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Digimai 12:33pm, 22 December 2006
Half sane, workaholic, irrational, don't usually bite, mostly calm with moments of crazy behaviour, always scheming. Fourth year in Paris.

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Digimai Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Digimai (member) 12 years ago
Maybe a bit late... I've been too wasted to even plug the camera into my computer yesterday. Anyway, here's the first stop of the 24 hour journey: 1:45ish. Dinner at friends' place... Yes my hands were already pretty shaky. 1st Stop of NYE
(This photo is brought to you by Digimai, taken on 1st January 2007)

Happy New Year everyone! May you all have a healthy, prosperous 2007.
leroyer 12 years ago
Rule is only 1 photo per day, and date must be written down too.
Thanks in advance.
Happy new year.
Digimai 12 years ago
Ok ok, I'm done editing .. :)
Digimai 12 years ago
2nd January
Digimai 12 years ago
3rd January, my neighbourhood
Digimai Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Digimai (member) 12 years ago
4th January 2007.
Dancing shoes
My favourite 'trainers'. I've had 3 pairs of these before... guess I really like them. :)

Photo was taken at my new 'good friend's' place... who's also my colleague. As a girl with principle, I'm not into seeing someone from work but I suppose the nature took its course. He just work part time... so do I, we both have work/passion besides this boringly stressful job we're doing in aviation. We seldom see each other at work, so ideal to avoid the gossips.

He also works in theatre, me in music. Perhaps it's the same destiny of being a poor artist that need to this dirty day/night (hours vary) job for the bread and butter that got us together.... or something else.
Digimai Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Digimai (member) 12 years ago
5th January, 2007 @ 08:48.... ~_~

Had to attend this excessively boring training at 9am... well, always better than to start work at 5am. (yes, I do have this kind of shifts in my sober job once a week)

Big corporation love training their staffs like robots, forcing many propaganda into the staffs' brain... you can't escape... not only you have to see it at work, on the street, when you go to the cinema, when you watch TV.

I'll try not to lose myself fall into the dark side... stay focus on my real passionate job.
Digimai Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Digimai (member) 12 years ago
Aw.... I've completely forgotten taking a picture for the 6th Jan. Went to watch Election 1 that evening, forgotten my camera... Ended up staying out all night as well.. Hence no picture.

Well, though I do have the picture for the 7th Jan... here it is:
sweltering distance [deleted] 12 years ago
Audio tours? and free?
I'm bookmarking you.
Digimai 12 years ago
8th January, 2007

Enjoying one of my last days of tranquility, as my business partner would be back from holiday soon and will have to start my triple life style again.

Went to British Counsel this afternoon to collect my passport... which wasn't ready, so will have to go back tomorrow. It's the 2nd time within 6 months that I've lost my passport. Which is a shame... I know. Although for my sober job, it's an obligation that I'd have my ID with me during working hours. Since I don't have a French ID... I had to do with my passport. Being forgetful doesn't help much... ~_~

So since they don't have my passport.. I headed off to WH Smith.. my favourite shop in the area... bought my bibles - Computer Music, Music Tech and Mac Format... It's really helpful with their tips, tutorials and reading those music mags sometimes help for inspiration of my coming up project.
RobW_ PRO 12 years ago
I love your pictures of Paris! Cool trainers also.
Digimai 12 years ago

Thanks very much. I hope others will enjoy the idea. If you google "paris audio tour", you'll see us on No.2 . (The grand IT master knows the matrix!)

Thanks for the compliment.
Digimai Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Digimai (member) 12 years ago
9th January

My weekend was over, had to get back to work again today... which I had to start at 06:00!!! (!_!) I don't really have routine for my sober job, which has its pros and cons like other jobs. Like today, I can get to work at 6am, finish around 1pm... make my appointment with my hairdresser, attempted to get my passport again (which mission hasn't completed at all by the UK embassy due to some silly mistakes they made). Other days, I'd go home, do some recordings (my own project, still under construction)... or meeting my friends to record the Paris audio tour podcast .

The con side would be, having to work during the weekends, while everyone's partying... sometimes when I was trying to catch my night bus to work at 3am, people have just started dragging their drunken self back home.

I need music most time of the day, especially in the wee hours when I'm on my way to work. It helps to wake me up...
Play list for the morning is usually something really heavy, that gives me the big bang. If I finish work around midnight or 1am... I need some mellow stuff to relax, especially when I had to face a group of
Chosen band/DJ for this morning was:

Three Six Mafia
Asian Dub Foundation
Talvin Singh
Nacao Zumbi (Brazilian band)

Besides the music, I also need 1 Redbull (if stocks available) or 2 cans of Coke plus 1 double expresso... if any of the item or quantity is missing I may need to draw some eyes on my eyelid.
leroyer 12 years ago
Starting at 6:00 when other people just fell asleep... that's so not fair.
But, hey, Red Bull rules !

