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Jonathan Riverwalker 12:49pm, 20 December 2006
2007 MDPD

Me at work
(Photo by fluke on Jan. 22)

I want out.
Outside that is.
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Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
welcome in anyway !
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
I have started practicing - just thaving this goal has gotten me outisde the last two days - even if i dont go the whole year, thanks for the last two days - woohoo
My practice set
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
Day One, Monday, Jan. 1, 2007
Polar Bear Dip @ Drysdale

Tourist Tom

The first day of the year and i have already completed two resolutions. One was to find my DVD player remote which i packed somewheres easy to find when i moved 8 months ago - found it :D - and two was to finally do a Jan. 1st polar bear dip. I've been swimming in the winter before but never on Jan One and always wanted to.
My son Jony took photos of the action and even though the action shots are all more interesting, i didn't want to post one of them here because i didn't take them.
Jony's friends and I have been semi-competing to see who could swim later than the other this fall so we teamed up for the dip. They had worse in mind- they had been thinking they'd jump from the cliff into the pool - they do this in the summer and even a month ago, Dec. 3. I do not support the jumping. So part of me was glad when i discovered a great deal of the pool was frozen - they could easily have landed in the open section but... would they have surfaced in the pool or under the ice and... would they have been able to get out onto the ice - wisely and a great relief to me they agreed it was too dangerous - so we found a little pool around the bend (pun intended) and ducked there.
how was it? cold. frickin cold - but it wakes you up - emphatically - it is a great way to start the New Year - wide eyed and ready for action.
I can't imagine all 365 photos will centre around such an exciting event but it is sure is a great start to the project. Yeehaw!
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
Day Two, Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2007
Boats at night
Boats at night

There is so much excitement in flipping the calendar, in comtemplating the blank squares, the projects and plans and hopes and dreams for the new year - but it is just an opportunity - the same opportunity we have every morning, in fact every moment. To live life to its fullest - whatever that means for you - for some people it is doing one thing each day that scares them - for others it is moving one more step along a safe treadmill they have mapped out years ago.
But whatever a full life means to you in this moment, we have the opportunity in every new moment to redefine or recommit. the renewal of intention - forever we are floating in a moment and the rest is darkness - 363 more photos to go
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 12 years ago
Day Three, Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2007

I have spent the last two days at my desk, occasionally looking out the window at the harbour and thinking, "You should go for a walk while there is still light."
I am in a state of diurnal paralysis lately - not just this project but everything - it seems i can just manage to get everything done at the last minute - I waste days and then scramble all night to meet my committments - maybe i will change that tomorrow...
until i do i guess my diary will be dark photos - i wandered out on the wharf again tonight - while i wandered i thought - i thought this project may be the inspiration and structure i neeed - maybe things are going to suck to start and improve as the year goes on - as i learn to take a break in the day no matter what and shoot something for the diary - maybe i will start to think ahead and plan for the diary shot - maybe the daily pressure will teach me and focus me - already i know it has got me thinking about what and how i am doing with the camera - more so than before - this is exciting... though im still in the dark and wondering what colour to use...
leroyer 12 years ago
Darkness full of colours ! How cool is that !?
Well, if this project can help in any way, I'm really happy.
Looking out for your day pics.

[philippe leroyer - the milky bald guru on a day by day basis : too much pleasure for all !]
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
thanks phillippe - i cant imagine ill make it to paris for the milk party but i love the sound of it - reminds me of clockwork orange...
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 12 years ago
Day Four, Thursday, Jan. 4, 2007
Birthday Candles

Birthday Sunset

I guess I'm the first of the 1,400 to have a birthday this year :P
I bought cake for the office yesterday from Heidi the travelling German baker - i didn't tell anyone why - except Heidi in German and she didn't blab. There were no candles, so tonight i left work early and caught the sunset along the Marsh Road dyke.
I didn't even try to blow out my candles. Life is good. NIce of the sunrise to be so beautiful for ME today.
I came across this quote, probably on flickr, last fall. My fav these days:

Clouds come floating into my life,
no longer to carry rain or usher storm,
but to add colour to my sunset sky.
- Rabindranth Tagore

ED> I see another had a birthday Jan. 3>
Jissy 12 years ago
Happy Birthday Jonathan! Beautiful quote for a stunning pic ;-)
Loca.... 12 years ago
Just came today, your photos are great. Love the crayons one.
Happy birthday to you, you should be one of the first to have a birthday, I agree. Loved the quote....
Will come more often to see your days.

(Loca-Bandoca's 2007 in pics)
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
zesty house [deleted] 12 years ago
Delightful! Happy birthday.

You've got these incredibly beautiful shots. And they're in this place you call nature?

Is that nature .com or .net?

=D I need to get outside more.

-Sontra (A Day In My Life)
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
Thanks @Jissy
@Loca -B - I think i got the quote from **ANNE
@LadyBT - i noticed a while ago that my photos were kind of drab and that my favourites all had colour and im making a "freakin" conscious effort to shoot colour
@Sontra - thanks - ive been kicking myself about adding that "outdoor" clause to this already ambitious project - but im loving it - and there's lots of bandwidth out here for everybody
Why would you want my life when you live in rural Nova Scotia get to write and take photos for a newspaper?? Ha! I am just a gardener and no one pays me to write and take photographs.

Great journal. I like my water warm... I wouldn't even think of diving into cooooooold water like that.

