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*sweet coffee* 7:42pm, 2 January 2007
Hi Everybody,

Every year at the beginning of the year we start with a lot of good resolutions
- making and posting a daily photo on this Photo Diary is one of the many resolutions that I´ve made this year!
I hope to provide you with some appealing photos but most of the the time they will probably just reflect my daily life, but I´ll do my best to spice it up a little bit.
Enjoy and a Phototastic 2007!
If you want to have a sneak preview of the photos taken for this project go to .... MDPD 2007 set

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02 jan 2007 Getting to know you

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*sweet coffee* Posted 12 years ago. Edited by *sweet coffee* (member) 12 years ago
03 jan 2007 The planner


A new year, a new diary/planner. I really enjoy filling in my diary/planner.
Putting in my friends birthdays in the diary/planner so that I won´t forget them, soooooooooooooooooooo embarassing when this happens. Also one of my new year´s resolutions not to forget birthdays of my friends :-)
Putting in appointements, titles of books that I´ve enjoyed or that I want to read or buy, which films if seen, holidays,...
I also tend to keep my planners so that I sometimes can browse through them just to remember all the good stuff!
oddityinabox PRO 12 years ago
Hiya to the group! Your planner pic reminds me that I must sort mine out too!

_ravi | *life through pictures
_____jstray 12 years ago
that's one of the best things about starting a whole new year. to get a brand new diary and start filling it out!
leesure PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by leesure (member) 12 years ago
Lol, I need a new calendar too...This year I spent a week in the doghouse after forgetting my anniversary while traveling on business. :(

Watch me Shrink!
satrina* Posted 12 years ago. Edited by satrina* (member) 12 years ago
Hello! I need a new planner as well to try and organize my life!

Oh, and you have lovely eyes.

Satrina: av meg
mixed ocean [deleted] 12 years ago
I love my planner too. I write just about everything in there; I don't think I can last a day without it. :)
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
04 jan 2007 Mocca going Nuts

My plan for today´s photo was to make a storyboard using a collage of photos to show you how to get to paradise in a few steps...

This using a coconut a taking pictures of the different steps the of opening a coconut. I was preparing everthing and had made already quite a few photos. Suddenly my cat, Mocca who you will be seeing a lot more I guess this year, decided to investigate the strange objects lying on the table.

So I´ve changed my mind and decided to post this photo of Mocca and the coconuts!

Now I´m left With two delicious coconuthalves and a lot of " useless" photos ;-)

Mocca going nuts
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
05 jan 2007 Shoe hunt

Every women likes to buy new shoes. A least that´s what I suppose! So today after work I went to the shoppingmall and went hunting for the perfect bargain. And I found something nice... shoes! Always makes me happy! Oeps I forgot to remove the pricetag before taking the photo ;-)

shoe hunting... sales
Blandine Géneau 12 years ago
hu!hu!hu for the pricetag! :o)
I'm not like every women because I hate buy some shoes! I walk a lot I thus content myself with flat and practical shoes! ;)
Samrag 12 years ago
Cool stuff this cat. Welcome to the group and I look forward to seeing your posts.
And I soooo agree with the diary thing. Isn't it great ... the one thing I dislike about computer is that I have no excuse to purchase expensive filofaxis anymore!!!

Sam (2007 in Iceland)
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
06 jan 2007 Cosy fire

Today it was a rainy, gloomy day so ideal to spend some time at home reading a book. The ideal spot is close to the fireplace in my very comfy sofa with a nice cup of tea with a lot of lemon and honey and if necessary a little blanket :-)
What a way to spend you saterday afternoon!

Cosy Fire
chibi_butterfly 12 years ago
This photo makes me feel so warm! Thank you! Wonderful fire.

Ana ( Mu aasta piltides)

PS. The cat investigation is gorgeous! :)
AliThinks 12 years ago
We have done the same thing today, except we didn't build a fire, and we are "reading" our laptops. Or make tea! But the weather is gloomy and all I want is to be inside.

Love the cat and the coconut, too!

Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
you are burning pine cones?
i gonna stay here a bit and get warm - i need this - thnks!
karinga 12 years ago
Beautiful pictures! I simply love the first and the last ones! Great portrait and I know that it is not always easy to take a good shot of a fire. And yours even has a heart of flames on the right! My boyfriend spotted it instantly! I havent noticed at first..
Oh, and I do the same with my planners!Keep them all as diaries! And putting down the birsthdays is one of my favourite things:) I give a moment of thought to each person behind the name. Sometimes a name does not travel to the new planner... Sad.
PutYourFlareOn PRO 12 years ago
Wish we had a fire place to curl up in front of. This apt we live in once had two but have since been removed and filled in. Pine cones are great for starting a fire. Finding a great pair fo shoes feels good. Did you cat like the coconut? I feel the same about planners. I love writing interesting dates down. Reminds me I will need to buy a new one soon.

Aimee, PutYourFlareOn's 2007 Daily Photo Diary
BellaGaia PRO 12 years ago
I love this fire! Great photo... and the shoes.... aw shoes! Can't say enough good things about Them LOL

BellaGaia (Living with BellaGaia)
cherriza 12 years ago
Love the fire photo. Very warm indeed.

Better than Last...
_____jstray 12 years ago
i truly admire someone who can walk hours in heels.

and i wish it was winter here already. although we probably won't have a fire, i'll just curl up infront of a warm heater with a hot drink and a good book. :)

:. Jelenie :: 2007 Daily Chronicle .:
mbauhs PRO 12 years ago
Great fire photo. Warming just to look at...
Samrag 12 years ago
My star to you Star for this lovely fire photo... warmed me all up.
Having a fire place in your house... aahaaa... Iceland and the cheap natural hot water heating system has resulted in no fireplaces in your house unless if you are a millioner! lol

Sam (2007 in Iceland)
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
07 jan 2007 Newyear Party in my street

First of all thanx everybody for your reactions! I´ll try to post some more reactions to diaries from other people. I´ve been following a lot of you during the last days!

@ samrag : Not a millionaire but i felt like one sitting in front of this cosy fire!
@ karinga : It was untill you spotted the heart that I saw it! Pure luck but a great result

Today was a great day! This morning I went swimming with a girlfriend. The pool is an olympic pool so 50m laps. I woke up this morning and my first tought was " Oh no, I have to be at the pool at 9 o´clock to swim 1km" But once your in the water your ´re so proud of your self that you came out of your warm and cosy bed :-)
After our swimming we went for breakfast and talked and talked and talked accompanied by large caffe con lattes! Heaven!

This afternoon we had a party in our street. I live in this great street in Antwerp, Belgium where almost everybody knows everybody so from time to time we have these little parties.
Not such a great picture but it was a fun party with a lot of gluhwein!

Newyearparty in my street
Samrag 12 years ago
Parties should always be so great that you forget to take photos ;-)

Looks inviting though.. late at night, people still inside having fun.
oh, the gluhwein... remember that from my time in Germany - loved walking through the markets and stopping for one cub.... ahhhh memories memories!

Sam (2007 in Iceland)
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
08 jan 2007 Bye Bye Xmas spirit

Bye Bye Xmas spirit
Blandine Géneau 12 years ago
The tradition would want that all the decorations disappear today, but I still see it everywhere!

sunshinecity 12 years ago
the fire picture is just beautiful!!

You're right, there's nothing more chirpy than buying a new pair of shoes!

~ sunshinecity - a picture, a story
Samrag 12 years ago
Soo organzied.... ours are all in one bag. Heiða tells me she is going to pack it all in paper, and put it in a nice shoe box... but she is a bit of prograstinator (however that is written).... so I'll give you an update for that in February ;-)

Sam (2007 in Iceland)
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
09 jan 2007 Summer holidays

I know, It's only january but I'm already planning my summer holiday! Can't wait till then... workshop photography in Crete!

Planning my summer Holiday
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
here's to your holidays !
planning is no fu for me
but you seem to like it !

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
I get your point!
Planning is not realy my cup of the tea. But If it concerns going on holiday... I don't mind ;-)
Jissy 12 years ago
i like your sense of prioritisation- planning for holidays is great - planning for chores not so great ;-) hey first view of your page- really dig your pics...will be back here ;-)

Everyday with Jissy
Samrag 12 years ago
SamRag came by to you!

yeh yeh,... not organized... first the christmas decorations, then the holidays!!!!

