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~ Phil Moore 3:11pm, 19 December 2006
Sunrise Smiles

I moved to Paris, from England, in August 2006 with the intention of experiencing life in another country, as well as to improve my French. I anticipated being here for at least a year. Will I still be in Paris at the end of 2007?

As well as providing a structure for documenting 2007, I hope that this project will motivate me to make the most of every day: doing things that will not only make my life more fun, but provide something worth looking at for those browsing through this wee archive.

~~~~~~~~~ January .... ~~~~~~~~~ February ... ~~~~~~~~~~~ March ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~ April
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29 30 31............................26 27 28...........................26 27 28 29 30 31...........23 24 25 26 27 28 29

~~~~~~~~~~~~ May .... ~~~~~~~~~~~~ June .... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ July .... ~~~~~~~~~~ August
......01 02 03 04 05 06...........................01 02 03.......................................01................01 02 03 04 05
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.......................................................................................30 31........................................................................

~~~~~~~ September.... ~~~~~~~~~ October .... ~~~~~~~~ November .... ~~~~~~~ December
.............................01 02....01 02 03 04 05 06 07......................01 02 03 04.................................01 02
03 04 05 06 07 08 09.....08 09 10 11 12 13 14.....05 06 07 08 09 10 11.....03 04 05 06 07 08 09
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Glow* 12 years ago
well,that's a tough goal!:)
~ Phil Moore Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 12 years ago
Monday. January 1, 2007
What Lies Ahead?

Two thousand and six ended with an amazing visit to Oslo - I had never travelled to Scandinavia before, and this brief introduction was fantastic. Beautiful, wonderfully long sunrises and sunsets cast over Oslofjord and the surrounding Nordmarka (North Woods).

Two thousand and seven began in London, dancing (and sweating profusely) to some dirty drum&bass in a little club called Herbal in Shoreditch.

New Years Day itself seemed to consist of hauling all the stuff I was taking back to Paris, including my snowboard, across London on the Tube, and then onto the Eurostar where this photo was taken... (Although I fear my tired, pensive face may seem a little melancholy for the start of, what I'm hoping will be, a tremendously exciting year.)

I now have four days of work ahead of me, before heading off to the Alps for a week's snowboarding; I can't wait.
oddityinabox PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by oddityinabox (member) 12 years ago
I love these kind of pics... They always remind me of various trips to Europe and taking the train everywhere... Man I miss reliable trains! All the best this year and good luck in finding snow, hopefully there will be some as I ended up just cable car-ing it everywhere for something to do!

_ravi | *life through pictures
alert chicken [deleted] 12 years ago
well, you're off! may your wishes come true!
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
kekett: The snow is looking pretty good for this week, at least, laying down some pretty much every day :) Fingers crossed!
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Heck - what a travel :)
Oslo and Paris are awesome.
Haven't been to London yet.
I hope I catch more of your stuff and see some secret corners from Paris :)
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Hee, yes, it was a bit hectic. Paris-London-Oslo-London-Paris and then off to the Alps at the weekend!

I shall endeavour to find some secret spots to share :)
glucozze 12 years ago
Lol you're an kilometer eater :)
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
It seems so at the moment! Although I've been trying really hard to avoid taking flights; out of all the travelling I've been doing recently, it's only been the Oslo trip that involved planes, and I need to look-into offsetting the carbon from that somehow...
~ Phil Moore Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 12 years ago
Tuesday. January 2, 2007
Pre-Birthday Cake

Although it's not my birthday until tomorrow, where I turn a disgustingly old quarter-century, last night when Hannah & I went for a meal chez Bruno & Marie, they surprised me by bringing out a galette des rois! (And yes, I was forced to wear the crown...)

On the way home work I had taken a few arty-farty shots of the commute back, thinking that the 2nd of January could reflect the start of my new working year; and then getting home, there was a real, wood burning fire alight in the apartment. Although these shots were more 'fancy', I reckon this should be posted as it was the most memorable event of the day. I'll leave the yawn-inducing art for more boring days...
Italian Papillon Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Italian Papillon (member) 12 years ago
Fantastic, however you should not celebrate your birthday in advance...... at least that's what everybody tells me!!! ;-)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY....think it is today isn't it???

sarahwoo 12 years ago
Yum! I love galette des rois! Lucky you and Bonne Anniversaire!
PutYourFlareOn PRO 12 years ago
Happy Birthday!

Looking forward to reading about your travels...

PutYourFlareOn's 2007 Daily Photo Diary
alert chicken [deleted] 12 years ago
Happy birthday today. The artsy shots are welcome too!
leroyer 12 years ago
Yo phil, happy birthday !!!!