January 3 photo is just stunning.
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
yes my life is wonderful - i guess you mean i can only have one life eh?
- i do want your life - i want mine too - but for now i am making no choices
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 12 years ago
Day Five, Friday, Jan. 5 , 2007

This is what i do for a living - meet people and take their pictures - i dont like taking groups - hard enough to get one person to keep their eyes open, smile, relax, look at me, just a little to the left... when there are 15, i have to do a whole song and dance, hahaha, woohoo, joke, joke, whats your name, get close, he doesnt bite, she's cute cuddle up now - i feel like a juggler - for this one i used an old trick - the second before i had said, "now let's do a serious one - as mean as you can look" - then when i say "relax", i usually get nice smiles - the four in the middle thought i was crazy - good percentage though :P

i took this photo as a favour to them - for the paper i wanted just a couple smiling faces, maybe hugging or high fiving - but now i like this one better - i like to look at all the faces and imagine what they are thinking - they have all (except the top two) just graduated from an "employability course" - and they tell me the program has an 80 % success rate - 80% of the graduates find MEANINGFUL work and keep it - i would LOVE to magically reassemble this group a year from now - in the "habille" and props of their various trades - but i will have to settle for imagining where they wil go and wht they will do...

(p.s. again the most memorable part o fmy day was captured by another photographer - i need to remember for this projet to photograph myself birthday cakes
Samrag 12 years ago
-1.jan: Cool stuff. Checked out your photostream, and loved the photo of you coming out of the water... really looking cold!!!
-2.jan: I am a special fan of fishing boat pictures, in fact I posted on on 5.jan - though that was more of a SHIP.. he he.. beautiful photo - and as I have worked as fisherman, I always think of little things like, how often they go out, what do they fish etc...
-3.jan: What can I say - just AMAZING photo!!!
-4.jan: Lovely colours, you could have taken this one in Iceland
-5.jan: Well the trick worked - as you got them all with open eyes, looking at you - and don't worry about these four in the middle - they are aliens and have no idea how to smile ;-)

Love you photos - and the stories that go with them. Went to your blog, and saw that Cake picture - or your face as a cake picture - love the spirit behind that. Bookmarking you now....!

Sam (2007 in Iceland)
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
Thanks sam - im sure there will be more boats before the year is up - Digby where i live is famous for its scallops but lobstering is the only viable fishery left - you asked in another diary who i write for - the camera story happened 2005 ( gasp - so long ago) when i wrote for the West PRince Graphic - "the feisty one" Alberton P.E.I.
last April 2006 i moved to the Digby Courier - the town i was born in - but we will get into that later this year - im sure - both small commuity papers - intimate you know with your readers - well not that intimate - i am not a guru and that's for sure!
RobW_ PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by RobW_ (member) 12 years ago
Love your photos Jonathan, and your philosophizing. I guess we all want to improve, and get rid of bad habits this time of the year; sadly, we usually fail, and succumb to the same old, same old. But I agree you should get out more, especially when it results in great shots like these.
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
it's saturday - day six - i have about four hours to myself - it's raining and i should clean my apartment - but im going for a hike see some waterfalls that only pour when it rains - just the opposite of making hay when the sun shines - if i have time, might also visit NS's second highest waterfall - digby's little secret
PutYourFlareOn PRO 12 years ago
Johnathan, Happy Belated bday! I missed your entry yesterday! I was in a coma induced trance from eating really good Korean food last night. :) The sun set photo is amazing. I love it when the sky turns colors of pink like that. Something we very rarely see in Paris right now.

What a dream job to meet new people and to take their photo! I love meeting new people. Maybe through this project I"ll meet new people for 2007. :)

Aimee, PutYourFlareOn's 2007 Daily Photo Diary
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 12 years ago
Day Six, Saturday, Jan. 6 , 2007
In search of more water...

My wet day in a photo
one of 20 shots i took with a waterproof disposable as i searched in a downpour for the myterious second waterfall of gullivers cove

crazy day - spent the morning making sense of an interview i had the day before with the leader of the provincial opposition - it's funny - we are so far out in the boonies, it is news if anyone from the government actually shows up here - i give him credit for pretending to try to understand the concerns out here which are polar opposite to concerns of the vast majority of his constituents.

i had the afternoon to myself and should have gone to bed to nurse this sore throat (i had the sore throat before the swim last week Mom!) or i really should have done my laundry or the dishes - anything would be saner than what i did

there are a few sets of waterfalls in this area that only run when it rains (clearcutting - sigh) and since it was a saturday i thought i should get some hiking in and off i went - once i got outisde i realized my camera would not last a minute in the torrential rain that was pummeling digby so i bought a disposal waterproof job and set off

the first set of falls i had in mind are called the Red Pissers because they shoot out of a cliff of red sandstone - but i didnt factor in the tides - too much water on the beach for me to make the 2 km hike :(
maybe tomorrow :)

but i remembered the mysterious second falls in Gulliver s Cove - i first saw it a month or so ago when i went to see the 28 foot basking shark i was looking across the mouth of the cove and could see a second line of white on the cliff - i asked some locals from the cove about it but they said there was no falls there and then they mumbled that maybe there was when it rained - looking thorugh my camera zoom was inconclusive - hmmmm

i had been to the first falls in the cove before - i didnt know there was a path through the woods and had taken the straight line along the shore - big mistake - the shore was littered with slippery boulders and seaweed and it took me an hour of sliding and cursing to make the falls - today i was there after a ten minute walk along a muddy alder blocked trail - i will defintely be back on a drier day - there are two old buidlings falling down along the trail and i also saw a ... ahhh. .. some kind of intestine or something hanging in the alders by one house ??