[philippe leroyer - the milky bald guru on a day by day basis : too much pleasure for all !]
Digimai 12 years ago
As I've mentioned that it's got its advantages as well. One of which is that I got an excuse to drink Red bull. ^_^
Digimai 12 years ago
10th January
Long time no see..

Had a very long day... well, because my day started at 4am! Got to work at 05:30. Went to meet someone for the first day of the sales in Paris after work.

Had my godmother's son came over from London... I haven't seen him for 2 years or so. First time I saw him with a girlfriend as well! Invited them over to my place to have a drink before we headed off to this restaurant. One of my favourite in Paris (besides Georges, Costes and many others)- fusion food with jazz music. Nice decoration (the decoration changes from time to time)... moderate price. They always have photo exhibitions on the mezzanine.

Got home around 12am ... dead tired.. but had a great time.

PS: Think timing wise, I'm leading my lift like Jack Bauer on 24... except that it's less exciting and he only had to do 24 hours every season... and I have to do almost 24 hours 4 times a week.
Digimai 12 years ago
11th Jan
Digimai 12 years ago
12th Jan
Digimai Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Digimai (member) 12 years ago
13th Jan
Digimai 12 years ago
14th January

running errands...
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
oh yeah, those are the grands boulevards lights
stupid int the daylight
but quite charming when the night comes
love this !

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
Digimai 12 years ago
Yes... I have to agree. Actually I barely notice them in the daylight.
Digimai 12 years ago
15th Jan
mo grafs (15th Jan 2007)

Didn't have time to write during my days off... seems that I'm more busy on days off than my working days.

Even the 15th was my day off... still had to make a trip to the airport. It's annoying enough for a passenger to go to the airport. Not to mention a worker on their day off.

What drove me there was to get my badge issued by the police.. which is mandatory when working in restricted zone... without it, the days at work would be extremely long and terrible.. because you'll only be stuck at the check in. Facing problems 9 hours straight...

Anyway, I've found out that I went there for nothing, because the suckers at work forgotten to send my files!! (which I've handed a month ago!!!) >_<

I'll face my fate and be stuck at check-in until the end of the month! Argh!!

Anyway, that's why my highlight was on the RER B. They really have some amazing grafs there.
Digimai Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Digimai (member) 12 years ago
16th Jan


Playing: Chico Science & Nacao Zumbi - Da lama ao Caos

It's been a long time I haven't been hanging out with someone like this... and it's also been a long time that I notice that I could actually slow down a little.

I invited him to my place for lunch... spent too long at my place I guess... when we went to Musee des Arts Decoratifs was too late, it was about to close in an hour.

Tried to go see another exhibition in a gallery somewhere else... took about an hour for us to find out that the exhibition was over two days ago.

Walking back to Marais, I saw this (photo above, others available on my stream) from the bars of the window... I stopped. He stopped too... and we decided to go in.

It was Erwin Olaf. I love this guy's style, even though I'm more into dark images myself.. The style is grimy enough for my taste... cold, eccentric, amusing, little provocative with violent colours..

Anyone who lives in Paris and are interested... check this out
Galerie Rabouan Moussion

Went to watch The Holy Mountain (La Montagne Sacree). It was excellent! The style of the film reminds me of Erwin Olaf's exhibition we went earlier.

Dinner after movie...
Midnight, time to go home (didn't forget my shoes though)
Curfew at 0530
Every time we meet, the harder it gets to say goodbye
Digimai Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Digimai (member) 12 years ago
17th Jan


Started work at 05:30... went home at 13:00, working again (on music) until 01:00. Tried to work on this new sound.. tried many things, nothing works .. yet.
Digimai 12 years ago
18th Jan


Went to work at wee hours again (slept for 3 hours) ... finished work, got home to change and out again... forgot what I did though, I got my days all mixed up.
Digimai 12 years ago
19th January


worked at the airport, then worked a bit at home ...
went to meet my friend for dinner... and lover boy after.
Digimai 12 years ago
20th January


A colleague at of mine at the airport wanted to buy my PSP couple of weeks ago, he asked me to bring it the next day though he was absent. And I've left it in my locker, hoping that I'd bump into him another day... and I've never seen him again. (I don't usually see the same colleagues all the time due to the shifts.) So today, I've decided to bring it back home... I may not sell it to him now. Good to see my baby back. ^_^
Digimai Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Digimai (member) 12 years ago
21st January


Play list:
Abd al Malik - Gibraltar
Groundation - Dub Wars (gread dub sound if you ask me)
dEUS - The Ideal Crash
Mos Def - True Magic
Alif Tree - French Cuisine
Jedi Mind Tricks - Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell
Dangerdoom (Collabo with Danger Mouse and MF Doom - One of my favourite producers)

First time of the week that I could sleep for more than 4 hours... Slept for 12 hours today, because I started work at 16:30. I was still pretty tired, probably slept too much for once. But nothing to complain about. It was very calm at work.. even with a flight got canceled. The clients weren't too pissed off. I only had like... 5 passengers all night..? Yay!!