As a present, I thought about giving one or two links to the people here, so they knew you better :
here, here, here, and here.
Yes, Phil, you'll thank me or bribe me later...

@sarahwoo : we are definitely not foodly compatible.

[philippe leroyer - the milky bald guru on a day by day basis : too much pleasure for all !]
mscjwharton 12 years ago
happy birthday. glad you are having fun
Italian Papillon 12 years ago
Ok BG (Philippe)....am never going to tell you when my birthday comes!!!! ;0)
~ Phil Moore Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 12 years ago
Thanks everyone!

PutYourFlareOn: Just uploaded a few (a lot) photos from the Oslo trip, so if you'd like to see, this is the Oslo set! Hope you enjoy :)

Urbandiscount: I'll try and provide more than just the tacky shots of me soon enough! It was tough choosing which to put up for yesterday, but owing to the 'diary' aspect of this project, I thought documentary won out.

Philippe: Thank you so much for my present! Humiliation is a great gift! ;) hehehe. I'm hoping that Thursday won't provide you with similar opportunities...
oddityinabox PRO 12 years ago
Osbornb PRO 12 years ago
Happy Birthday! If you were really turning a half-century I don't think you'd be going snowboarding again in a few days. You'd be recuperating!
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Eeep! Good spot, thanks :) Quarter-century...
~ Phil Moore Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 12 years ago
Wednesday. January 3, 2007
First Present of the Day

I turned a whopping twenty-five. Vingt-cinq. Fünfundzwanzig. Ack, when did I get so old?

I awoke to a most splendid gift of a trip to Barcelona, of which I'm very excited. I've wanted to go for ages, but haven't yet got around to it. Thank you ^_^

But alas, the majority of the day was spent working away in an office in Versailles, and on not much sleep either. The commute is becoming a chore...

But after wandering around half of Paris in search of a restaurant, the tedium was broken by a lovely meal in the Marais. My stomach is most definitely the way to my heart...
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
OK I'll take good note of it !
Italian Papillon Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Italian Papillon (member) 12 years ago
you are soooooooo lucky to go to Barcelona....beautiful, young, vibrating place....I have always described Barcelona as Paris in the elegance of the buildings etc, bt with italian people in it....at least it has been the feeling I had the times when I have been to this city!!

Food and stomachs...........I looooooooooove cooking! ;-)
leroyer 12 years ago
Damn, I'll stop reading this topic.
Too many travels exposed.
Hard to take it easy when you love to travel yourself but got no money.
Maybe I'll just keep posting bad pictures of you, as a revenge.
You're coming tonight, right ?

[philippe leroyer - the milky bald guru on a day by day basis : too much pleasure for all !]
~ Phil Moore Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 12 years ago
Papillon: Yes, I can't wait! I had a friend who lived there last year and she loved it there, but I didn't get chance to go.
And cooking is fab - when I get the time, I love it!

Philippe: Hehehe, I've been very lucky recently with lots of trips. But I fear that after next week's snowboarding, there will be a long spell of Paris as I am very, very poor!

Should be along tonight, although not until a little later as I'll have the long, arduous, aforementioned commute, and then need to rustle up some food!
Looking forward to seeing the vernissage though, and also, I'd like to quiz you on your camera as I'm saving for a DSLR :)
~ Phil Moore Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 12 years ago
Thursday. January 4 2007
Le Pap

After an uneventful day at work it was time to party with the Parisian flickrites at La Poudière. I'm scared about what might show up in the group pool - there were a lot of cameras being waved around, and after the last meet-up, (and largely thanks to Philippe and his smear campaign) I am well aware of how ugly I am...

...especially when drunk. Oh dear. Sorry to those around me. I was only intending on staying for a short while and having a couple of beers. It turned out to be rather more and Babytronik plying me with champagne didn't help, either.
Should I be worried about the attention being paid to me by Mr. Yannick? ;o)

The after party carried on chez moi, with Sabrina, Julien et al, except I swiftly took to my bed... Sorry guys!
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Friday. January 5 2007

Getting up this morning was hard. So, so hard. I felt like crap all day. Bleurgh! Damn you people with your alcyhols.

But one thing has got me through the day, and it's not hard to guess what...

Tomorrow (or rather today as I type this) I'm off snowboarding in Les 3 Vallées for a week! I can't wait, I love snowboarding and only wish I could do more...
So tonight I was fixing my board and packing.

Therefore, expect no photos for the next week, as I'll be away in my little mountain town living the real life, avoiding the Internet. Heee, there will be seven boarding shots coming up, I fear...