i was a little freaked out - first you must understand it was raining so hard i could barely see or hear anything - i was alone - these shore scrub brush are twisted dark dense and frightening - the branches are always grabbing at you and tripping you - it is perfect black bear country and the forest cuts the visibility so bad i was terrifed of surprising one or two - one would be enough - so i had to talk and sing out loud to myself all afternoon - or just clap and grunt alot

and then the intestines - by a scary abandoned and rotting buidling - wooohohohohohho -

anyhoo - eventually came to the first falls and climbed down to the shore for some shots up at the falls - this whole stream is gorgeous - falling and twisting around big mossy rocks and gushing over the cliff and into the sea - woot

on the trip out from there, i disdained the trail, prefering to follow the coast and see what i could see - very rough and hilly - slow going - i was soaked right through but thankfully it was unseasonably warm for january - this is Canada isnt it ?? - the frozen north??

finally reached the headland and found my self atop a very steep high cliff - a very fun if challenging place to explore - so many false paths - dead ends - like a maze - as i neared the bottom i heard... ...... rushing water - another falls? the mysterious second falls?

i had to walk through funny little gulleys - like 6 feet deep and four feet wide and eventually found the stream - also running through a similar gulley - in fact !! two streams met at a right angle and passed over through each other before continuing on - my crap disposable would not work in the gloom of this place - well i tried - love his place and want to come back and camp - and swim and relax - in th dry summer

those two streams eventaully melded into one and i followed them to the sea = they were not the MSF - this stream actually had carved a canal like groove into the basalt and just sort of slid into the tide - from here i walked along the rock shore - easier - the rock in front of me started to run out and i was thinking about whether i wanted to go back into the tangle of brush - my mind was just saying no - too mucj work when i saw it - the long line of white running down a black cliff - the MSF - only another kilometre or so to go -

i couldnt get there from here though - i had to go back into the woods and up back up the clifffy maze - across another big stream/ canal and here the brush got really dense - in newfoundland they call this stuff tuckamore - i call it helllish - by the time i got up to the falls i was tired and wet and cold and SOOOOO HAPPPY - the MSF - woot

the wind was coming up - and the waves building - the rain was getting thicker like freezing rain - i couldnt stay long but i will be back - the trail was actually quite close - i fought my way through the hellish tuckamore - up hill quite a ways - it was about 750 longg metres before the plant grwoth thinned out enough for me to breathe - a lot of that 750 m i literally crawled -

by good fortune i walked up to along piece of orange survey tape - tied in a diamond shape - no idea what it meant but from there i could see a little piece f tape every 10 m or so and followed that to the trail - hhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa- sigh - i actually joggged out to stay warm and to get home intime for work (had to cover the local hockey game)

going out only took about 1/2 hour compared to the 3 hour trip in - it would make a pleasant summer walk - now that i know my way around, im sure i could take anyone there for a picnic...

let me know if u want :P
(the hockey game was great - we lost to the #1 team - orur neighbours - but tomorrow they come to our rink - a chance for revenge)
What should I bring for the picnic? Sounds lovely. What a great story.
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
you will bring nothing - i will take care of everything
but there are questions - pour les grands lignes...
strawberries or grapes?
lobster or scallops?
multi grain or brown (brown here is basically white bread but made with molasses)?
red or white?
tea or coffee?

if you were as wise as my grandfather, you'd just answer YES !
BellaGaia PRO 12 years ago
i really love day 3 and 4 pix and today's shot. I guess i'm partial to the colorful shots. happy belated birthday :-)

Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
i like the colour too - Nova Scotia in january is not known for its colour - or maybe that's me - maybe i need to open my eyes differently ??
stay tuned??
Samrag 12 years ago
I am sooo tired after reading this.... How long did this hike take you in total.... and why oh why he he

Love the detailed story, and would love to see more photos of a nice summer day in this area.

I have my own baskin shark photo for you, from the time when I was fisherman.

Sam (2007 in Iceland)
sunshinecity 12 years ago
what great colourful pictures!

~ sunshinecity
RobW_ PRO 12 years ago
Wow - an arduous adventure, just to get a waterfall shot? Next time bring us back a close-up of a black bear, if you please.

You started your year by saying you needed to get out more. I think yhour Mum might say youi're overdoing it ;-)
RobW_ PRO 12 years ago
Fascinating set on the basking shark. Life in Nova Scotia is more exciting than one imagines!
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 12 years ago
@ sam - i wonder who is more tired :P that was just a scouting trip - i will get som ebetter shots come may?
@sunshine city - todays goal is find the january colour
@rob "just to get a waterfall shot" - definitely - and just to see it - and to breathe and stretch and sweat and get dirty and be scared and fall down exhauted at night without a care inthe world
We had a 50 acre frm growing up and Mom' s favourite saying (after we'd chruned the butter - honest) was "There's 50 acres out there - now get out and play!"
most nova scotians keep quiet about the really good stuff - but im more of a joesph howe kinda guy - he was a lawyer and then politician and the founder of the freedom of the press - at least in this neck of the woods - a great story but i wont go into it - just let me quote him:
"Boys, brag about your country. When I am abroad, I brag of everything that Nova Scotia is, has, or can produce; and when they beat me at everything else, I turn round on them and I say "How high does your tide rise?" — Joseph Howe
mbauhs PRO 12 years ago
Fantastic photos and I love the way you started the new year...Symbolic and Fun (brrrrrr, though). I may have to try that some year.
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
Day Seven, Sunday, Jan. 7, 2007
Another picnic spot
Around the headland