Sat at the office for about 2 hours doing basically nothing until my supervisor sent me back home half hour earlier so I could catch my last train. The airport is usually dead by 21:00 ... today wasn't an exception.

Counting my days for pay day.... ~_~
I know there's a rain dance to pray for rain.. do they have a money dance also? If anyone know the moves... let me know ;)
Digimai Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Digimai (member) 12 years ago
22 Jan 2007

Digimai 12 years ago
23 Jan 2007

Digimai 12 years ago
24 Jan 2007


Same place as 23 jan...
had a marathon during my days off.
Nope, can't show the mysterious man.
Digimai 12 years ago
25 Jan 2007

Digimai 12 years ago
27 Jan 2007


Hard to keep up with this photo diary. Forgot to take a pic on 26/01 as I was busy all day and then got detained by lover boy until wee hours and slept for another 4 hours before I got to work..

27/01 was much calmer.
Digimai Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Digimai (member) 12 years ago
28 Jan 2007


Didn't have time to play violin for about a month now... finally got into it. I had been learning since I was 4... used to play for Asian Youth Orchestra. Stopped playing for about 5 years since 17 for some specific reasons.

Picked it up again couple of years ago, it was very tough at first as it feels like I knew everything by heart but just couldn't get it right... I was mad during practice many times, gotten better after 3 months.

Got this one from rue de Rome, German, handmade in 1910s.
Digimai 12 years ago
29 Jan 2007

Gone fishing ...
Gone fishing
Digimai Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Digimai (member) 12 years ago
30 Jan 2007

Outdoor Spa
This serie of pictures are private for reason stated below, please go to this link for other pictures of Budapest.www.flickr.com/gp/44372887@N00/3y8fc2

Got up at 6:30 a.m. to catch my flight to Budapest. Got there after 3 hours... hotel wasn't too good for a four star, but hey, I'm there for the spas , as long as they got the bed.

The day before I left... some colleagues told me that they were going as well, just one day after me. We were supposed to be staying in the same hotel (coincidentally of course), I had to look for another one to avoid them... because I was going with my boyfriend, had to avoid being the star of the gossip. On our way, we were both thinking of probabilities of bumping into them. Silently hoping that it wouldn't happen during our 3-day weekend.

The schedule was pretty tight... we dropped our baggage into the hotel room... went to the biggest spa in Budapest right away... it was beautiful. Having lived in Japan, I've always missed going to baths like this.
Digimai Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Digimai (member) 12 years ago
31 Jan 2007

View from Buda
This serie of pictures are private for reason stated below, please go to this link for other pictures of Budapest.www.flickr.com/gp/44372887@N00/3y8fc2

Decided to cross to the Buda side for some sight seeing ... I was somehow quite anxious about bumping into those 4 colleagues of ours. Imagining if there's anyway if I could kill them for shutting their mouths (j/k). First half of the day seemed very calm... then we were strolling hand-in-hand to Gellert spa... we thought of taking the tram at first, but then couldn't find the stop.

Walked for about 15 minutes, suddenly heard this familiar voice saying:
"Tiens, tiens... je t'ai appele quand on est arrive, t'as pas branche ton portable?!"

I was trying to refuse to look onto the other side of the road... it was too late anyway. First I thought: "FUCK!!", then I was pretty much petrified... We looked at each other awkwardly, then saw those 4 colleagues approaching... looking at us with their cheeky smirk! ("Fuuuuck!!")

They said hi.... after an awkward chit-chat of 5 minutes, they finally let us go... those 5 minutes felt more like an hour.

We didn't speak to each other for another 30 minutes, until we got to the spa. I guess we were both imagining how it would be to go back to work... being the gossip of more than 300 people for the next 6 months or more.

But when we got to the spa, we both got more optimistic also... they're going to find out anyway any time we're going to travel, perhaps it's better sooner than later. People who work in aviation (in my company especially), never seem to be able to escape from each other wherever you go...
Digimai 12 years ago
01 Feb

Went to the market today and the spa again before heading back to Paris.
Digimai 12 years ago
03 Feb

Digimai Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Digimai (member) 12 years ago
04 Feb


Slept for 3 hours, went to work at 7am. got back home, working again on the recording I did 2 weeks ago... I was soooo tired, as you can tell.
Digimai Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Digimai (member) 12 years ago
05 Feb


I'm not in such a good mood today. Went back to work a couple of days ago... I sort of noticed that those 4 colleagues we've bumped into at Budapest have done their debriefing to some supervisors.