Oooh, and as an aside, I also picked up my first film of shots taken on my Lomo Fisheye and I love it! It's dope. Check out a wee set of some of them.
I've been thinking about buying a digital SLR soon, but seeing those shots, plus a roll of black and white I'd had in my Minolta for ages which I developed yesterday (see before the lomo shots, in my stream), has rekindled my love of film. It's just a shame it's so damn expensive to develop, particularly now I no longer have a darkroom to use!
mscjwharton 12 years ago
Have fun! See ya when ya get back.
Italian Papillon 12 years ago
I think you must be having a lot of fun boy....jealous!!! ;-))))
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
~ Phil Moore Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 12 years ago
Saturday. January 6 2007
Trains beat Planes

Here begins the monster all-at-once update of last week.

Got up at stupid-o-clock to catch a train from Paris down to Moutiers to head up to Mottaret for a week snowboarding.

Somehow in the 200m between my apartment and Gare de Lyon I lost my train tickets (they fell out of my pocket) so it didn't begin well. And I was tired as I was up packing at like 3am. But with views like this to see you down to the mountains, who can complain?
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Sunday. January 7 2007

This is what my life is about. Heading up a cloud filled valley on the first lift.
~ Phil Moore Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 12 years ago
Monday. January 8, 2007

We were afraid that the snow wouldn't be that great. In fact, anyone who had booked a holiday to the Alps this Winter at all had that fear.

Today it snowed.

I smiled.

(But do I wish I'd posted this photo? Is this cheating?)
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Tuesday. January 9, 2007

I was definitely born for this sort of landscape. It makes me wonder if I should be living so far away from it all... I know that if I didn't live in Paris I'd miss all the things going on, all the activity, the exhibitions, the music, the bars.
But there is a large part of me that hankers for that fresh mountain air, the awe of the natural beauty, the dramatic landscapes.

And the adrenalin of all that you can do there.

The sun sets behind a lift station; moody clouds come in to dump some fresh snow overnight.
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Wednesday. January 10, 2007

Think I should diversify the mountain shots a little. Wednesday night was Oxford University playing Cambridge - the Oxbridge universities certainly know how to pick a good place for their varsity matches!

Today I was tired. The major event (of which I failed to have a camera with me, and failed in documenting it) last night was that my friend Elly crashed whilst bum-boarding down the piste.
Harry and I took care of her, but after an hour or so it was evident that she needed medical attention.

The pompiers were called, and at around 3am she was taken down to Moutiers hospital, with me in tow as acting translator (God help her!)
At around 5:30am I had to break the news to her that she'd not only fractured her clavical, but also a compound fracture to a vertebrae. Broken backs sound serious.

She rested out the rest of the holiday in Moutiers hospital...

Get well soon Elly.
~ Phil Moore Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 12 years ago
Thursday. January 11, 2007

The snow had largely turned to ice, so Harry and I decided it was high-time we hit the board-park.

I was getting to grips with some jumps (here is a pretty lame Mute) where I pulled my first Indy (video, no photo, yet...) and also got to grips with rails.
I got the rainbow rail down (although this photo is Rob, I was the camera-man!) and also some 50-50s on a couple of boxes.
One of these resulted in a fairly big crash, though, which left me with a pretty bruised back/pelvis and a very sore head!
I'll have to wait for the Fisheye film to get developed, maybe I'll change this photo...

The evening brought on a rather amusing Pirate party down in Meribel! In true party style, the majority of photos of this come from the following morning - hmmm, a question of semantics for the Admin? hehehe.
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Friday. January 12, 2007
All That You Have Left Behind

Today was an awesome day for snow. We headed over to the far side of Val Thorens to the Orelle valley, where a strong wind was blowing, piling up powder at the side of the unridden slopes.

I don't want this to end.
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Saturday. January 13, 2007

Whoa, I woke after two-hours sleep with a hangover from last night. That is the way to end a holiday.

This shot was whilst taking a final walk around the mountain before Harry and I had a quick coffee and then jumped on a coach back down to Moutiers where we visited Elly before she flew back courtesy of the Insurance company, and then I jumped on a shiny, double-decker TGV back to Paris.

I will be back, soon.
sunshinecity 12 years ago
I only just found your diary...
Your pictures are great... sounds like you had a lot of fun!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
do you ever get horny skiing ?
(its my horny week)

[LadyBadTiming / snapshooting my life away, day after day, after day, after day]
~ Phil Moore Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 12 years ago
Thanks! Yeah, it was an awesome trip. Not hard to have great pictures when you're surrounded by the landscape and activities of the mountain!