Hard to know which photo if you dont know just what you are trying to laccomplish taking a stupid photo every day - how did i get roped into this?
Took another walk today and out of 100 snaps there were 10 i kept - and this was probably the most boring.
but i decided it reminds me more of the day than the others - not that the day or hike was boring - far from it - it was awesome - staring at the waves, watching them splash and crash - listening to the birds in the woods - watching them glide over head - and just sitting staring out from the cliff - ahhhhh
but this was the turn around point of my hike - i was looking for those fabled red pissers - and after today im inclined to think they dont exist - but they say it has to be raining - someday i'll manage the trip when it's raining and the tide is low -
in fact today the tide was wrong and i climbed up the cliff and then made my way through the brambles and alders and turnstile -like spruce.
it was a scratchy clawly walk like yesterday but no rain and so warm - +6 celsius here today and sunny - i eventually got over the big hill to see what i could see - and all that i could see was the other side of the big hill - which is this photo - now this is another great spot for a picnic - i have in mind a loop from the seawall over the big hill to the shore again and then it is a hop skip through those fields to "downtown" Rossway (no stores but three churches LOL) where a car would be left

i was figuring this all out when my damn cellphone rang calling me back to civilization - im glad i got "inside out" twice this weekend as next weekend Digby is hosting a hockey tournament and i will be in the rink all weekend - my only outdoor shots may well be in the rink parking lot...
Doesn't look a boring photograph to me. Looks like a gorgeous place to sit and eat. Now let's see about those choices.

strawberries or grapes?
Depends on the time of year; but I rarely turn down strawberries when they are in season
lobster or scallops?
Lobster, silly!
multi grain or brown (brown here is basically white bread but made with molasses)?
Multi-grain unless it is a good francesce or sourdough
red or white?
with lobster I will take a nice dry chardonnay
tea or coffee
Herb tea or decaf french roast
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
all very sensible and inspiring - i might stray a bit on the wine - nova scotia is not a great chardonnay terroir but we are not hopeless ;D

leave it to me but i will need three or four day's notice for the lobster
strawberry season here is june july - and there is a wonderful wild strawberry festival nearby in late june - to die for

from june on there's always fresh wild berries to be had here - strawbs, bluebs, rasps but the big crop is blackberries - they are everywhere

the lobster season moves around the province - in june they are fishing in the north - but i know people...

not a caffeiene person Maquisarde?
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
@ mbauhs - just do it - i find it great anytime of year - sort of like resetting all the electronics - gaaazzzzzjit - start fresh - woohoo
Samrag 12 years ago
Swimming in cold water, fishing shark, taking walks through dangerous forest and on the edge of high cliffs...
You seem like a bit of an adventurer Mr. Riverwalker....

Look forward to see more great photos and to hear from your adventures (even if they sometimes center around parking spot)... will come for a visit one day if in Canada.

Sam (2007 in Iceland)
PutYourFlareOn PRO 12 years ago
Amazing picnic spots and yes to everything you propose! I bet the air is amazing in those spots.

Aimee, PutYourFlareOn's 2007 Daily Photo Diary
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Polar Bear dip - I get cold just thinking of it...bbbrrr.... :D
Oh, I know that scrambling part, I'm very much a last minute person, I will never learn any better ;)
The colors in your shots are amazing - so beautiful!!
And Happy belated birthday! :)
I keep my fingers crossed for the success of the group, sigh!
Yes, Picnic - here, here! Can I bring the dogs? :)
So beautiful out there!
Now you made me go for a walk (But only a short one ;)

NicoleB - Share the weirdness with me
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
@samrag - it's all in how yu tell the tale - and we didn't fish the shark - though ... hmmm ... by the time i have grand kids perhaps the story will be that i wrestled the beast ashore to save the fishing boat he had trapped in his jaws - LOL
love to have you - bring the whole family
@PYFO - maybe that's it - i think i take it for granted - although the three years i lived in halifax as a younger man, i did get asthma out of the blue - all that running and biking in the streets :( -

@NickyB - bring the dogs for sure - hope you and the dog enjoyd the walk
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 12 years ago
Day Eight, Monday, Jan. 8, 2007
red and rainy
Red rainy day

I'm definitely in a red mood today - by that I mean I'm a little on fire - today was deadline day - and deadlines pump me up - I had a quick story to write and then the editorial and thought maybe i was done but layout called and said they had a hole needing filled on the Op-ed page - i've been toying with a regular column for months - i was kinda discouraged by my editor (2 editors ago) and never got back to it - and then i discussed it with the editor before this one and he encouraged me but then i found i didnt have time - just to figure it out and get off on the right foot (write fooot?) so it hadn't happened

so when they called today at noon i decided to just jump in and get going - sink or swim - i wrote one at the last paper iworked at and it is definitely my favourite part of the job - so im very excited to have that underway - yeehaw

deadline day always leave me on fire - all pumped up with my mind firing like fire crackers - every thought and idea triggering an avalanche of more ideas and thoughts - i get dizzy - when i was out for my run tonight i was shocked how my mind was blabbering on and tried to rein it in but it it still going... BUT THAT ISNT THE REASON I PICKED THIS PHOTO

