glucozze 7:59pm, 18 December 2006
Francisco.©. Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Francisco.©. (member) 11 years ago
LOL "roooh" les barbares !! :D :D , je ne sais pas c'est quoi le plus agassant, se prendre 3 litres d'urine sur la tête ou un sceau d'un kilo qui tombe du 6 eme étage :D

Donc l'année a plutôt bien commencé ??
Qu'elle continue ainsi ;)

alert chicken [deleted] 11 years ago
what a great way to see the new year in! happy new year!
Italian Papillon Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Italian Papillon (member) 11 years ago
I know the feeling...I could "kill" ( a way of saying hey!) for a cigarette!!! :-)
glucozze 11 years ago vive les dossiers à facture...j'entrave rien aux papiers qu'il faut lire, remplir, écrire, envoyer....finalement la paperasserie de ma mère v'a m'aider :) ses conseils aussi ^^
glucozze 11 years ago
Hum.... j'ai une question: vous trouvez que mes photos BW sont trop sombres ? sur mon ordi j'utilise un LCD où c'est lisible...mais là sur l'écran classique de ma vois quasiment rien: comme s'il n'y avait pas de nuances de gris sombres/noirs.... histoire de savoir si je dois (si je les récupère) retoucher les photos que je comptais imprimer...

Merci d'avance.
Glow* Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Glow* (member) 11 years ago
Bah tes noirs sont un peu trop sombres...euh mon ecran est plat et calibré.Mais après, moi j 'aime bien les photos ombres, c'est aussi une histoire de goûts!

Maïa's world, at least what she's ok to share with the rest of the world!;)
glucozze 11 years ago
oki merci, si ton écran est calibré (le mien non)...c'est que ça vient bien de moi...bon bon va falloir trouver un équilibre ... et prier le Dieu des assurances ^^ enfin 1000 photos aux chiottes d'un tous mes logiciels et key gen à la poubelle....bon cette fois ci c'est décidé je vais créer plusieurs DVD backup...c'est la deuxième fois...j'ai trop mal assuré sur ce coup là.
leroyer 11 years ago
Celles ici ne sont pas trop sombres sur le mien d'écran, qui est calibré avec la même sonde de Maïa, et sur lequel les photos de Maïa m'apparaissent toujours très sombres... go figure.
Stox - Ideas Playground Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Stox - Ideas Playground (member) 11 years ago
le mien est calibré aussi... je confirme , les photos sont sombres

(ecran a tube comme a l'ancien temps , bref une valeur sur !)
mscjwharton 11 years ago
On my flat screen the photos read well but then I saw my photos on Philippe's screen and they looked really dark. ????
Use surge protectors for all your electronics. Much cheaper than losing all your photos etc. Even though someone told me that it is never a problem with the electricity here, the first thing I did was get a surge protector.
glucozze 11 years ago
thank all,
i've got a (don't know the name) thing wich stop the hypertension....but this thing is brake too...

my neighbor have his connexion to the electricity network destroyed.....the workers works all the day yesterday, and probably today too...
Italian Papillon Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Italian Papillon (member) 11 years ago
on my laptop I can see everything in your bw photos..... however it is not calibrated...or better, maybe it is calibrated papillon style, so I don't think it is of much least I tried to help!!! ;-)
glucozze Posted 11 years ago. Edited by glucozze (member) 11 years ago
thank ^^
my sister is yelling for having is computer :D so i've got to be quick :)

and i can't read the others diary....frustating !
mscjwharton 11 years ago
petit merdeux = little shit
PutYourFlareOn PRO 11 years ago
He doesn't look like a little shit but I know cats are very good at hiding when they have to.

Moveable Feast is one of my favorite books! Have you read Hemmingway: The Paris Years? It's pretty good, too.

Sorry to hear about your computer! I'm afraid of that happening in this old apt we live in. I think I will go out and get a better surge protector than what we've got today. I don't want my mac to burn!! Hope you get your computer troubles taken care of soon!