Horny? Snowboarding? Heee. Well...
Ummm, generally when boarding, nope. I'd much rather snowboard than think about smelly girls! ^_~
Some of the lifts can be a little long and boring though.
PutYourFlareOn PRO 12 years ago
Thank you for my snow fix! Your Sunday photo is somthing I've always wanted to do! Someday, I hope...

Aimee, PutYourFlareOn's 2007 Daily Photo Diary
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
It's all about the first lift! When in the mountains, you have to make the most of it...
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Sunday. January 14, 2007

After a wee lie-in to recover from the holiday, it was time to restock the kitchen: pretty much all I eat is fruit and vegetables, so I wandered over to the nearby marché d'Aligre to get stocked up. I love the atmosphere here, everyone vying for your custom, tempting you with this mango or that pineapple! Lychees were the order of the day at 1€50 per kilo!

After that, I needed to stay outside, so went for a walk around Paris, heading over to the Institut du Monde Arabe and having a look out over Notre Dame from the terrace, and then after being inspired by Islam, walked to the Paris Mosque (via some buskers) to see have a look around. Although I'm not remotely religious, I find churches, mosques etc fascinating.

The route home took me through the Jardin des Plantes where I spotted a really cute little Red Panda! ^_^

After that, I had the dreaded unpacking, but it was topped off nicely by a wonderful dinner at a friend's.

A good day back in Paris.
~ Phil Moore Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 12 years ago
Monday. January 15, 2007

Going back to work was hard. I hadn't much sleep last night as it was, and going from wandering Oslo and boarding down mountains, to sitting in front of a computer all day sucks!

My lift pass now acts as a bookmark - I wonder if it's the most expensive one out there? (Even though it's now worthless...)

Novels provide a welcome break from reality, and help to pass the hour back from Versailles to the 12e. I've just finished reading The Constant Gardener which has made me realise that what I do for a living really is a bit silly, and should be doing something more worthwhile with my life. Just gotta figure out what that is...

After dropping in my roll of Fisheye film from Les Alps, I headed off to see The Fountain at the cinema.
Visually stunning, and an amazing soundtrack; although I did feel it lacked something. Just can't put my finger on it.
The song at the end, which plays as the credits roll, is amazing. Truly wonderful. It's called Together We Will Live Forever and is performed by Clint Mansell. Go listen to it.
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Tuesday. January 16, 2007
Avant Première

More work, but that's boring, and will take up five out of each of my seven days over the foreseeable future.

However, after picking up my Fisheyes on the way back home (I love that camera!) I went off to MK2 to see the avant-première of Snowcake. A friend had told me about it before, highly recommending it; it's been out in the UK for a few months, but isn't out in France until the end of the month.

What I wasn't expecting was for Sigourney Weaver to be there, addressing the audience (in a fair crack at French, although I hope my accent isn't that bad!) before the start of the film! Had I got more paparazzi in me, I would have snapped her. But I haven't, so I didn't.

The film was great. Really moving. And I was really happy to spot a little bit of Broken Social Scene (Anthems For A Seventeen-Year-Old Girl is a beautiful song) and also a little bit of Feist, playing in the background.
Osbornb PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Osbornb (member) 12 years ago
It's nice to see some lomos in this group!
2007 in photos or bust
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
They make the world so much more fun! I love my new wee fisheye.
Just a shame that film developing is so expensive here in Paris.

Can't wait for the summer so I can get the Action Sampler on the go, too!
~ Phil Moore Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 12 years ago
Wednesday. January 17, 2007

After work last night I wanted to escape the monotony that is rapidly returning.
Wake up - commute - work - commute - cook - something

In the past couple of months I have received all these books as gifts so it was time to put on some music (the headphones are a token nod to that) and to let the mind wander.

The photography in One Planet is inspiring enough; the words that accompany similarly stunning photos in The Travel Book makes you want to leave. Now.
But last night, it was Middle of Nowhere that enthralled me.

Exciting tales of disappearing into introspection provided by isloated places fitted my mood exactly; and funnily enough, one of the most attractive was in Scotland. How fitting that it was a nice fifteen year-old whisky that I was supping at whilst flicking through the pages...
Italian Papillon 12 years ago
a) it must have been a great moment in thecompany of "yourself"!!!
b) a 25 yrs old whisky - WOW!!! which one?
c) love the way you write in english!!!
sunshinecity 12 years ago
again, great pics... I soooo want to try taking pics with a fish eye one day.... who knows!

I have never heard of that movie, I guess it won't be out here in Italy for a while... we always get movies late!