I was usually an omni-present existent at work. I like it that way, a bit mysterious, people don't really know what I'm doing. I feel that the past two days, I'm no longer invisible. People who don't usually say hi to me, suddenly asking how I was and being very "concerned". Maybe my paranoia.

Anyway, that's not why I'm not in such a good mood. I don't really care what people would talk about or they may think, the only thing I may care a little bit about, was my invisibilities at work. Now I'm no longer invisible, I can't do whatever I want at work..!

Get back to why I wasn't in a good mood... it's basically because of this stupid job. Today was very busy at the airport, not even the school holidays yet... everyone's leaving the same time. This job is actually pretty good for studying human behaviour, but the process could provoke the evil side of you as well.

I would like to be clear about what I'm going to say later on, they're not generalisations based on general situations. They're simply based on my experience from work. No discrimination against race involved.

People think our job is cool, can fly around... I think they've mixed us up with flight attendant. They're two different jobs, we may share the same uniform, but nothing we do are alike. I'm not very happy when people still call used hostesses... since what we do have more to do with procedures, formalities and customer services than assuring their comfort... we have other department for that on the ground. Having a passenger on the ground, people are very stressed at the airport, afraid of not getting into the plane, afraid to be late... etc.

French people travel quite a lot, because Paris is the hub. But then they aren't very used to traveling, always afraid of something goes wrong as if we're checking them in manually. Basically, they know that computer exist, but don't quite know what's it for.

When I'm stuck at the check-in all day... and most flights are over-booked... a client approaching... (you can usually tell where they're going and where they're from. for example, a Cuban going to Moscow... don't ask how I can tell) someone flying to such and such place... Thinking how to tell them that they would be on waiting list... or even worse, being down-graded to coach. Most young people understands very well, because they're used to flying. Older foreigners are very understanding as well.. Less for american famillies... and even less.... French middle age couples and families. I have nothing against them... they can be as adorable as they are... but when you tell them that they're on waiting list, be prepared for insults for the next 30 minutes. And sometimes, even when I tell them that they've just been confirmed on the flight. After having given their boarding passes, they still have to make a scene in front of everyone. I understand when people are going their for business or have emergencies... I empathy them sincerely... though there's really not much I could do... everything's done by the computer these days.

People travels so much these days, for those who don't understand the over-booking system, I'd usually try to be patient with them and explain why we do over-booking....but in most cases, they still won't understand.

People still think that flying is still a privilege.. but in reality, compare to 1930s, flying is pretty much like taking the metro, bus, train... the only difference is that the journey is longer (depends on the destination). You can very well buy a metro ticket that's valid for one year. And one day, you want to take the metro... but all the cars are so full, you can't get it. What do you do? wait for the next one. Or if you're not sitting with your friends... just ask if the other person who's on their own would like to exchange. But it's never something I could tell the passengers, they will never understand... because flying for them is still a privilege.
James KEZMAN Photo PRO 12 years ago
I like your diary very much and will be back to visit!

Light Image Truth by J. M. Kezman
Digimai 12 years ago
Thanks Frere Jacques. I hope you'll enjoy the upcoming entries.
James KEZMAN Photo PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by James KEZMAN Photo (member) 12 years ago
You are welcome, and speaking as a very frequent flier, I understand your frustration...I *run* when I see families...

Light Image Truth by J. M. Kezman
Digimai 12 years ago
Oh yeh definitely...

Did I mention that when they're in the queue for about an hour, they don't usually have their passports/tickets in hands until they arrive at the counter and rather spend another 5 minutes looking for them?! Sometimes they do happen to find out (after 15 minutes of searching and panicking), that they've forgotten their passports at home.... :D
Digimai 12 years ago
06 Feb

Team work eh?
Team work eh? 06/02/2007

Last day of work before the weekend! Airports at night are pretty dead... exceptions for low-cost companies and freight. Flights to Mahe Island are having problems these days, their national company have only 2 aircrafts left in taking the rotation from all Europe to Mahe. I was afraid to have to stay overnight at the airport.

With the bloody cold weather and the new policy of no smoking in passenger area... I've cut down the cigarettes at work...We'll have to walk for about 10 mins, hide in obscurity to smoke.

About 75% of colleagues are smokers here... since we're not even allowed to smoke right outside the terminal. Everyone's taking their half-hour cigarette break. By the law, it's completely legal to smoke outside the terminal. But the director sent a telex saying that staff are not allowed to be seen smoking by other passengers, especially those of high contributors.

6 months ago, they've installed this "smoke free system" that cost a fortune... it's a ventilated cabinet, even for non-smoker standing inside the cabinet, they don't smell the smoke at all, very efficient. I'm sure the directors have heard about the smoke-free law in public areas more than a year ago. They could have install a door to make the cabinet a legal smoking area, or how about not installing the cabinet in the first place at all? Direction prefers to dash out such fortune to install something that have become useless nowadays.