Aimee, PutYourFlareOn's 2007 Daily Photo Diary
glucozze 11 years ago
thank for the traduction ^^

no i don't read this book. I will have to !
i found another book: Ernest Hemingway: A life story by carlos baker...a huge book about all the life of EH...I found it on the englsih bookshop near Odeon (at the beginning of Rue Monsieur le Prince...a really good bookshop with in front of the shop the box with books at 2€.

in fact the shity cat is another one ^^ an old femal who comed in our house one year ago by a window...and never go back.
one week ago this cat, we don't know why, go on the tablle and before we can move let a big shit on our Tv magazine....and she go out ..AFTER :)
James KEZMAN Photo PRO 11 years ago
G. G. Marquez!!! Don't forget Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea"
sunshinecity 11 years ago
interesting pics

~ sunshinecity - a picture, a story
glucozze 11 years ago
and yes i will have to reread the Old Man and the Sea...lot of time from my last reading...
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
leroyer 11 years ago
Great HDR pic, dude !!
Get more brae next time, face danger, and bring us more !!

[philippe leroyer - the milky bald guru on a day by day basis : too much pleasure for all !]
glucozze 11 years ago
but arg :) what is a brae ? is it like beer ^^

more beer: yes ! there is always need of more beer (and after work...more is not enought...)

more bracketting ? (i want but with the door on the first plan wich move with the wind it's impossible :(

o ^^ more brave !
i'm little tired, can't do my afternoon sleep today.

yes i will have to, probbly i will rego next time with only one lens and going straight in like it's normal and my job...maybe this trick can work.
mscjwharton 11 years ago
Go quickly before it is gone. This is a cool looking place.
cautious range [deleted] 11 years ago
Yes, I'm in awe with those old buildings too.
And later you'll regret not to have been in there or taken more shots (trust me :S)

NicoleB - Share the weirdness with me
glucozze 11 years ago
thank you, i hope they don't move too quickly...
Android9 PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Android9 (member) 11 years ago
Both yesterday's (for you :-)) and today's shot are stunning. Love the black and white HDR.

My Photo Diary
glucozze 11 years ago
thanks :)
i'm just coming from your flickr-diary...the colors are do it with S-curb...i don't understand this term it:
- you move the white point to 245 for R&G&B et no 255
- you move the black point for R&G&B to 0
- you search the grey point (130) and make it 118 ?

or is it another technic ?
i'm really interested bcz a lot of people talk about it
Francisco.©. Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Francisco.©. (member) 11 years ago
j'espère que tu récupèreras vite !!!

Pour ce qui est du 40 Go, c'est un appareil que permet le stockage c'est bien ça ? tu mets ta carte et ça les passe directement ? ...

si c'est cela , c'est une belle acquisition ! tu peux même partir faire le tour du monde sans ordi ? c'est cool ! ;)
Italian Papillon 11 years ago
pour aller a a photo de Pantin et les Moulins du neuf..ohhhh nooooo...c'est si dommage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ils auraient pu les restaurer quand meme!!! j'espere tu va aller mieux demain! :-)
glucozze 11 years ago
merci :) clairement une histoire de gros sous à mon avis...enfin comme d'hab y a des lois mais elles sont pas respectées...j'en reviens pas que ces batiments n'est pas été classé croyais qu'il y avait un truc de protection du patrimoine industriel français....j'ai du me tromper.
BellaGaia PRO 11 years ago
OK, tough for me to really be a part of this conversation because I don't speak french, but your images speak universally. tried to link to the shot of your desk and add a note, but i guess i need to be your friend. i like your work and am looking forward to seeing what you've got coming up next. The HDR shot intrigues me because I'm interested in trying it out myself -- haven't yet, but on my list of things to do....
glucozze 11 years ago
i don't know for the's true that i can only note on contact...i fact i just put one note on flickr...and it's on a friend.

sorry for the french :) i forgot to use was talking about the external HD.

the HDR was one of the thing i love the most...since i use it i've got problem for taking simple BW shoot....
* for shooting people no problem (hdr rarely work and it's not important...luckily we don't need big contrast on the face :)

* but fr shooting things....the HDR is really a great thing. I've bought a big heavy breaks when I move my ridge/belly but i'm happy with it :)
no problem of exposure: i shoot at all the exposure and the softfare done the HDR and after i can move the luminostiy/contrast ... all :)
before i hate having to shoot in the shadows for having a good sky...bcz too much noise after.
no there is no problem of this kind...
glucozze 11 years ago
@ BellaGaia: woa ! you travel a lot :)
the maps are really red :)
glucozze 11 years ago
J'ai trouvé sur le net la réponse pour le chargement du Jobo:

- transfert à 2.5 Mo/s (ce qui me gène c'est que ça c la version française, dans toutes les autres langues c écrit 2.5 Mb)...

enfin m'en fout car c écrit de toute façon 6 min pour 1 Go ce qui correspond.

et possibilité avec une batterie pleine de charger entre 10 et 16 Go (selon qu'on fait direct avec des cartes 1Go/512 Mo/2Go j'imagine)

bon c parfait :) désormais je vais calculer aprés l'achat du flash combien de mois de salaire je dois mettre de côté pour partir en Afrique si j'y vais cette année sans l'aide d'une assos.
Glow* 11 years ago
Et tu fais quoi comme taf pour pouvoir mettre des mois de salaire de côté si c'est pas trop indiscret?

Maïa's world, at least what she's ok to share with the rest of the world!;)
PutYourFlareOn PRO 11 years ago
Super, ton HDR!!

If you haven't read The Old Man and the Sea by Hemmingway. Read it. You'll enjoy it, I"m sure.

I'm distrubed that you have a machete in your apt? How did you get that?

I like that you post photos of cats. Says something sweet about you...

Aimee, PutYourFlareOn's 2007 Daily Photo Diary
glucozze 11 years ago
Je suis étudiant en mé comme je vis chez mes parents j'ai aucun frais on va dire donc je met un petit salaire (250€ de coté chaque mois)...avant tout partait en bars & soirées qd je sortais presque 2-3 nuit par semaine....mais bon je me suis bien calmé donc je suis plus tranquille au niveau puis bon j'ai jamais été un stressé de ce côté là...donc tant que je suis pas interdit banquaire ça va...ce fut limite parfois :)

It's an touareg blade, really funny bcz not balanced at all, all the wieght is on the front (really heavy), it's done for breaking bones and not cut.

Thank, the 3 cats (the older will probably jump in the screen in a next day) used my room for sleeping all the day....and fighting all the night, i love and hate them :)
Android9 PRO 11 years ago
This is a beautifully captured shot. The lighting and angle of exposure, is just wonderful. I really like.

glucozze 11 years ago
Merci :)
me too ^^ i was affraid to lose it bcz 1/8s...but i take the camera strongly...hoppefully i miss a lot of others shot but not this one.
Francisco.©. 11 years ago
Waouuu !! very good shot
j'aime drolement !!
glucozze 11 years ago
Merci :)
bon un petit wasabi et tout redémarre :D
glucozze 11 years ago
No photo today bcz i'm in faculty exams (en français Partiels :)

This day:
Geriatrie (old people treatement)
Thérapeuthique (use of drugs)
Urgence/Réanimation (emergencies and reanimation)
Pédiatrie (child treatement)

Health of mother and her child (santé de la mère et son enfant)
Biochimy/Bacteriology/Immunology exams
Bon courage!!
Francisco.©. 11 years ago
Good luck Glucozze !!
James KEZMAN Photo PRO 11 years ago
glucozze 11 years ago
Merci à vous trois :)
j'ai été vraiment mouleux aujourd'hui sur le plus je sens que demain ce sont les matières optionelles qui vont me pourir :)

la fac a décidé de rajouter ces programmes (on est une des rares à avoir ça)...ce qui est stupide dans le sens où puisque les gens préparent l'internat tout le monde se focalise uniquement sur les matières offficielles (sans préjuger de leur qualité & interet)...
donc encore moins de personne en cours, 95% des étudiants lisent ces cours la veille au soir/le matin/ou jamais...

ce qui change c'est que cette année tout le monde a peur de ne pouvoir passer l'internat s'il rate ça...donc tjrs pas de travail/interet pour ces options mais gros stress de tout le monde...

l'année dernière je les avais boycotté me disant à juste titre qu'il ne pourrait faire redoubler qq'un pour ça...cette année ba c la merde :D personne ne veut prendre le risque (normal)
glucozze 11 years ago
Hum....bon j'ai encore une fois dit de la merde avant de voir ^^
finalement les cas cliniques étaient trés interessants.