As for your books... was glad to see PostSecret among them... I love that site. I have a tiny banner on my blog to promote it. I know that just reading things posted on the website has helped lots of people out, I wish more people knew about it!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
francophony 12 years ago
Been hestitating on purchasing the Postsecret book for awhile now. I follow the site but... I dunno. What do you think?

PutYourFlareOn PRO 12 years ago
I want to see Snow Cake, I saw a trailer for it when I went to see The Holiday (don't see that movie, it sucked!!) and I am intrigued. I really like Alan Rickman. I didn't know that Sigourney Weaver spoke French.

I've seen the post secret book and it's pretty cool. The website is great but there something about having the actual images to look at. It's a great coffee table book.

Aimee, PutYourFlareOn's 2007 Daily Photo
~ Phil Moore Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 12 years ago
It was a really nice evening thanks - needed a bit of 'downtime' after the last few days!
And I made a bit of a typo on the whisky #^_^# I meant fifteen; there's me getting ahead of myself. I'll be buying the good stuff soon enough though ;o)
And thanks for the complement about my writing - what I lack in photography skills I shall have to (at least attempt to) make up for in hyperbole...

The fisheye is super fun! It's just a little toy camera with a fancy lens on - you can pick them up all over the place now - go get one!
As for the movie in Italy - it might be out there soon-ish. I know we had to wait for it for ages here in France; I had a friend who saw it in the UK months ago. But on the flip-side, she's still waiting to see Les Science des Rêves (The Science of Sleep en anglais) which was out here in September!

I really like the book - but that could be because I spend all day working at a computer, on the internet, and so prefer to steer away from it in my free time; and I love turning the pages of books... They seem to evoke more meaning when on a printed page than just viewing a website.
Before I received that book, I had seen the website, but didn't follow it. I guess it's possible that if you regularly watch the website, then the book might just be a printed form of what you've already seen. But it's great to pick up now and then and remind yourself that your worries are either trivial, or shared by many people! Or in actual fact, you're not so weird after all ^_~

Snowcake is really good - definitely worth watching - think it's out on the 31st Jan. I'm a big fan of Alan Rickman, too.
Italian Papillon 12 years ago
@ Fil - 15 yrs old is already very good! Well done! and I reassure you, you don't lack in photography skills..........having said that, I started photography to have a visual confrontation for what I write sometimes...so I know the feeling of completion when it occurs to twin up a photo with a beautifully written text!!! ;-)
~ Phil Moore Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 12 years ago
Thursday. January 18, 2007

Bleurgh. That pretty much sums-up how I felt as I awoke at 7am, before falling back to sleep to re-awake at 10am, an hour after I should have arrived at work. I hate feeling ill!

So after a dash to work, and then working very late to make up hours, I decided that the day should be rescued by visiting the Yves Klein exhibition at Beaubourg, before it finishes at the weekend, and to use and abuse my Laissez-passer ^_^

Some of his views on things are extraordinary, and it was quite astonishing to hear how he spoke of the planet, and space, before people truly started exploration there. I loved the 'fire' works - the tones of the smouldered canvas were beautiful.
And wandering around reading first the French versions of things, followed by the English to fill-in the gaps of what I didn't understand, and then re-reading the French helped out with my rather feeble grasp of ze beautiful language no end! Immersion is the key...
Italian Papillon 12 years ago
I think maybe I'll go to see this exhibition, it sounds really interesting... and well done for your French, I can see you are determined so you 'll get there definately!!! :-)
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
You'll have to be quick, it finishes soon! I think there's a late-night opening tonight, too. Centre Pompidou

Je dois améliorer et pratiquer!
Italian Papillon 12 years ago
I'll try my very best!!! Thank you :-)

comme tout le monde monsieur! ;-)
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Friday. January 19, 2007

Work yadda yadda followed by a trial of a new commute home. It's longer. Boo. But it did give me longer to read, and on the subject of reading, I'm trying to convert from the ease and comfort zone of the English novel on my way home to the French roman. So here it begins... Although after a hard day at work, my head often isn't in a 'struggle with French' state, but we'll see.

I was supposed to be going out for some aperitifs with some friends, but that didn't happen. Instead, Adrian and I cooked up a bit of a feast, bought a couple of beers, and watched Les Quartre Cents Coups - my education in French cinema continues with this Truffaut classic.
~ Phil Moore Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 12 years ago
Saturday. January 20, 2007

Life is what you make of it.

This is the conclusion I came to whilst wandering the forest of Fontainebleau.

I jumped on a train to Bois le Roi to go bouldering, and after walking a couple of kilometres from the station to Rocher Canon, I was very excited to be greeted by a mass of boulders, my first climbing since I left Sheffield in July.