Since we now have to be quite far away from the terminal to smoke... some people bring their talkie-walkie along just in case they're needed urgently. No one is happy about the decisions of the direction... staffs from an other terminal are more rebellious, they tore all the warnings off and continue their smoke fest.
BellaGaia PRO 12 years ago
I do not envy people like yourself who have to work with masses of stressed out people..... I do admire agents who are polite and level-headed and get the job done as quickly as possible. A little eye contact goes a long way -- I was working with a desk agent who never looked at me, not once, during our transaction. I'm sure there was a story on her part, but from my side, it just wasn't professional. Hang in there and thanks for the peek into your side of the counter!

BellaGaia (Living with BellaGaia)
Digimai 12 years ago
There are two types of people who are doing their job correctly, first, like you said, no eye contact. Ignoring client.. probably the agent is quite new, doesn't know what he/she is doing.

Second, the ones who never stop talking to clients.. I've been checked-in by a customer office like this... she ended up sending my luggage somewhere else and gave me the wrong seat. (>_<)

One can age very quickly just by working with stressed out people. That's why I'm only working part-time. :)
CollardGreens PRO 12 years ago
My first time to your thread - sorry to have waited so long. You have posted some very interesting photos - thank you for the entertainment. I'll be back -

CollardGreens: Oops
Digimai 12 years ago
Thank you for stopping by.
Digimai 12 years ago
07 Feb

Tea Time 07/02/2007

I was quite mad about my mobile phone today... it wasn't working properly these days... I was really annoyed by it lately, bloody phone, just all about looks. sometimes I just can't receive messages or calls. Especially on one of those days which you're waiting for a specific message or call, it's just the day when it gets worse. I was waiting all morning for a call from lover boy... he was attending a casting around my neighbourhood... waiting for hours.. I was surprised that I didn't hear anything from him, looking at my mobby, it wasn't like I didn't have receptions either. Then another friend of mine called me on my land line, asking why he couldn't reach me on my mobby. It was then I found out that my phone was being moody again. Restarted my phone... 45messages!! Thanks to my sister who have sent me a new phone from Asia, only one more day and I'll be able to ditch this 'good-lookingly' useless phone.

Invited lover boy to Mariage Frères in the Marais for a cuppa. A place I was first familiar with when first came to Paris, because they have two branches in Japan also. Wonderful pastries and used to have many beautiful waiters... not sure what happened to the waiter casting.
Digimai 12 years ago
08 Feb


Stayed over at lover boy's place. Got my new phone!! ^_^ Spent pretty much the rest of the day together... went to watch Das Leben der Anderen / The Lives of Others / La Vie des Autres. I really enjoyed it, the choice of music was very tasteful. Scripts were very good. Some of the actors were really great.

After the movie, lover boy was supposed to meet friends for watch a play, and I was meeting my good friend for dinner... He was a little jealous after knowing whom I was meeting but then I reassured him that there was nothing to worry about. Went back to lover boy's place after dinner.
BellaGaia PRO 12 years ago
That's true -- a super chatty, perky agent is probably nearly as annoying as a surly one..... especiallly when you're in a hurry and stressed..... glad you're only there part time.

what kind of phone did you get -- i'm shopping for a smartphone myself. "lover boy" how cute :-)

BellaGaia (Living with BellaGaia)
Digimai 12 years ago
I'm using a Samsung E900 in silver now... just something to hold onto while waiting for the iPhone.

If you're interested in smartphone, check out this brand from Taiwan - Dopod have produced some impressive smartphone that does pretty much everything from taking photos, playing MP3 to GPS, Wi-fi... etc.

I used lover boy as I didn't quite know how to refer him since certain readers of this diary know him in person and we still haven't came out from the closet yet..
Digimai 12 years ago
09 Feb

Most expected of the day...

most expected of the day
Digimai 12 years ago
10 Feb


Not much happened...Got up at 0430 to work... Had delicious Senegalese food for dinner with some friends.
CollardGreens PRO 12 years ago
Yow ! Nice shoes...I mean the contrast and colors jump out of the screen - good stuff. I do like your perspective on 10FEV...sorry you had to endure an early wake up call - criminal !

CollardGreens: Oops!
James KEZMAN Photo PRO 12 years ago
Seriuosly -- 04h30 is horrible!!! Mmm...iPhone... :) it's not going to be out for a while in Europe, though :(
Digimai 12 years ago
Thank you.