i discovered recently that red is my favourite colour - i used to think it was green - i have a lot of respect for green - so cool, so calm, so full of life and vibrancy, so deeply beautiful - She had a quilt - a green quilt with yellow flecks - it had had two wool blankets sewn inside - it was the warmest thing - we used to lie under it in her camp and really feel like we were sleeping in the forest - she leant it to me for years before deciding she needed it back for her move out west

we used to doze beneath the quilt ( it was her rule that we wear no stitch of clothing, no jewellry, no watch - just us) we used to look up through the skylight of her camp - at the leaves on the branches waving in the sky - we loved to watch the first rays of the dawn light up each leaf one by one, making them glow - until the whole forest was awake and then we'd run out into the mossy sprucey hemlock forest and play - i used to love green

but last month after doing all my laundry, i noticed i owned two green shirts and never wore them - i have a dozen red ones and they are always in the laundry hamper first - i think i like red - the passion of it - the pure visceral earthy heat of it - the richness - the boldness - the spark and the fire - the glow BUT THAT ISNT WHY I CHOOSE THIS PHOTO

that's a long story - it was another one of those wild wet windy rainy days which really made it hard for me to take my camera outside (If you interpret all this whining as a plea for the God of Free Cameras to blesss me with a waterproof present then you are very astute - i have had trouble with cameras and water since the very beginning - really they are no good to me if they cant get wet - im either running in the rain, sweating in the sun or diving into trouble, so please GoFC be kind to me)

i just couldnt go for a hike with my camera and i didnt have time to get wet today anyway - the list of tings to do just keeps ggrowing - which explains why i'm writing this on flickr right now - LOL) but i've meaning to shoot this red warehouse for a while - i was waiting for the right sunrise to light it up - but i thought maybe i could shoot it today by jumping in and out of the car -

i run by this place every day on my run - and the rich reds never fails to fire me up - there are even a couple red brick chimneys - i will be shooting more shots at this warehouse - when the snow comes, when i get that sunrise, when i dont have to dodge rain drops - again it is so hard to choose just one photo - dont get me wrong, im glad for that and all the other pesky rules - it is just so hard - hard is good - i like this one better as far as composition and detail goes - but the one i posted says more about today - AND FINALLY WE GET TO WHY I PICKED THIS ONE

it says more about today - the red mood, the windy weather and rain drops - the waving branch - a long blossoming idea bearing fruit - red

what's your favourite colour? and are you sure? how do you KNOW?
My favorite color is the rainbow cast by a prism; because I always feel such great joy when I see one.

Now as far as our picnic goes--since it is fantasy anyway--I will bring a nice bottle of California Chardonnay, Belgian dark chocolate to melt on a little camp stove so we can dip the strawberries in and then a bit of Corsican muscat to finish.

My house is painted inside and out like a rainbow. I mixed the paints myself with the left over paint in discarded cans from my friends. My living room is a butter yellow with cranberry trim. You would like to sit in a room surrounded by such a rich dark red.
sunshinecity 12 years ago
I love this RED pic!

~ sunshinecity - a picture, a story
cherriza 12 years ago
Oh my Gosh I absolutely love day 7!

Better than Last...
BellaGaia PRO 12 years ago
OK, am I the only person who hasn't been anywhere interesting in the past 8 days! These are beautiful photos.

BellaGaia (Living with BellaGaia)
How do people put the title of their thread as a link in their comments? I am so computer illiterate--just a gardener with a high school education. :(
Samrag Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Samrag (member) 12 years ago
@ BellaGaia: I sooo agree.... feel like I never do anything!!! Specially when I visit Mr. Riverwalker, and he posts his fine photos, with outlines to a complete book or a short story, capturing our imagination!!!

Nice shot - agree that I like more the one in your photostream - but good idea to post this one to reflect the day.
- who is she, and where is she now?

@ La Maquisarde: would love to see photos of your house.

Sam (2007 in Iceland)
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Beautiful shot, love the dripping and the droplets.
And I don't like deadlines. Means, I have to hurry up again, because I'm a last minute person ;)
The dogs always enjoy when they get out. Right now they are sitting bored in the yard (I think ;)
I don't think, I have a favorite colour.
Not that I know at least :)

NicoleB - Share the weirdness with me
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
love the colour and rain drops
but (sigh) couldn't read the post
way too long for my sleepless brain
some other time !

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
@La Maquisarde - chocolate was the plan all along :P
hopefully we'll see some photos of this rainbow house....
i will email you the html to post your link
@sunshine and @cherriza - thanks
@BellaGaia - thanks - Digby is a beautiful place and i am blessed to live here.
@samrag - thanks - she is ancient history
@nicole B - i LOVE deadlines - the magic of the eleventh hour - im weak i guess and need the structure - no favourite colour?
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
@LBT - it's really about the photos anyway - the photos i am doing to be part of the project - that's what i am sharing - the writing is a mania i cant control and is really for me - so i will know what was going through my head
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
okay = it's 8:46 - my day just ended - that is the run around like a chicken with my head cut off part of the day - now to go for a run, take one outdoor photo to illustrate my day - (no chickens will be hurt i promise) then eat, maybe sleep - hoo
Loca.... 12 years ago
Beautiful red shot. I have two favourite colors, couldn't live without them: red and green.

Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
11:27 - stil no photo - might have to kill a chicken
Samrag 12 years ago
I would go with the chicken kill

Sam (2007 in Iceland)
I took photos of lots of chickens today!! At one of the gardens where I work there are seven chickens. I only posted one in my photo stream. I wouldn't kill any of them myself. Turn the camera toward the mirror and shoot youself today. :D
Thanks for showing me how to do this.
( A Gypsy Outdoors)
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
Day Nine, Tuesday, Jan.9, 2007

I had a great day - Tuesdays are my Mondays - just the way it goes - we have no weekends really - anyway - i worked but couldnt keep my mind out of the clouds - then...
a fellow with a jaunty red scarf and white cable knit sweater came in the office and asked me to lunch - i had no idea who he was but put the pieces together eventually - Noah Richler - incredible - the Noah Richler - writer - Canadian, though he did work at the Beeb for a while.

fascinating - it would be like henri cartier-bresson asking one of you parisiens photographers to lunch - Noah's work (freelancing stories for magazines and our bigggest paper the Globe and Mail - and writing books - he writes books) it is where i hope my careeer is headed - talking with him was definitely a good way to put my head in the clouds - dream you know - question where i am goingg and what im doing and how im doing it -

Noah did agree to let me take his picture and i got a real nice warm moody shot - but he agreed only on the condition i keep it private - and i will - sorry - besides it wasnt outside -
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
@La Maquisarde - i added this silly twist to the project whereby i have to take my shots outside - but i do want to get a self portrait in - without forcing it - and i was thinking about shooting my muddy shoes - all the fault of flickr - as i tramp around photo hunting -
- glad to hear you arent the kind of gardener who grabs random chickens and breaks their necks LOL
No that's a geek--oh wait, geeks bite the heads off chickens. My grandmother used to grab a chicken almost every Sunday and wring its neck. She had a huge hen house full. I grew up on a farm with my great-grandparents, my grandparents (maternal) and my parents and all of us kids (5 of us) Good, Portuguese Catholic immigrants. (Not me and my siblings, we were all born in California, as actually so were my parents. It was all 4 of my grandparents who immigrated from the Açores.
Jissy 12 years ago
An added challenge to the daily challenge? bravery I'd say! love this image by the way!

Everyday with Jissy
Samrag 12 years ago
SamRag came by to you!

Ok... I have almost like Noooo idea what you are writing in your text today LOL... and did I miss it, or did you mention why you have a picture of a police officer ... Aarrrggghh...
But congrat to meet This Noah fellow...

Sam (2007 in Iceland)
AllanThinks 12 years ago
I love all your photos, but I especially like days 3 and 4. I'm all about bright colors.

Allan's 2007 Daily Photo Diary
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
@La Maquisarde - what an awesome way to grow up - i mean with all the family around - ive only just gotten to know a big chunk of my family this year when i moved here - that has been amazing - i'm learning a lot - about family - about learning - about me - wild really

@jissy - im starting to think i was silly but it might just work out you never know - yesterday was a close call - i didnt get any shots before midnight that i wanted to post and then i remembered i had the mountie photos - and the clouds in the window had distracted me a bit when i was taking his "head and shoulder" shot for a profile - as i tried to explain - but i guess not too clearly - my head was in the clouds all day and so...

@samrag - "head in the clouds"= dreaming, distracted, not down to earth - me yesterday - so yeah, i forgot to mention i had to do a "head and shoulder" of one of local Mounties (=Canadian police) and i got distracted - my head was in the clouds - see, and i missed the mountie and got the reflection of the clouds in his van window instead - see ... funny? LOL thanks for checking
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
@allan - thanks - i notice yo are wearing red in your buddy icon :P
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 12 years ago
Day 10, Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2007
Forward together without
Forward together without

it makes sense to me.
even if i haven't always done such a good job of the together part - i have so much to learn - not sweating it though - i love a challenge.
take care of each other
Good idea to take care of each other. Very good idea, sometimes we as humans forget that. Sometimes we are so lost in the forward that we forget the together part and then it becomes without...
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
hey that's nice and close, very close but not quite what i was getting at
i was intentionally being brief and sparse and obtuse - let me tell you what i see ....
the without im talking about (there are so oooo many) is constant - are constant - not a consequence -

see the two pilings - they are like you and whoever, and the third broken fallen piling is the without - the other two have to go forward into that scary cloudy unfocussed greyeness - together and without -
without the fallen, without bad feelings draggged from the past, without stuff, baggage, mistrust, bias, scars, ykkow - just going forward together and leaving what isnt love or peace or NOW, leaving it behind

the only thing that matters is as you say - taking care of each other -

but it can be scary to step off the hurt that you know into a peace you dont know and nver will - peace will always be opaque and scary - but soft and harmless and - opposite of the hard rocky pain that you know

or something like that - that's what i see - i even see a face on the piling closest the camera

do take care of each other :P
AliThinks Posted 12 years ago. Edited by AliThinks (member) 12 years ago
Your photos are just amazing. I love them all, but especially the "red" one. I, too, used to think that green was my favorite color. I think I'm leaning towards pink these days -- which is kind of scary to me -- but anyway, green still comes to mind when someone asks me what my favorite color is. On the other hand, I have a number of purple shirts or sweaters.

Okay, now I'm babbling! Time to hush. And also time to bookmark you.

msspider66 12 years ago
I's hard to pick a favorite anything, at least for me. My favorite color is red or black or maybe dark green.

a photo a day [Ms Spider66]
eelend PRO 12 years ago
there's always something to learn
Samrag 12 years ago
You are such an interesting person Jonathan. Some people I am so content with just knowing online, while from time to time I really feel that I'm missing out on not knowing someone in real life. You are on of those person Jonathan. Will aim to have cup of coffee with you one day!!!