Sam (2007 in Iceland)
*sweet coffee* Posted 12 years ago. Edited by *sweet coffee* (member) 12 years ago
10 jan 2007 Relaxing at home

After a chaotic day at work with brainstormsessions, meetings, try to find some, well quite of lot of money that went missing from our planned budget... too bad we aren´t allowed to take pictures at work because that would give some funny pictures from time to time...finally some peace and quite.

So putting up my feet, watching some tele, just relaxing at home to be rejuvinated tomorrow to start all over again :-)

Relaxing at home
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
11 jan 2007 Stormy, rainy day

11 jan 2007     Stormy, rainy day
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
12 jan 2007 Flashy Neons

12 jan 2007     Flashy neons

When I drive home from work I drive by these flashy neon lights. I quite like the combination of the rainy feeling in the photo but the warm colors of the neon.
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
13 jan 2007 Not feeling that great

After going round allday looking for a new car, now splitting headache, cold shivers, hot flashes, ... I want my warm and comfy bed!
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
14 jan 2007 Not feeling that great continues...

I've spent the whole day lying on the sofa with a nice warm blanket and just watching some tele, falling a sleep,...
I did manage to take a picture from my dinner ;-)
I didn't have that much of an appetite...

Now... all better!!!!!

Not feeling that great
sunshinecity 12 years ago
hope you feel better soon!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
15 jan 2007 Finally


In November I followed a workshop digital photography and we made a little booklet of the photos we liked. It was an excerise mainly focused on which photographs can go toghether and how to find a balance in an image or collage. Today, I met Dany for diner and she gave my long expected booklet!
Quite pleased with the result.

I sometimes find it a pity that people don´t make the effort any more to compose an album and just to keep all their Photos on their PC´s. There´s nothing better than flipping in photoalbums of friend and/or family and to be amazed by the funny or beautifull pictures they have selected.

So people... not only digital but also on paper!
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
16 jan 2007 Mojito or Mittea

Mojito or Minttea?

After a quite chaotic and hectic day at work I had this craving for an icy Mojito with a lot of lime and rum...
But I ended up with a warm glass of minttea!

Lucky me, I still have plenty of fresh mintleaf left so... I will have my mojito later on this week.
AllanThinks 12 years ago
I vote for the mojito.


Allan's 2007 Daily Photo Diary
PutYourFlareOn PRO 12 years ago
Me, too but being pregnant I opt out for the mint tea... now I want one. I'm off to make myself a glass.

Aimee, PutYourFlareOn's 2007 Daily Photo Diary
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
17 jan 2007 Inside a seashell

I' ve never noticed this before but the insides of the peel of litchi looks like a seashell! It also has a mother-of-pearl look, when in the right light. January is really licthi and bloodorangemonth. Two of my favorite things ;-)

Looks like the inside of a seashell...
AllanThinks 12 years ago
I love litchis! We can't get fresh ones here. Just canned in syrup.

And I am spoiled for the fresh ones.
Allan's 2007 Daily Photo Diary
*sweet coffee* Posted 12 years ago. Edited by *sweet coffee* (member) 12 years ago
18 jan 2007 Storm...Dark sky

Storm in Europe

Yesterday a heavy storm went on in Europe : Belgium, France , the Netherlands, Germany and the UK were affected by the storm.
Scary, especially when driving home. My car really moved from left to right because of heavy windgusts. In my street a lantern fell on a car!
Glad It's the next day. Now Blue sky....
dda1605 12 years ago
great and scary sky. Drive safely.......

(Didier 2007 )
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
19 jan 2007 Fur & Me

I ´ve made some selfportraits using a fur scarf from my mom. Need to give the thing back to her quite urgently ....liked this photo because of my dreamy expression and the fact that the photo is a little bit unsharp.

Fur & Me
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
20 jan 2007 Bye bye Railway

Highlight of the day : I´ve bought a new car!!! Just have to wait another six weeks to cruise around. I´ll post a pic when I get the car :-)

So for now, public transport and my old car.

*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
21 jan 2007 Birthday Party

Today I was invited to the birthday party of a friend. Lots of cake, tiramisu,...
Thank God I went for a swim this morning!