I'm pretty much used to these curfew now, have to say that it sucks when you look at the alarm at the very moment you get up. Usually gets better after a 45degree shower and couple of espressos (or redbull if available)
The iPhone should be out by end of year ... that'd give me time to save up from now.
Digimai 12 years ago
11 Feb


I've done so many things today besides work, couldn't take any pictures though... Got back home to work on some music. Just managed to take this before I went to bed.
Digimai 12 years ago
12 Feb

Penguin Reads... 12/02/2007

Went to meet my best friend after work. Had to rush home, change my uniform and rush out again. It's the first time we get to meet since 2007! I guess we have both been busy. We hung out, had a few drinks, exchanged our stories of our trips, talked some turkey. He brought me some stuffs from Japan. (thanks again!) And lent me this book.
Digimai Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Digimai (member) 12 years ago
14 Feb

D-Snap & Co. 14/02/2007

This picture was supposed to be for 13 Feb. But then I was too annoyed yesterday to take the picture of these two lots there.

I went to pick up my parcel after work. The one I've been waiting for (as shown on photo) - The D-Snap SV-SD800N-S. without limited memory, can use SDHC, SD or MiniSD. FM radio.. For me, it's cheaper and better than the iPod. It's smaller and lighter than the iPod, even with the SD card in. Came out not long ago in Japan..

I finally got the gadget, excited like a kid who've just received her PSP. As I've read the manual, files have to be uploaded by CD-Rom and the software is.... WINDOWS ONLY!!! ~_~ I've tried to hook it up on my mac anyway, sometimes it works without going through the program they provide. No success. That's why I didn't take the picture until today...

I know there's not going to be any highlights for me today besides going to work at 16:30 and finish around 1am... Hence no V-Day for me, I'm not a fan of this commercial gimmick anyway. No sour grapes, I could've changed my shift easily just to free up my evening.. Just didn't want to. Why need one specific day to show your love when you can do it everyday?! But that's just me, I still hope the rest of you would be able to enjoy this loving day.
Digimai Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Digimai (member) 12 years ago
15 Feb 2007

Stillness in chaos
Digimai 12 years ago
16 Feb 2007

LetThemTalk.com 15/02/2007

Went to shoot this video for the site in front of the "mairie" in Paris. I'm trying to edit the video these days, though knowing very little about video editing. Will put the link when available.
Digimai 12 years ago
17 Feb 2007

nitro 17/02/2007

Was invited to the suburbia for a house warming... the atmosphere of the whole thing was pretty weird... not the apartment, but the party. There was this beautiful girl who could've been quite attractive if only she didn't talk so much of her intimate relationship to people whom she just met. She was looking at me intensively as if I was obliged to really listen to what she had to say. Luckily, I had a great excuse to leave such event - have to start working at 6am!
meh_20000 11 years ago
Digimai 11 years ago
Digimai 11 years ago
23 Feb 2007


I didn't manage to take any photos the past days for various reasons... yes, many excuses. Probably because I've lost my passport again. (bummer!)

Midnight, just left from work... LB asked me to go see him directly after work, despite the fact that I'm not allowed to be see in uniform going to bars ... he's managed to find a quiet place where there aren't many people. But you still can't escape from the stares when you're in uniform.
Digimai Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Digimai (member) 11 years ago
24 Feb 2007

Party time it was... many champagne. Hey, I can prove!
Have to admit that it wasn't the best photo of the day.... I'd been thinking whether to put the best one which is more intimate or the 2nd best which is more anonymous ... here's the result:

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25 Feb 2007


The day after.... monster cleaning, then a lazy day.
Digimai 11 years ago
28 Feb 2007

Ran to the embassy as I've got my passport stolen this time... pain in the (_!_) I was surprised that the ladies at the embassy could pull a straight face when they saw me... (since it's the 3rd time I've lost or got it stolen). Unfortunately they'll have to send the file to London ... which means it's going to take 2 weeks... and I'll have to travel on 14/03.. Ideally to leave on 12/03... Hopefully I'll be able to collect it earlier.

Rushed out to meet my crew for recording the Podcast afterwards... did a short video clip again for promotion...I'm still trying to work on the previous video. Here's my business partner/best friend:

Digimai Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Digimai (member) 11 years ago
02 Mar 2007

Long day... 1st day of training day at work, my day job involves a LOT of training, no matter how long you've been in the company. Met LB after work, wanted to play pool... didn't work out. Walked a lot under the rain, trying to find a restaurant... I wanted to go back to the Senegalese restaurant which I've been with some friends, somehow forgotten that it was Friday. The place is always packed, sometimes have to wait for 30 mins even if you've reserved a table.

Tried another restaurant in Republique which I know the owner better, no luck either. Then we managed to find a table at this brasserie, went in, and saw that there were some works at the back with a huge hole on the ceiling - apparently someone fell from the toilet up there... !

Digimai 11 years ago
03 May 2007

Finally got my new speakers today! I've been waiting since January! Of course I've tried them on right away.. BOooM BOOooM BOoOoM !! Sorry neighbours..

Speaking of beauty
Digimai 11 years ago
05 Mar 2007

Digimai 11 years ago
06 Mar 2007

CollardGreens PRO 11 years ago
Yow and double Yow ! Variety and pinache !! I like them all !! Hey - the neighbors make noise too ...give some back.

