, i think i'm going to buy a new one but i really like this old school look!
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
old school look rules !
but hey we wanna know what you did (or / and see on the 13, 14 and 15 th)
hm ?

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
Grenouille O_O PRO 12 years ago
Saumon Islandais
13/01/2007 - Salmon from Iceland, we were invited by friends who just came back from New York via Iceland and they brang back some salmon. I could tell you it's not comparable to salmon we can find in France but it's more than that.. I could kill to eat just a toasted piece of bread with this salmon on it...
Grenouille O_O PRO 12 years ago
Nos hôtes
14/01/2007 - The picture of the day has not been taken in the evening this time but early in the morning as the "Salmon party" finished at 8:00 sunday morning. So let me introduce our hosts to you :)
Grenouille O_O PRO 12 years ago
15/01/2007 - My girl squating my desk, she's working for the last examination (an oral test) for a job in the French administration. Yep, i know my desk is a mess...
Grenouille O_O PRO 12 years ago
Lady, you just had to ask! :)

may be i should've said that while my girl was working hard i was playing Zelda twilight princess in the sofa. Yep, i'm lazy!
Grenouille O_O PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Grenouille O_O (member) 12 years ago
Porte close...
16/01/2007 - A door, my door, from the inside. What interesting about it? The interesting thing is the unusual situation that made me take this picture.

On monday, i forgot my keys at work, it happens.
On tuesday morning, as usual my girl left early closing the door and locking it. You guessed, i was stuck inside my appartment!!
So the boyfriend of her sister came to open the door after 45 minutes (traffic jam rules!). I should have known this was a sign! I should have stayed at home because it was a crappy day including a sleeve stuck in my right ear when i removed my earphones when i arrived at my workplace.

But hey! at least my co-workers are amused with my stories :)
Grenouille O_O PRO 12 years ago
17/01/2007 - She is sleeping.
I envy her! I envy people who can sleep when they decide to!
The strange thing is that I have problems to get asleep but once i am in my weird (realy weird) dreams i can sleep 12 hours even more! I'll try to go to the swimming pool more often, i think some exercise would help. On the other hand, as i sleep about 6 hours a night, i live two days everyday...

I like this picture because of its authenticity, she's really sleeping and she don't event know i took it yet ;) No photshop treatment except B/W

I enjoy this view every night :)
sunshinecity 12 years ago
this photo is beautiful, so natural and soft!!

You make me laugh too with your stories!!

i love the turntables btw!!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
PutYourFlareOn PRO 12 years ago
Lovely BW. I wonder what she's dreaming about...

Aimee, PutYourFlareOn's 2007 Daily Photo
Grenouille O_O PRO 12 years ago
She's dreaming about me of course!! humm i hope :)

@sunshinecity i'm waiting the next pay to buy a new one because there's no RIAA amplifier on this one and i can't hear anything if i'm too far from the speakers.

Too bad, i like the style!
Grenouille O_O PRO 12 years ago
Zelda Twilight Princess
18/01/2007 - Zelda
Even if it's not really interesting, i have to show this. Because it's a big part of my life.. I don't do drugs (well maybe a joint a year), i'm not an alcoholic (well, it depends on your criteria) but.. I'm a little ashamed..

I'm a gamer!

I said it, please be indulgent, everyone has a dark side, something he's not willing to tell.

So? what are you ashamed of?!?

Grenouille O_O PRO 12 years ago
Tarte au caramel
19/01/2007 - Caramel pie
Caramel pie is evil! Do not try, it's tasty, creamy, smooth. Sugar and salt fighting on my tongue...
It is worth having my lunch on my desk at work.

yummy :)
Osbornb PRO 12 years ago
**Hmm...I could eat about about half of that sweet dessert...well, maybe more.
**Thanks for the information about Bercy Village above, rue St. Emillion. It seems so unusual for Paris, a street where the buildings seem all to have just a ground floor.
**Did you see anything of the ceremony at the Panthéon on 18 January? You live nearby, judging by your photo blog.
**I hope you are having a good weekend!
AliThinks 12 years ago
Great photos! It was fun to read your explanations, too.

Have a Leffe for me sometime...

Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago
It sure is unsual but so cooool :)
I've not been at the Pantheon, sadly i'm quite busy at work these days...

had one this evening, it was for you ;)
Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago
20/01/2007 - Loly
My mind has problems to admit that some friends get married but a friend being 8 monthes pregnant is totally nonsense!! Wow i'm adult now!! :'(
Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago
Vista powered
21/01/2007 - Vista hates me!
Yep my keyboard is dusty but this is not the point!
The point is that my computer has blocked because of vista activation and i had to reinstall it and activate it but with no internet, i had to go at my sister in law appartment, it was really really annoying because i had to write a detailed CV for a job... A black Sunday!
Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago
Brain heater
22/01/2007 - Phones...
I hate phones and monday evening i used mine for about 1h30. Usually it represents 4/5 months of communications for me..

It was for a good reason, a job interview, a job interview that went well!! :) I'm waiting for the contract but i announce that i'll soon resign my current job and get my new one in about 3 monthes!! I'm very happy for several reasons, one being a salary more than 20% my current one.

I hope that other people looking for a (new) job in this group will be as lucky as i am :)
Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago
Retour de piscine
23/01/2007 - Swimming pool

Yesterday, i've been to the swimming pool, it was very relaxing and i don't now if it's the excitation for my soon-new job but i was feeling able to swim for hours! It's the first part of my "training", still waiting for the fitness room to re-open after a fire... (yeah yeah.. good excuse :D)
Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago
Internet is back!!
24/01/2007 - IT IS ALIVE!!!

As you may notice i'm posting late in the evening... yeap! INTERNET IS BACK!!!
Finally after almost 2 monthes!
Now the fun part, i'm going to sue the ISP that slammed my phone line...
Osbornb PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Osbornb (member) 11 years ago
Félicitations! Two months is a long time without Internet.
You went swimming in the Joséphine Baker Pool, how wonderful! I hope it wasn't too crowded.
Good luck with the new job!
2007 in photos or bust
laheringer PRO 11 years ago
(Don't tell anyone — but I think Vista hates all of us.)
Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago
it was crowded! well not "really" crowded but i got some kicks... It's the price to pay to enjoy this really gorgeous swimming pool. By the way, the glass roof top is quite handy, i can swim on my back without hurting anyone ;)
About the new job... take a look downward...

It's a conspiration, even a microsoftee i met today told me Vista sucks, i had to convince him it has some qualities, a really strange situation...
Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago
25/01/2007 - Contract
Yeah! got it, just have to sign it and resign my other job... "Just"..

It's not that easy. Especially because i have really good friends in my current society. But they'll sill be friends after, So here we go!!!
Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago
26/01/2007 - Sunrise

It's a strange thing, since my job interview (even i've not signed yet) life seems better. I'm in a really good mood, i regain faith in my work. Even the wake up is easier!...
BellaGaia PRO 11 years ago
I am eager to hear about Vista -- Your thoughts Pros? Cons?
Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago
err, i don't feel "vista inside" enough to make comparison BUT the one thing i can already tell you is that the UI is really really better than XP. I really appreciate the improvement of the explorer as it's really handy and smooth but users will have to adjust...
Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago
Child eater!!
27/01/2007 - Child eater!!

This is my nephew Owen. I don't like children but i have to admit this one is funny. And his voice, god! Even Barry White seems a pussy compared to him!!
PutYourFlareOn PRO 11 years ago
Congrats on the new job!

I can't believe you went 2 months without internet! Quelle horror!! :)

Aimee, PutYourFlareOn's 2007 Daily Photo Diary
Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago
The big step.
28/01/2007 - I did it!

Remember 3 days ago, i spoke about my possible future job. Today i actually signed the contract at home and send my resignation to my current job.

It's a big step for me as it was my first job and because we don't quit the familia!! Yep some sources told me that my current boss doesn't really play nice when we resign.
But hey! I'm ready to kick some ass(es)!
Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago
thanls !! Hope it worthes it
And yeah, 2 monthes without internet is a really hard test, especially when you have to check your mail on a public computer at work.
Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago
Kitchen view
29/01/2007 - Kitchen view

Nothing special today but i wanted to try some HDR manipulation and show you something i see every evening. Something not really spectacular or beautiful but something that represents my everyday life... The view from my kitchen!

Yes it's important, it's one of the first place i enjoy after work, after taking off the suit. Yeah, after almost one hour of subway to get home, this is the scene taht makes me feel at home.
Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago

I do have a picture for 2007/01/30 but vista doesn't like my blue tooth phone.