Birthday party
sunshinecity 12 years ago
i love the self-portrait... looks like from the cover of vogue or something!!

your litchi shot also is very interesting.... and love the close-up of the mojito!!

great shots!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
Hey thanks!
Don't worry I'm not the vogue model-type, on the contrary!! Quite a few kilograms too much but I try to do my best to make some flattering selfportraits ;-)

Thanx for the visit!
*sweet coffee* Posted 12 years ago. Edited by *sweet coffee* (member) 12 years ago
22 jan 2007 After work... more work

After I came home from work some more little jobs were waiting for me... washing, drying and perhaps even ironing my clothes depending.... Puh Not exactly a domestic godess or a Bree Van de Kamp from Desperate Housewives

Well, this also has to happen from time to time but I prefer going to the movies or just going for a drink with friend to doing the little household jobs

Sorry if I´m complaining too much but it is monday afterall :-)

Inside the Machine

Better tommorow!
AliThinks 12 years ago
Your recent photos have been great. I love the railroad lights. And at first I thought the one of the dryer was a hubcap!

Tom Hall (tommune) 12 years ago
Love the variety of the image here, and the little stories too!

Tom Tommune's 2007 in Austin
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
23 jan 2007 Cold feet

warm & wooly feet

Finally, finally it is getting colder in Belgium. It has been raining and storming all the time. So the time has come to wear scarfs, gloves and of course warm and cosy socks when your cocooning at home.

On the other hand I would like to go outside more to take some pictures for my daily entry. But when I get home from work it's already dark. So no colourfull and sunny outdoors pictures from me yet. Perhaps this weekend?
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
24 jan 2007

First snow today!
Highlights of today : I've booked a hotel to go on holiday. I went to visit friends to celebrate birthday of friend. A nice bottle of champagne, Tattinger, was one of my presents...we opened the bottle right away. Delicious!
Some glasses of champagne later...lively conversations ;-)

soup bowls
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
25 jan 2007 Red bonnet

When I left home this morning with wet hair after my shower ... I thought I´m going to make some selfportraits today when I get home with my red bonnet that I was wearing at that moment.
As a teen I often went into this large departement store where they also sold hats, bonnets, barets,... My girlfriends and I tried on loads of these hats and giggled and giggled and giggled,...
More pictures on my photostream

Red seems to be my wintercolour
Victor Bezrukov 12 years ago
Great "Red HAT";-)
try my "morning coffee", darling --- >>> www.flickr.com/groups/2007/discuss/72157594491495123/7215...
Zuzu*Petals PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Zuzu*Petals (member) 12 years ago
I like your cosy socks. I have a few pairs, as well. =)
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Not only are those socks ace, the photo is wonderful too! Nice :)

[Phil: Paris to where? Un agenda visuel]
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
long time no see !
you seem a bit sad ?
is everything OK ?
or just a bit cold ?
take care

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
Hi there LBT, I´m back :-)
Everything is fine! Just didn´t feel like going online a lot this weekend but I did take some pictures.... so here I go.
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
26 jan 2007 The opposite

Friday evening, almost ready to go to sleep an then suddenly I realized... a photo! I have to have a photo. So instead of this january theme : first thing that you see in the morning ... The last thing that I see before going to sleep.
Nice View!

Last thing I see before closing my eyes...
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
27 jan 2007 Spicy Diner

After some shopping and walking around in Antwerp, I had this craving for some spicy food. So I went into the supermarket, bought some scampis, tomatoes, garlic and and freshly baked bread and prepared this wonderful diner.
I love it when you have enough time during the weekend to really enjoy cooking and eating your food instead of rushing everything during the week.

Scampi al pil pil
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
28 jan 2007 It turned into a relax-sunday

Altough I started the day very good: Already at 9 o´clock I went swimming. 1 km is what I try to swim every sunday together with girlfriends. At first I swam very slow but now I feel that I´ve made some progress... A little bit faster and not so tired after swimming anymore.
So after swimming, girlfriends invited me to a lovely brunch. Just relaxing and enjoying the company.
When I went home I had this ambitious plans about doing some laundry, ironing, dishes, brought home my laptop from work to finalize something but....
I didn´t do anything. I made myself a good cup of tea and started reading a book...
Lazy sunday after all.