CollardGreens: Oops !
Digimai 11 years ago
12 Mar 2007

First part of my day wasn't very pleasant... went to get my new passport again. Getting the passport bit wasn't that annoying but seeing him. I like to see him as a friend, he likes to see me as a friendly enemy. Tried to avoid seeing him to avoid the tension, but then there are just some people in your life that you just don't want to (can't) get rid of.

Fortunately, the 2nd part of the day did remind me to look on the bright side.

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13 Mar 2007

Went to watch a french play at the Comedie Francaise, think we're the youngest people in the theatre. The place seems to attract older people most of the time, even for modern pieces. Pretty well played, actors were very good, though the story itself didn't manage to attract me.. many housewives fell for it, their husbands fell... asleep.

Digimai Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Digimai (member) 11 years ago
15 Mar 2007

Holiday style ~~~~

I've arrived in Hong Kong at 18:10. Almost 12 hours of flight, didn't sleep at all - I never sleeps on the plane, usually just arrive and live through the whole day then get a good night sleep, that way I don't have any jetlag (I've never had jetlag, so i guess it works). Thought no one was coming to pick me up since I've told my sister that I'd call her once I got my flight confirmed, forgotten about it until the take off!

Called my other sister once I got off the plane, by the time I got my luggage and out, there they were.

Went home, dropped the luggage and out again to have dinner with my parents. Have to say that I'm very afraid of my mom (have a very good reason to), everyone's afraid of my mom, including my dad ^_^.. so it wasn't exactly easy to keep myself steady on the dining table. As soon as I found out that my mom would be off to Japan on Saturday for business, I was quite relieved,... not that I don't want to see her, i love her dearly, it's just that she's so powerful and ...... anyway, no need for details.

Went to meet some of my friends afterwards, because one of them just came back from Cali for holiday as well... and staying for another couple of days only. Went back to our favourite bar/club areas.... place have changed so much, I really feel like a tourist. Great thing is that, the staff are pretty much the same... we knew everyone who works in most place.... very handy indeed. At the end, I got so wasted on free drinks had to crash at my friends' place.... it was 05:00am

Digimai 11 years ago
16 Mar 2007

Had to go to the Chinese embassy-ish place to get my visa to China... It's a real pain.. especially for someone who holds residency in Hong Kong (lived there for 7 yrs only), w/ british passport... they just hate it. I fear it's going to be my biggest sight-seeing spot ...

For those who don't know, Hong Kong isn't really China... yes, it is inhabited by Chinese, geographically located in the south of China, people who goes there need a visa, there's a border in between just like France and Italy, the difference is that the border control is just as strong as anyone travelling to another country. Politically speaking, it's not china either.... And Hong Kong people do get insulted when you say that they're chinese... same goes for Taiwanese.

Hop hop
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17 Mar 2007

Went to the CTS (China Travel Service) again for the visa thingy.... didn't work out - because I've forgotten my ID ~_~

Went to meet one of my sisters afterwards at her studio... she's a make-up artist. Then went off to meet J... I've known him since I was 18, he was in his late 20s. Very charming and I just can't resist the English humour which we share. He came from China for the weekend to visit me.. someone very special to me.

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18 Mar 2007

Had a great time with J last night... though had to run in the morning to meet my sisters for some serious shopping!

Went to this place where you can buy just anything and everything, all great deals, clothes, accessories, fruit, flowers, fish and junks....

Went to meet J again in the evening, watched 300 in the cinema... sorry a REAL cinema actually... with a genuine giant screen and wicked sound system . and of course the business class leather seats!!

grr... as soon as I get there, you're dead!
*sweet coffee* 11 years ago
Digimai 11 years ago
Yes, they look very pretty... not very lovely though. These are battle fish, has to be kept separately or they'll just kill each other .
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19 Mar 2007

Finally got the time to upload the pictures!

Walked J to the bus terminal in the morning as he had to go back to work in China... "Don't be sad...we live on different continents now", I told myself.
"I'll be back in May", I told him

Went to get the PS3 for my colleague... way cheaper than Europe or US. I paid 420Euros with another joy pad plus a game for free. Though it's the first time and the last time I'd do this, it's not even the question of having excess luggage on the way back. It's just too bloody heavy for me to carry. Had to drag it from the shop to my parents' house... quite a pain. Now my muscle on my left arm grew stronger...

Digimai 11 years ago
20 Mar 2007

Last day in HK, went for a stroll alone... Tried to call my 2 sisters, both out of town together, they weren't coming back until the evening. My mom went for business deals in Japan, my dad stayed in town but too busy anyway, my brother went to the arcade to play video games until 2am last night... still sleeping at 2pm. Tried to call my few old friends from UK, everyone's working of course. Hung out until 6pm to meet them for a few drinks and other group of local friends for hot pot.