la photo arrivera demain matin: soirée chez un pote pour se souler la gueule donc photo du jour ce soir :D
glucozze Posted 11 years ago. Edited by glucozze (member) 11 years ago
Just seen that all my contest photo are now missing... i will really have to go to the bank today :D
why dont u join us for cinema?? we also watched Truands tonight, but I disagree...not much fun, free violence.. . it was for me -in french- "fade".
sunshinecity 11 years ago
wow, haven't been here in ages! love the pics... especially the B&W ones!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
Loca.... 11 years ago
Your last photo is amazing.

satrina* 11 years ago
Yes, this portrait is really amazing

Satrina: av meg
glucozze 11 years ago
thank :)
i hope i can take a session shoot on the thomas house with her (dans les couloirs d'un viel hotel)

for the cinema, I was sleeping in a friend house without internet so i don't know you go seen it...
i don't be shocked by free violence: at the hospital i've seen bandit with baseball bat in the rectum, i don't seen personnally but the srew in the legs and elbow is a known technic...the only thing we make me laught is the scene where they shoot on the parking under the Champs elysée...if they don't have protection they will be deaf...I fired one time, when i was more young, under a bridge, the sound was terrific (a little defence-gun, not a big machine gun like rambon one)...
leroyer 11 years ago
I loved the movie actually... and yes, I thought the same about the getting deaf thing.

[philippe leroyer - the milky bald guru on a day by day basis : too much pleasure for all !]
glucozze 11 years ago
Samedi 20 janvier 2007 - no photo

yesterday i do really nothing: don't go out but for buying cigarets and diet coke... so no photo at all.

in one hour i go for taking shots at the Pro-Life contest in Paris...there will be normally an interesting counter-contest with anarchist...but the problem is: the anarchist don't give on the web their zone and hour of conter strike :D
glucozze Posted 11 years ago. Edited by glucozze (member) 11 years ago
Lundi 22 janvier 2007 - buying books

Lundi 22 janvier 2007 - buying second hand books

Today after going from work, i stop to a bookseller and buy this 3 books:

-> à l'est d'Eden de Steinbeck, a friend tell me good about this one.

-> a book of Pierre Bordage, some times ago i read all his book but this one

-> the third is about jail...take him bcz i've got a free book if i buy two...i hope it will be nice :D

ps: i'm participating to the JPEG mag concours for street shots,
if you can vote to this link thank you :D

there is 2 days still runing ^^
Яick Harris PRO 11 years ago
East of Eden is an amazing book. Everything John Steinbeck wrote was great. I hope the translation is good.
glucozze 11 years ago
yes the beginning is great !
really strange when i read it i've a sens of déjà vu...maybe i've read it some times ago (probably the girlfriend i talk before that borrow it to me....times ago we borrows a lot of books and comics each other).
glucozze 11 years ago
Mardi ...putain on est que mardi...croyait qu'on était mercredi...c'est la merde encore plein de jours avant le week-end...
23 janvier 2007 - Destroying the old drug addict help house

Destruction of an ancient drug addict help house n°2

Just in face of my house there was this old pavillon, the city use it for discuss/groups/therapy for helping drugs addict to stop and don't reuse drugs.

ps: i use 6 shots in one....when i use only 2 i know how to do...but for 6 does somebody know how to put the same light on all the sky (ps: they were taken with different fstop...) ? because i don't know how to use the gradient tool when there is 6 things in all the direction...

Thanks in advance :D

They destroy it from yesterday, they will at place wider the road for cleaning the traffic jam in this zone.

All the neighbor will miss the peach tree wich was near the fence....where allbody take the peach when walk near...

The other thing funny: the city sprend a lot for doing this...But just at the corner of the street, the firewalk (or fireroad...the thing wich go to red to green for allowing the cars to move or not) is very very ofen break...and the city light frequently....we don't have dead yet...but it's just a question of time: we have a lot of little accident, and go with fight between the passagers of car who are jumping in each others..

REPS: seeing this shot with Rage again the Machine: Killing the Name in the ears is very funny :D
great news: i just learn that the group RATM IS REBORN !!!!!!