After a session there, I then decided to move on to Mont Ussy, which involved walking (with a bit of running, too) through the forest for a couple of hours.
It was nice to escape everything so completely, I hardly saw a soul, and those that I did were involved in a fox-hunt - the first I knew about it was when I was suddenly surrounded by a pack of hounds! But alas, I wasn't quick enough with the camera to document... ;o)

Whilst wandering through the forest, armed with a map showing a mass of contour lines, it gave me some time for reflection, and it made me realise how much I like living in Paris. At times, particularly recently, I've been missing 'the outdoors'; walking through the forest made me realise how easy it is to get there if you make the effort, and with the benefit of one of Europe's cultural capital's and all its goings-on, too! I'm quickly getting used to having such easy access to everything that's going on there - the exhibitions, the music scene, the people - and that coupled with access to things like Font, and with the mountains only four hours away courtesy of a TGV, it's a hard thing to beat.

The evening consisted of catching up with an old friend after the Christmas vacances, and we went to the wonderful Marquise where there was music courtesy of a didgeridoo and drums and an amazonian flute! Really good fun and funky. But alas, we then were dragged up to another bar near Pigalle which is the worst I've been to in Paris so far - yuck. And I fell asleep on the night-bus again, although I managed to wake up after only missing one stop, so it wasn't too big a walk home at 6am... ^_~
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
~ Phil Moore Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 12 years ago
Sunday. January 21, 2007
Quel Heure

Whoa I was tired when I woke up this morning, and had a voice like Louis Armstrong - I felt like I had chain smoked forty cigarettes and I don't even smoke! Bring on January 2008 for the smoking ban...

After the required trip to the Marché d'Aligre to stock up on provisions, a friend from England arrived. She's moving to Paris and is staying with me whilst she finds a place of her own. So after catching up we had a lovely afternoon of wandering around the city.

Walking down by the Seine is lovely, and stopping off for coffees is the best way to spend a Sunday in the city. And there was a visit to Shakespeare & Co., submerging into the world of books.

We passed the Musée d'Orsay (photo) on the way to look at an apartment which was dodgy to say the least! More searching required... (So if anyone wants a new coloc, let me know!)

Then there was time to cook, share a bottle of wine and talk talk talk. It'll be nice to have another friend here :)
~ Phil Moore Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 12 years ago
Monday. January 22, 2007

Slightly random photo as I forgot my camera this evening :-/

After work, my new house-guest (who's just found herself a place, already!) and I went around to Owen & Sophie's for a meal and Owen gave me a belated birthday present (a Moroccan teapot, photo), which is always a nice surprise.

Lots of chatting, music and the like. That's how evenings with friends should be.
Italian Papillon 12 years ago
such a beautiful teapot!!!! Lucky you!!!! ( now you'll be able to go up and down with your arms as in a dance whilst serving mint tea for your guests.....and need to be really careful not to spill any boiling tea on their lap.....hheehehee!) ;-)
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Hehehe, yeah, it's ace!
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Tuesday. January 23, 2007
Evening Exploits

After finishing work and missing a train (look on the brightside, Phil, you got to read lots more) I got home and went straight out for a run. Boy, was it cold! But I felt that I needed to get the ol' heart-rate up, it's been lethargic for far too long now...

Then, getting home, I started making pumpkin soup, completely forgetting that I'd arranged to meet a couple of artist types I know, for whom I'm building a website. So the evening was spent dashing between the kitchen, stirring soup, and capturing the last aspects of the spec.

Once that was out of the way, it was time to kick back with a beer and congratulate Steph on her first day of work in France!

sunshinecity 12 years ago
the pictures of your fingers while rock climbing is just stunning! Such great sharpness and detail!!

Love the clock too!

keep it up!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Thanks, glad you like! Although they've been super boring the last couple of days...
~ Phil Moore Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 12 years ago
Wednesday. January 24, 2007
Love Music

I really need to stop forgetting my camera when I do fun things.

Work work work, yadda yadda yadda, heard it all before. Luckily, there was the Ninja Tunes night at Batofar to break the tedium!

I had seen DJ Kentaro before, when I was at university in Sheffield, and he is good. Damn good. So much so he was the World DMC Champion a wee while ago.

He laid down an awesome set: all the tech stuff to begin with; alas followed by a bit of semi-boring house-y stuff; but finishing on a drum&bass high.

I danced. Lots.

I sweated. Lots.

I walked home at four in the morning wishing I didn't have to get up in three hours for work. Lots.

But it was worth it. Music may be my first love, but dancing comes a close second.