Digimai Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Digimai (member) 11 years ago
21 Mar 2007

Flight at 11:15 - destination: Beijing ... Got up at 7 this morning to have Chinese brunch with my siblings (one from L.A. is missing). Almost got into a fight with them... and my dad too... long story.. Maybe 6 days is too much to be getting along smoothly. Here's the tired me and my crazy nephew... one annoying spoiled brat.

tired me with my crazy nephew
Digimai 11 years ago
22 Mar 2007

Landed safely yesterday, though the flight was a bit "too" exciting. Got my visa... which looked like some sort of photocopies. My godmother's driver came to pick me up, she was busy working. I'm lucky that she was there, so that I wouldn't have to pay for the hotel. She's there rarely but had business to be dealt with..

Went out for a stroll, had my favourite snack of all time.. Some of my old friends from HKG have moved to Beijing or Shanghai, so I tried to catch up with them. They showed me around .... mostly places where all the expats hang out. Beautiful bars and clubs they have there.

Received an invitation from a friend to see the Beijing Fashion Week!

Pomme d'Amour
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23 Mar 2007

Went to Kempinsky Hotel. My godmother likes having a drink in the lounge there. The calligraphies are made by a famous calligrapher in China - Professor Yu, he made paintings for ex-presidents of France also, speaks fluent French and a very intellectual man. A friend of my godmother, she also have a few calligraphies and paintings from him. You may check them out here.
6-star Hotel Apartment

Rest of the day - wining and dining in some of the most beautiful restaurants in the capital. Went to the spa, swimming pool in the hotel... lazy day

Kempinsky Hotel
Digimai 11 years ago
24 Mar 2007

Went to the Fashion week today with a few friends... some of them are models, hence I got the free pass too. some after parties and after after parties....

Jianguomenwei daijie
Digimai 11 years ago
25 Mar 2007

Another day of shopping, wining, dining and partying.... No I didn't do anything cultural this time except going to the national museum of modern art. Either way, I was only staying for 6 days... Last time I came (3 years ago), I've done all those Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace and everything else... Couldn't really be bothered to do that again.

Here's the new club I've been to, called "China Doll", if you're planning to go to Beijing, and want to go to a nice place to party or just have a quite drink, it's definitely the place to go. Great decoration done by a many Chinese artists, good lounge music and they have a second floor if you want to dance.

China Doll
Digimai 11 years ago
27 Mar 2007

Went to the pearl market, made myself a necklace with pearl & black agate, bought some jeweleries for a few friends as well. authentic gems here are much cheaper (of course you have to know where to go). You can do your own design, choose your gems, they'd do it in 5 mins.

Went to the flower market also, the place is just huge, you can buy the china and house decorations which they export to Europe there, being sold in huge department stores in Europe for an outrageous price... of course you don't even pay 5% of the price they sell in Europe.

It may be cheaper in the markets... if you want to go to department stores in Beijing, I've noticed that things are more expensive than HK, but then they don't have VAT in HK... they do in China and the worse is that there's no VAT refund whether you're a tourist or not.

Customer service wise, not all chinese people are warm.... not all of them are friendly. Many of them are pretty rude... Sales (department stores only) are worse than the ones in France, no smile, robotic greeting. You ask them if they have certain products, without checking , they'd just say "no". They also have this habit of following you around but not saying anything, not even trying to sell you something... just starring at you. At first I thought it was just me ... since everywhere I go in Asia, people are always wondering where I'm from in their head ( you can just tell). But then my friends who've been living there for a few years now, told me that they do it to everyone... especially if you're a foreigner. Went to buy clothes at Marc Jacobs and C'N'C. Sales are extremely unfriendly... they just seemed sad like they can't wait to go home. But then maybe I shouldn't have gone to HK first, it's like going from Four Season to Mercure.... Who said HK is China?

Digimai 11 years ago
28 Mar 2007

Got food poisoned last night at a taiwanese restaurant.....still went out today.... Thought I was ok this morning, went to have lunch with my godmother at an italian restaurant, I was still ok then.. by the time I got back to the apartment to rest... it all started. I still went out with a couple of friends, they were supposed to have dinner at the apartment since the cook was coming, we planned to go out after dinner.. but then we stayed in to watch movies and me being sick.

James KEZMAN Photo PRO 11 years ago
I hope you feel better and enjoy the rest of your trip!! Great shot from the 28th!
Digimai 11 years ago
29 Mar 2007

Back to Paris.... Flight was harsh as I was still sick. I almost thought of postponing the flight. but the I'll have to work the next day at 0500am! ~_~

Stade de France
Digimai 11 years ago
Thanks, I'm feeling better now and back in Paris already.
Digimai 11 years ago
05 Apr

Digimai 11 years ago

Probably one of the most sober pictures I've ever taken. But hey, it's spring time!

Digimai 11 years ago
09 april

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