*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
29 jan 2007 Healthy Start

Healthy start of the week

This is going to be my "Fruity week".
Healty start on monday, went to my local shop to buy some fruit and I´m going to try to eat more fruit and drink more water. I know, I know I always make this promises but a week is not that long...
Expect to see more fruit this week :-)
*sweet coffee* Posted 12 years ago. Edited by *sweet coffee* (member) 12 years ago
30 jan 2007 Untill the bubble bursts

Mocca chasing bubbles

I had this idea about photographing soap bubbles. Not easy when you have to blow bubbles and focus and shoot a photo at the same time. Of course my cat, Mocca came in to the room to investigate what was going on :-) So Mocca & bubbles are the catch of the day. (more bubbles on the photostream)
I´ve received a mail from litlle MOO today... my MOOcards are in the mail... Just a few more days before my cards will be delivered. Curious to see the result.
sunshinecity 12 years ago
Oh I just love you and the apple! Such a cute shot! I missed some good posts!!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
eelend PRO 12 years ago
I like your pic a lot :)
Mocca looks beautiful and curious
Zuzu*Petals PRO 12 years ago
Aww, I love the bubbles and kitty shot.
You will adore your Moo cards. I know I love mine. =)

zuzu*petals - notes to self
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
31 jan 2007 Pink Sky

Pink sky

Driving home from work...
CollardGreens PRO 12 years ago
Yeah last night the whole sky was that funny color - moon peeks through from time to time as well. Nice halo on the streetlamp!

CollardGreens: Oops
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
01 feb 2007 Moo Yippie Yippie

Moo Yippie Yippie

They were lying there just waiting for me when I got home! Happy!
BellaGaia PRO 12 years ago
I really like the pix from the 30th == the bubbles are so cool!

good apple -- looks firm and sweet (i know how can i tell it's sweet -- well, i think tart ones are more flat and round variety... maybe i just made that up LOL)

BellaGaia (Living with BellaGaia)
BellaGaia PRO 12 years ago
so many people in this photo group have lovely hand knit looking socks -- is it a european thing? i have not a single pair of socks that are worth photographing -- see in my diary a couple weeks ago i'm wearing my socks and they are ordinary (at least clean)
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
02 feb 2007 Pink Ride

Pink Ride
*sweet coffee* Posted 12 years ago. Edited by *sweet coffee* (member) 12 years ago
03 feb 2007 A day at the beach

Went to the beach today with a friend + kids. Lots of fun, playing in the sand and enjoying the first sun. Sipping a glass of wine ... Holiday feeling ;-)

Beach fun
lramiro520 12 years ago
I love the lighting and intense shadows in this photo. It really brings back memories! I miss the beach...

The Other Side Of The Fence
*sweet coffee* Posted 12 years ago. Edited by *sweet coffee* (member) 12 years ago
04 feb 2007 Sunday afternoon

Chocolat chip cookies presentation

What is better than baking cookies on a sunday afternoon... Lovely!
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
05 feb 2007 Veggie Mocca

Veggie Mocca

Strange cat! I found him chewing on the little stems of the apples lying in the fruitbowl.

Perhaps I should feed him seitan or tofu instead of Whiskas ;-)
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
06 feb 2007 Sparkling Feet

Sparkling Feet
lramiro520 12 years ago
These last 3 photos are just wonderful! Maybe the cat is trying to eat healthier!

The Other Side Of The Fence
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
07 feb 2007 Crayons

Went babysitting on my godchild and her little brother. We did some colouring before putting her to bed. She learing all the names from the different colours hence this picture :-)

*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
08 feb 2007 Movie Night

I´m having a day off from work tommorow so I went to the video store to pick out some movies to watch tonight : pieces of April, the lakehouse, Guernsey, the forgotten.
Don´t worry I can keep the movies till sunday so I don´t have to watch them this evening.

Movie night
sotonrich 12 years ago
What an amazing set of pictures I love the 6/2 shot. I cant wait to see more!