Sam (2007 in Iceland)
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 12 years ago
@ali and mss - i dont thingk favourite anythings have to be static - im in a red phase but maybe someday ill cool down and green will take over again LOL - these days i also like orange, yellow bronze and copper - but now i babble too :P

@eeland - amen - as my grandfather says "it's the not knowing that keeps ya going"

@samrag - should we split the difference and meet in greenland or maybe st. pierre and miquelon? but if i'm ever in iceland - i do want to see it quite badly - i love hotsprings !!
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
"forget what is not NOW"
should I really do that ?
I don't think I am the forgetting type
more a take care of yourself type
if you see what I mean ...

I do enjoy this topic

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
should i could i would i - such questions...
whether you forget the rest or take it, there is only now.
deep eh.
lately ive been thinking a lot about the generosity necessary to be a gracious receiver of generosity - letting others take care of you - if you see what i mean - some people think they know best how to look after themselves - i am not one of them - others are much better at it than i
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
Day Eleven, Thursday, Jan. 11, 2007
Wreck on bottom

Funny - i wanted a shot to represent George Chapman's quote:

Give me a spirit that on this life's rough sea
Loves to have his sails filled with a lusty wind,
Even till his sail-yards tremble, his masts crack,
And his rapt ship run on her side so low
That she drinks water, and her keel ploughs air.

cause that is what i want - i just dont think im there yet LOL
my life is in fact more accurately represented by this hulk washed up and crumbling on the shore of Culloden - it's not that my life sucks - probably it is too sweet - im too free and too hedonistic - i just cant seem to get the simple things done - im putting so much energy into getting a photo every day and running every day but im not even managing to do the dishes or make the bed - i know i know - not catastrophes - it's just everything seems to be on skids - lots of little things got ahead of me and now it all seems so huge - something to work on i know - "i thought you loved challenges mr riverwalker?"
i do i do - i dont even care that my life is a mess - that's half the problem - if i cared, my life wouldnt be in this mess - you see? but i want to care, i mean i do, i mean it's complicated - hooo

anyhoo - the biggest challenge of this project is getting a photo - not because it is hard to push the shutter button - but because im always looking for an image that speaks to me (hahaha) im serious though - instead of me telling the image this is how its going to be, i want to come across an image that says "take me take me take me" - you know waving its hand at me, standing on tippy toes "oh oh oh oh - take me"

but that means i m expecting the muse (ok im in a cheesy mood) to visit every day - every single day - that's just plain arrogant - isnt it - i have never worked that way - things happen to me in huge uncontrollable spurts - then things calm down and i breathe then things go crazy again - i understand that kind of creation - i can handle that - but this daily banging my head and searcing my soul -

ok ok thanks m. leroyer for this opportunity to grow - for this self imposed demanding-as-fuck structure - this discipline - i will learn - in the immortal word of theo - my cousin, 3 yrs old - one day at breakfast (everything seemed so fine, so cool then all of a sudeen) he takes his head in his hands and says "whyyyyyyy is it soooooo harrrrrd?"

there i feel better :P
leroyer 12 years ago
You're welcome, and most of all, thanks to you for your contribution.
I know the feeling about the picture...
Well, everyday can't be a good picture day, though.
And the good thing with a messy life, is that it's a good start for something new and better.

[philippe leroyer - the milky bald guru on a day by day basis : too much pleasure for all !]
AllanThinks 12 years ago
I think that is a very good photograph to represent what you had to say.

I know the feeling, too. Sometimes.

This project has become a time suck for me for sure.

And then trying to keep up with my weblog. But some of my diaries here have found there way to the blog, which helps a bit.
Allan's 2007 Daily Photo Diary
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
*nodding :P
AliThinks Posted 12 years ago. Edited by AliThinks (member) 12 years ago
Theo is an old soul for sure!

And this?

"it's not that my life sucks - probably it is too sweet - im too free and too hedonistic - i just cant seem to get the simple things done - im putting so much energy into getting a photo every day and running every day but im not even managing to do the dishes or make the bed - i know i know - not catastrophes -"

I could have written this.

Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 12 years ago
@AliPlagiarizes - feel free to cut and paste it into your diary (hahahaha :D
I hate housework but love homework. :D
Why shouldn't the muse kiss your creative soul everyday? Why not? I don't think it is too much too ask. Sometimes an accidental shot is THE ONE more than the one that sat their and posed for you.
( A Gypsy Outdoors)
AliThinks 12 years ago
Hahahah! I'll give you full credit. ;-P
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
hey La Maquisarde - maybe you're right about the muse - anything that involves daily kissing is all right in my book :P
msspider66 12 years ago
I understand about finding an image that sings to you. I am always looking for something during the day but usually shoot something at the last moment.