The photo is the stamp they put on your wrist when you get in to Batofar. It doesn't wash off to well...
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Thursday. January 25, 2007

Whoa today was hard; functioning on three hours of sleep is Le Poop.

After work I had to dash to the local Mairie (12eme) to get an Attestation d'Accueil for a Russian friend who is visiting next weekend. Or at least, I hope she's visiting. The French bureaucracy doesn't seem so keen on the idea.

Naïvely thinking that my passport plus proof of address (via bank statements) would be enough to get one, I was told that I would need to return with contracts, pay-slips, electricity bills, etc etc. I was tempted to suggest I throw in some dragon blood or something, too.

Making things even more complicated is the fact that I don't have any of these things in my name. I live in an apartment for which the contract, and bills, are in the name of my colocatrice's father, so it must be him who goes to the Mairie... Wonder how keen he is on that?

After I dejectedly walked home, via a Lebanese patisserie, it was time for a brief spot of cooking, then to sit and read, listen to some music and get a jolly well deserved early night. Kentaro still ringing in my ears...
Glow* 12 years ago
I tried climbing once or twice and even if I'm not good at it, I really enjoy it!How long did it take you to go to Fontainebleau?
You seem to do lots of sport...as I should do...
I like reading your diary, I like the mood of it. Thanks for sharing :)
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Ha! I don't profess to be any good at climbing - but I do really enjoy it :)

Fontainebleau isn't that hard to get to - I think it was about 50 minutes from Gare de Lyon on a trundling Transilien. The nearest spots to go bouldering are about 2km from the station at Fontainebleau Avon - a place called Mont Ussy. And the whole forest is really nice for just wandering around. If you want to borrow them, I've a couple of maps of the area with the stuff on.
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Friday. January 26, 2007
Flabbergasted Fanny

We had a grand fête chez nous - lots and lots of people milling about - it was cool.

What wasn't cool that some bastard half-inched my iPod. I can't believe people would go to a house-party and steal things. It sucks.

The night got rather messy, and somehow, after the invasion of my bedroom, my white duvet had not only red-wine on it, but blood. Who was bleeding?! Of course, the drinks were also spilled on my books, CDs, speakers etc... Cleaning up wasn't fun.
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Saturday. January 27, 2007

So after the party, and a monster clean-up, I needed some fresh air and a walk, so I wandered up to Panthéon to have a look around. I'd never been inside before, and it was free to get in thanks to the hommage to the people who hid and protected the Jews during the Second World War.

Following that I wandered over to the Jeu de Paume at Concorde to see the exhibition L'Événement with Steph, which was really interesting. Not only some good photographs (I generally preferred the ones which surrounded the events of 9/11) but really interesting insight into the couplet of the media and photography. Worth checking out for all you Parisiens.

We went for a quick meal, and then I was determined to catch-up on some sleep with an early night.

That didn't happen.

I soon found myself at Louise's birthday party, dancing away, finally getting home around 4:30am.

At least I managed to stay awake on the Noctilien this time...
~ Phil Moore Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 12 years ago
Sunday. January 28, 2007

After not-enough-sleep, the afternoon was spent catching up on correspondence in a really nice little café I found near Parmentier - small little place with a friendly guy serving coffees, a good table at which to sit, and really cool, chilled out jazz and the like playing.
Letters beat e-mail hands down, every time.

After that I dashed to meet a friend to watch Little Children - a rather traumatic film which is emotionally draining, but really good! You can't help but laugh at stupid Americans at times - the horribly bourgeoisie middle-class women gossiping...

The evening was spent making soup and mix-tapes, drinking mint tea and phoning friends in other countries. Splendid.
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
*sweet coffee* 12 years ago
Your last photo really represents the "parisian mood". Nice!

* sweet coffee * candy for the eye
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Thanks! It covers all manner of sins...

It was really nice sat in that café with some good music playing, surrounded by lots of people writing away on various things - the majority of them students I think.
This is what I came to Paris for.
James KEZMAN Photo PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by James KEZMAN Photo (member) 12 years ago
Keep up with the B&W -- I especially like the photo from the 26th! The grain works! Agreed -- letters rock! I have tried several times to restart letter writing in my circle of friends to no avail -- no one has the time anymore...c'est dommage!
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Monday. January 29, 2007
Music Between Friends

The commute sans-musique sucked, big-time. "Why I oughta..." - I want to find the pikey that was at our party and obviously has no conscience.

But that aside, after work I went to watch Cashback with a couple of friends. Man, that was a clichéd movie. There were some nice scenes in it, but on the whole, it was just so predictable and they completely over-did all the niceties that were cultivated. Oh well.