Hope they will come to france !!!!
glucozze 11 years ago
Mercredi 24 janvier 2007 - near Rivoli street and Louvre

Today was like an metamphetamine, i done a lot of things in a speediest way:

-> at the stage:
* staff the morning with all the doctors, presentation of some clinic case really strange: 2 diagnocisis of tumor maling by lucky exam without searching them bcz of no symptom....

* the Professor do his visit to the patient one day in advance...she's a very speed and authoritian person, but nice for me bcz if i work with a quiet person i will go to sleep really rapidly...

-> eat: don't have the time drink coca and eat cake (in distributor the cake is really....a piece of shit)

-> go to Beaubourg for the big public library, i was searching a book about photojournalism: Truth needs no ally of Howard Chapnick, don't find it, they don't have it in fact....

-> take some shoot from the cigaret zone but it was a little height so the angle of view is not good for the most....

-> go to the Louvre for buying an annual pass (15€ for young...without it's 8€ for one day !!!)....take one shoot, go near the window and see a contest in front of Le Conseil d'Etat (the council of spins who choice if a law is good or not for the constitution)....go quickly to this place but in 5minute the contest had disapear...really strange !!!
i think it's an illegal-alien contest but don't know....strangely it was not announced on or Inymedia Paris...nor in googling yesterday.

-> so go in the street for taking photo, finish in the place where there is column...try an HDR of 3 expo handheld, not so bad result....
and see a film making...but they were eating and preparing...and too cold for waiting....if i was patient i will probably take nice shot of the technicians during the film-shoot...

Go house, eat a lot of things....see documentary video on dailymotion, see others things i love (like the concours of stupid things said by segolene royal)...

and now i post here before going to play at Enemy territory.

I can only put one shot.....bad bcz there was 2 i want to put...

i will put this one, i don't what it will done on other screen, in mine it's really great (i think :D
what i love in is the fact that the same RAW file with some BW treatement (Kodak HIE or Caliotype can done really different thing)

Young daemon in the Louvre museum

but i like my hdr too, the BW version and the color i will only put the link : BW color

Nice evenig/day for all of you !!!
glucozze 11 years ago
ps: forget to say for the will probably snow in this week on Paris !!!
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Ooh I like!
so sinister looking!
ebilflindas: Everyday Dad
glucozze Posted 11 years ago. Edited by glucozze (member) 11 years ago
thank :)

Jeudi 25 décembre 2007 - Regoing to the Louvre

Reverse the Pyramid

Today i rego to the Louvre (morning: nothing but i laught when my intern - young doctor - said in the staff room full: "If i was a girl i would be a big bitch" :D what is funny: this man is a young african really quiet and nobody expect he would say that !

To the Louvre: take photo of the small pyramid under the big, a lot of time near the reserve in the Denon wing, and go to the staircase with the Victory of ...

I can take a more of photo (only 100 RAW)...but i was in hypoglycemia and need to go out for eat....take a really BAD greek sandwich, go to the Medical Library near Odeon for searchinf friends for going to drink a beer, found nobody so go to house for sleeping.

Just wake one hour ago, eat and burn my i have some bulles in the top of the mouth...really hurting :D and probably no taste for some days (i could take more greeks so ;)
glucozze 11 years ago
Vendredi 26 janvier 2007 - I done nothing today !

One view of my room and my curtains

this morning i don't go to my stage, prefer sleeping to twelve....after i don't want to go outside for taking shot, i've prepare to go at a car garbage behind my house, going to an old still using railroad, and in an old factory near my house too befire destruction....But i don't want today....The only thing i want is to drink Diet coke, but i'm too sleepy for going outdoor....

Strange i don't smoke anything yestrerday night, nor drink...
but there is day like this where i'm happy to be student bcz if i was worker now....i couldn't say: today i don't go out !
glucozze Posted 11 years ago. Edited by glucozze (member) 11 years ago
finally i done something today :)

my bookmark page is a hugly monster i can't control....this evening i seen on one of my folder of web internet the folder name Nosferatu 2007 (hum project for taking photo with the same mood like all this old - most german - expressionist films...) and i refound this great link !!!

when you're here go to the left and you will see a lot of film viewable in streaming !!!

like i know there is cinema passionate people here, i share yhis link too.