Yeah vista and me is the classical love/hate story..

So when i'll put the picture when i find a way to transfer it on a computer. Even if that's the most uninteresting of my pictures, i have to do it!

One day, one pic!
Grenouille O_O PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Grenouille O_O (member) 11 years ago
31/01/2007 - A long day today

And i'm exhausted, i don't sleep well these times and today i had a long and difficult day at work. So here's my red sleepy eyes...

I even didn't have time to take a phone call from my manager which is, i suppose, about my resignation letter they received yesterday or today or to take another phone call from my future boss. I think tommorow will be an interesting day...
Sandra.Pi 11 years ago
i like your pictures, especially the beer, the salmon, the little frog and your funny nephew, good luck with your new boss and job!!!

Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago
thanks Sandrapi!
it seemes that the more i tease my nephew the more he likes it ;)
Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago
Forgeting the cigarette
01/02/2007 - Flick@Paris monthly meeting

Even if i was really tired i stayed until the end of the evening. It was really cool and i had to take some "candid" pictures like this one, i really like non posed portraits.
Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago
Buffalo rampage
02/02/2007 - Buffalo rampage!

i did more or less nothing this day, not even cooking we went to the restaurant and i had a bison burger. Really nothing interesting, but that's the point, i took a day off to do nothing and enjoy a do-nothing day.

Oh yes, went to the Doisneau exposition at the city hall, if you have the opportunity, visit the expo, it worthes it!
Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago
Retour de ciné
03/02/2007 - winter walk

Nothing special, went to the movie ("Le serpent"), it was not bad, Clovis Cornillac is really good to play psychotic characters!

It was sunny so it was the occasion to take a walk and go home by feet. I really like walking in the neighborhood, there's all kind of landscape, Bercy park, National Library, Seine, building sites, ...
Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago
American breakfast
04/02/2007 - Sunday brunch

Ahhhh the homemade brunch of the sunday. This is something we kept from our trip to california (i'll try to upload the 400 pictures soon).

Hashbrown (stripped fried potatoes) with bacon (not the english bacon) and scrambled egg.
You don't see it on the picture but there's also the toast with peanut butter and raspberry jam!! If heaven exists it's made of peanut butter with raspberry jam, oh yeahhh!
Grenouille O_O PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Grenouille O_O (member) 11 years ago
05/02/2007 - Resignation letter receipt

Monday i received the return receipt proving that my resignation letter arrived on 31/01. So this is it, my last day at work will be the 30/04 if thay refuse to let me quit earlier. Still waiting for an aswer about the question but i think it will not be easy, they're still trying to convince me that i should stay.

The funny thing is that firday, there's a "party" in a restaurant in Paris organized by my entreprise. I'm not sure it will be "tensionless" and some people would've said that it's not correct to go there because of my resignation. I don't agree.

And if i have the occasion to ruin a restaurant in a bottle battle, it's my duty to go... :)
Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago
06/02/2007 - MM's

Look at them... AHahahah!! they scared!
they're holding together against the ennemy, against me!

They don't stand a chance! I will chase them, crush them and laugh.. MOUAHAHAHA they're mine!! mine!! you understand?!? MINE!!!

Ok, just let's say i'm in mm's, especially peanut butter mm's. Yep peanut butter instaed of a peanut in it. You can't find it in france, we discovered it in Las Vegas completly by chance and now we're despaired because we can't find it here... A couple of friends brang some from Iceland but it won't hold very long..

If you go to Iceland or US, please bring back a fully loaded bag of it for me.. please!!
Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago
Premières (et dernières?) neiges
07/02/2007 - First snow (maybe last?!)

The fact of the day. I'm waiting this moment every year!
Most of the people prefer beaches and heat, not me, i like the cold, the moutains and more of all the snow. I can't explain, i'm totally fascinated by snow, when it's snowing, my heart beats faster.

I'm really sad that we had such a "hot" winter without snow :-\
Grenouille O_O PRO 11 years ago
Desktop @ work
08/02/2007 - Work office

This is it! this is where i work for about a year and a half. I've not seen my entreprise building for monthes and monthes, that's the way it works when you work in IT services...

As you can see , it's not really.. huu.. hum... appealing! At least i can listen to my music when people isn't bugging me!
lramiro520 11 years ago
Love your desktop picture!

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