Breathed Upon
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
09 feb 2007 Kosher

Today I´ve met a friend for lunch. We went to Hoffy´s restaurant. This is a famous jewish restaurant in Antwerp. Neither F. or me had ever been to a typical jewish restaurant.
The flavours were some what different but in general the food was quite similar to thing that we eat from time to time. And I have to mention this: Mr Hoffy was soooooooooooo friendly! He came to explain the different kind of foods presented on our plate. The influences, from which region, sefardic, chassidic or jiddish...
Afterwards we went for a walk in Antwerp, visited "chinatown" and ended our little tour with a cup of tea at the Permeke cafe. This is the cafe connected to the main library in Antwerp.
Nice day out!

Tea Time at Permeke
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
10 feb 2007 Dolly at the Opera

The opera in Antwerp is being restored. So the facade of the Opera is covered by this gigantic billboard. Quite funny when you walk by.
Went into the city today, walked around, went into some shops, bought a few things, ...
Bought also some delicious famous belgian choclates, just as a sweet gift for me :-) I could not resist the bonbons till I got home and already ate a few of the chocolates during my walk in the city.

Dolly at the Opera
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
11 feb 2007 My new earrings

New earrings

Quite pleased with my new earrings that I´ve bought yesterday on my shoppingtrip. Somethimes you have to spoil yourself!
~magpie~ PRO 12 years ago
Cute earrings...

You have some nice photos in here. I love the kitty/bubble one! and 26 Jan.

So strange that they put a sheep billboard in front of the opera...?

Erica Day by Day 2007
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
@ Magpie33
Yeah I know, It´s a billboard for a consultants group: there slogan is "If you just follow, you´ll never lead".
That´s where the sheep comes in, I guess :-)
It´s a cute sheep, You have to admit that.

Thanx for passing by!
*sweet coffee* Posted 12 years ago. Edited by *sweet coffee* (member) 12 years ago
12 feb 2007 Meet the duck


Currently swimming in my kitchen sink but later this evening he might be swimming in my bathtub surrounded by lots of foam and rosemary & pinewood aroma´s.

Natacha.troiscafes 12 years ago
Sounds good. Enjoy ;o)
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
13 feb 2007 Vunerable?

*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
14 feb 2007 Valentine´s day

For grabs?

Do I feel loved? There is no "special" person in my life at this moment. But that doesn´t mean that you are not loved. So, no valentine but lots of warm feelings :-)
eelend PRO 12 years ago
lots of love for you, too
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
thanx eeland!

I went to a cafe chantant this evening. Songs of Edith Piaf and Jaques Brel were performed. I could imagine that I was sitting in a cafe on Boulevard Saint Germain listening to this beautiful lyrics from Edith...

Qu'ils se lèvent ou qu'ils meurent,
Ces soleils rouges ou gris,
Et que tournent les heures
Et que passe la vie
A la face des hommes,
Au mépris de leurs lois,
Jamais rien ni personne
M'empêchera d'aimer.
J'en ai le droit d'aimer.
J'en ai le droit.
A la face des hommes,
Au mépris de leurs lois,
Jamais rien ni personne
M'empêchera d'aimer.

A souhaiter des noces
Comme celles des gosses
En âge de l'amour
Je l'ai voulu, ce droit !
Par des matins d'ivresse
Et des nuits de détresse,
Luttant pour cet amour,
Je l'ai conquis, ce droit !
Par la peur de tout perdre,
Au risque de me perdre,
Pour que vive l'amour,
Je l'ai payé, ce droit !

Bien que le temps n'efface
Ni les deuils ni les joies,
Quoi qu'on dise ou qu'on fasse,
Tant que mon cœur battra,
Quelle que soit la couronne,
Les épines ou la croix,
Jamais rien ni personne
M'empêchera d'aimer...
J'en ai le droit d'aimer.
J'en ai le droit...
A la face des hommes,
Au mépris de leurs lois,
Jamais rien ni personne
M'empêchera d'aimer...
De t'aimer...
D'être aimée... D'être aimée...

I should plan a little trip to Paris in the nearby future. It´s only one and a half hour by train from Antwerp.
Just to walk around and to feel the atmosphere.
CollardGreens PRO 12 years ago
Une promenade faite au hasard dans la vie.. bravo.

CollardGreens: Oops !
Natacha.troiscafes 12 years ago
a promenade in the lovers' town...
dda1605 12 years ago
I love Antwerp.....I was not aware of a Chinatown in the city, where is it ?
Great picture on the 10th and very funny title.
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