After the film (which did get me thinking about a thing or two) I got home, put on some music (looks like my taste yesterday evening was a little lugubrious) and shared some thoughts with a glass or two of whisky...
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Thanks for the encouragement!
Heee, the grain in the shot from the party was just a product of setting the 'ISO' as high as it would go on my crappy little digital point-and-shoot... I've got a couple of rolls of noir-et-blanc waiting to be developed, but alas, I can't afford it right now - film developing in Paris is so expensive! Oh, the days when I could use a darkroom...

Regarding your friends - just keep writing! Guilt-trip them into replying by volume ^_^ I'm not expecting a reply from the letter that was written on Sunday - my friend is just about to go off travelling for six months. Although I would be über excited for post from far-off lands!
Glow* 12 years ago
I like reading your diary because it makes me take my dictionnary, so many expressions I don't know in english !!
Well, for the movies, looks like we have opposites tastes (I liked Cashback and I was disappointed by Little Children) but it's even more interesting to read!
I didn't undertand the ipod story, did he steal it or what ?

~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
I'm not sure my ramblings are a good place to be learning English! I think I've slipped into a lot of colloquialisms recently.

For the record, "half-inched" is Cockney-rhyming slang for "pinched", i.e. stolen. And "pikey" comes from the film Snatch and is used there to relate to gypsies, but has now become more widely-used in England as slang to mean "thief". As an aside, "pikied" can be used as a passé composé form of 'to steal'.
And yes, my iPod was stolen by someone from my bedroom when we had a party on Friday night. I was not amused. Grrrr.

I did like Cashback, it's just that I thought they pushed some things too far. There were some really funny moments in it, which by the looks of the sous-titres, were definitely lost in translation!
Glow* Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Glow* (member) 12 years ago
Yep, it was fun to hear those accents and for the sous-titres, they're never as good as the original !
Thanks for the explanation :))

Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
~ Phil Moore Posted 12 years ago. Edited by ~ Phil Moore (member) 12 years ago
How rude! (Maybe a 2 right now, I'm pretty tired and at work.) ^_~
Glow* 12 years ago
ok, so when tired and at work you're at 2 so what must it be when you're free and nothing special to do?!!! ;D
And yeah, LBT, that was grose! :D
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Eeeep, you've made me blush...
Italian Papillon 12 years ago
that's no good boy...only two.....we need to do something to take that figure up....maybe thursday?!?!? heeeheee ;-)
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Glow* 12 years ago
He blushed !
Well if you need to, buy "Le point d'orgue", from Nicholson Baker, that might do! ;)
Italian Papillon Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Italian Papillon (member) 12 years ago
@ Fil: I like that face!!! :-)
mscjwharton 12 years ago
I am so sad that you threw a nice party and some jerk had to pay you back that way. What a loser he is.
Colleen Continues Creating
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
I need to work on my French a bit before then, methinks. I'm currently just about getting to grips with Je vais bien, ne t'en fais pas... I'll check it out as my next roman!

Japanese style 'smileys' are much more fun! ^_^

For real. It must be at least someone who is a friend-of-a-friend sort of thing. It sucks. Thanks for the words though!
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Tuesday. January 30, 2007
Hit the Streets

After the weekend of partying, I was starting to feel pretty grotty from not having really done anything; so following work, it was time to whip out the skateboard. (Much more fun than running, which is my usual escape!)

Unfortunately, arriving at the wee skatepark at Bercy, I realised that Tuesday night is the night where Mr. Rollerblader gives lessons to a bunch of people having mid-life crises! So after a wee session on the mini-ramp, I just hit the streets for a while.

Blasting around, all I could think about was snowboarding. Skating is fun, but I feel another trip to the mountains will have to come, and soon! (Quite where l'argent will come from, I don't know, but still. Pipe dreams and all that...)


Today my wrist hurts from where I took a wee fall.

C'est la vie.

Do stuff. It's fun.
Glow* 12 years ago
About the book I told you, you might be able to find the english original version ;)
I never really tried skateboard...but I sure enjoy shooting photos of people who do acrobatics on them ! :-)
~ Phil Moore 12 years ago
Ahhh, I dunno, the French one would be a good, ummm, education - improve my vocabulary in some interesting ways o_O

I remember seeing a couple of skating shots on your stream before - alas, my 'acrobatics' aren't so great, hence the pranged wrist today!
Italian Papillon 12 years ago
heehheee.....I am the 100th comment on here.......feels good.... !!!
hope your wrist is not damaged though......be careful boy! :-)
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