[Ms Spider66]
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
sometimes i kick myself for missing stuff - i forgot to mention this - thanks for reminding msspidey

while i was out shooting the boat in culloden - i had my head down, shooting and then i heard a motor - a bike? but i couldnt see anything - utter dark - no moon - middle of nowheres

then a pair of ATV lights flashed once. twice and i stood in my car;s head lights so they could see me - they then drove over and turned their lights on ?? why were they driving with no lights??

two fellows on a four wheeler - and such colourful characterful weather lined faces with hoods and toques - said they were looking for their neighbours dog - i think they were smugglers - and my imagiantin was so strong - i was too scared to ask if i could take their photo

maybe next time - they were photogenic!!
humorous cats [deleted] 12 years ago
like following your year. enjoy your pics...the policeman one (i couldn't figure that one out but loved the story that went with it..the pic was cool too. )

blow/up diary
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
thanks blow/up
it was a confusing day - the medium is the message - ohh boy :D
Jissy 12 years ago
ok neck sprain here- reading this and nodding along to your diary entry then nodding along in agreement at all the comments

I can so relate, the daily challenge, the life in a mess but project intact, the missed opportunities, the opportunity to stretch yourself, the pick me pick me- oh boy and my ultimate favourite, my hands are too full now i'll remember to take this one some other time! At least we can than Leroyer he's managed to create this platform for us to share it all with like minded ppl! - oh b4 I forget great image J!
Everyday with Jissy
Jonathan Riverwalker Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Jonathan Riverwalker (member) 12 years ago
Day Twelve, Friday, Jan. 12
Ronnie getting away bn

Just another day stuck in my rut but glimpsing the way out.

I was first introduced to Ronnie through the Judge's stories - the judge thinks Ronnie should be Digby's Man of the Year for all the work he does keeping the town clean - in Nova Scotia, you get a dime for every pop bottle, beer can etc you return to the depot - a lot of people dont bother but Ronnie does. All over town in all kinds of weather - In the summer when the town is busy I've seen him make four rounds - he starts at 8 a.m. and doenst finish til 10 at night. He comes every couple days or every other day in the winter.
(I took a much better photo of Ronnie just before the Xmas break and i thought it should have gone front page - i wont even start on the bad decision to leave it out of the paper - cause i feel my blood boiling just thinking about it.
Let me just say that too many people feel themselves superior to others for the silliest reasons. I think Ronnie is great and Digby is a cleaner better town thanks to all his hard work. If only we all could say as much.)

This photo is about the realization today that no lasting change comes at the snap of a finger - you have to put in the time - slowly painfully over time - and just when you think you've done all the work involved in the change, you realize you have to start all over again at the start - i 'm starting all over today for the 1,000th time - yeehaw!
la vie est immense
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
@LBT - the expression is even bigger than you explained - it is growing LOL
another similar expression that works for me is "Life, Baby!"
I heard half a radio documentary one time - about a cancer doctor or AIDS doctor - i never found out but I gathered he was dealing with some heavy stuff - anyway he explained that he dealt with it simply by gettting out of bed each day and embracing it all, everything, la vie, tout, with a great big "Life baby"
you could add
"Life, baby , whatcha got?"
I want to experience it - hooo
Gypsy Flores Photography Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Gypsy Flores Photography (member) 12 years ago
No, I like this photo better than the one that you linked too. Has more depth to it, more caring. Maybe because it is black and white and because he is in focus while all around him the world whirls by, out of focus.
( A Gypsy Outdoors)
ebilflindas 12 years ago
I agree with you, .
The photo you submitted, Jonathan, has much more to it. In fact, the piles and bags to Ronnie's right look almost angelic--which would be fitting, no?
ebilflindas: Everyday Dad
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
@ La Maquisarde
hmmm -im gonna think about that - maybe - you 've got a good point
let me just say, i was so surprised when he rolled up in that santa hat - one day only - dec. 22 the last work day for most of us before xmas - and yet it showed a part of him you normally cant see - my colleague never sees - the outward stoicism everyone sees - his face rarely shows any other expression - but u can sometimes hear how lively he is in his voice and his words - and yuo can see it for one day only thanks to the hat
the judge invited ronnie to watch the fireworks with us last summer - in the porch of the McBride house - the judge's property on front street overlooking the harbour where the show was - he often asks ronnie to sit with him on the lawn where the judge goes to read his paper most days - and he offers ronnie a beer- the judge says you have to be careful who you offer beer to - ronnie is the perfect guest - only has one and then moves along - i hope u didnt think the santa shot was making fun of ronnie - i spose the risk is there that people will laugh - i will smile - he is a good man - with a heart
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
@ebilflindas - you too brute?
i guess comparisons are odious - im glad you guys like the one from today - in fact, very glad - thanks
No, I did not think you were making fun of him in the one with the Santa hat. I can appreciate that one too, especially with the background you give for it. The black and white though needs no explanation as to its importance. He is everyone struggling with just going from one day to the next with their dignity intact.
barb howe 12 years ago
I agree with the above commentators. I prefer this photo actually. I really like the blur effect. And the black and white. Ronnie sounds like a wonderful person. The world is a better place for having him in it and I can't think of a greater satisfaction than that.
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
"life, baby !"
so much of it
great big gulps flowing
thanks for the words and pics
so we can nail some of it for keeps
enjoy !

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
Samrag 12 years ago
Wow... both entries... the boat => life, the Ronnie => life
Agree with everything above, including that this photo moved me more then the Santa hat one.
We have few people such as him going around collecting bottles and cans. Most of them are such solitary people, but work sooo hard. I also know for a fact that few of them have full time jobs during the day... then put on dirty coats, take out an old bike and go around town collecting!

You lost Jonathan... guess we all are, though I somehow felt you really had it all figured out ;)

Sam (2007 in Iceland)
Jonathan Riverwalker 12 years ago
sorry to let ya down samrag - of course i believe strongly in being lost - wouldnt have it any other way :P
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