Happy night for all !
glucozze 11 years ago
Samedi 27 janvier 2007

Samedi 27 janvier 2007 - Learning how to use B&W film

Today i report one day more going to the old railroad station behind my house...i go to google erath and see that the car wrecking area is now clean....That bad bcz i want to take shoot in this kind of zone, but i don't know how to do this....calling an owner for asking permission ?

So I go to the medical university library for studing emergency cases...and after go to the public library of Beaubourg for copying this book.... The B&W: from shooting to post processing - in argentic obviously Someone tell me this book is great...I read a little it seems !

So i photography all the page in JPEG, and with my comic-reader i will redone it in e-book.

I've decided to buy a medium-format camera for shooting portrait in B&W...with ebay the price seems really low...So i ask all the personn i know for advices :D

this book come first
others too

brand and model of camera too...Too BAD i dont have the money today bcz i've seen a GREAT ebay item...But now i'm serious so i don't spend money i don't have (lack 50€ too bad....i hope i will reseen action like this in one month or before :D
glucozze Posted 11 years ago. Edited by glucozze (member) 11 years ago
O !!!


yesterday i give you the link to a blog cinema, and the link to the Golem (great film, the scene at 13 minut when the servant open the door is beautiful)....

BUT i've got something that break all !!! a thing better that the The Giant Moussaka's Attack, or the Giant Tomatoes....something better than all the Ed Wood production....

it's totally shit (i think you've understand now....) but it's so much shit that it beome a classic, more it become one of the rare film wich made me laught to pee:

Dünyayi kurtaran adam (The Man who saved the World) = TURKISH STAR WAR...

they don't have money ? forget they stole star war film, but done it like a tribe monkey under secret mushrooms

they don't have bruce lee ? forget, they have the Turkish close combat (after seeing this combat you will think that Bioman is the Kung Fu film)

bref.... I will quote to sentence they said during the first 5 minutes...after that I know you will want to see this film :D

1) they talk about the shield force wich protect the earth against the big enemy (a false dark vador): "A coating which was formed by compressed human brain molecules was protecting the Earth" !!!!

2) talking about the heroes: "Strongest and greastest two Turkish warriors and other humans sailed into space and declared war to unknown enemy"
ps: from a lot of time i've heard that always using american for heroes is stupid....OK but when you use other alternative like Turkish intergalactic turns a film to the biggest joke i've ever seen !!!

LINK to the jewel:

reps: all the films here are totally legal (no rights now on this films)
glucozze Posted 11 years ago. Edited by glucozze (member) 11 years ago
Dimanche 28 janvier 2007 - using new technics and watching films i can sleep.  n°7

Three things today:

-> i wake up with the need to learn to use HDR for portrait....difficult for ture HDR bcz you have to take 3 exposure without any moving (your camera or the subject)...after yelling at my sister i use myself like a subject....and during this test become crazy and yell after myself.

-> watch films, on the link given above:
- death of a president (the false documentary about the death of Bush Jr)
- M le maudit (of Fritz Lang...Don't know the english name)...I love the speeching of the end, where the criminals become judges against the pedophile murderer...I love this story and the moral of this film (hum for the moral i will prefer it if the film stop 2 minutes before the end...)
- and i will go seeing another film just after i finish to write this...maybe a Hitchkock or a Kurosawa (if it writes like this :D

-> searching on ebay a Yashica 124....will have to wait more :D
i've seen too a Miamiya 645 at real good price (low price and in dollars...but maybe it's too complicated for beginning.)
glucozze 11 years ago
Lundi 29 janvier - Purchasing a new camera: medium 6x6 film

Lundi 29 janvier 2007 - Yashica Mat-EM

Today done a lot of things !

no it's false :D

I'm steel reading Est of Eden from Steinbeck, really great...finally i've read it before, but forget when...bad memory :(

I go to ebay for checking....seen a Yashica with nice bif at 5minutes of the end....was stupid put my bid at 1m30 to the end...another man do it...But i beat it with 3-4 € :D
[that's funny, ebay at the end of the bids give me more stress and adrenaline than my poker bluff big stake party, some sex or others things...really strange: i've learned there is ebay addict - a father of one of my sister's friend who each night was checking and biding on ebay]

So i've got - probably 2 at 3 weeks before having it - a Yashica-Mat-EM 120 film.
On the photo it seems to be in great cosmetic wear, the glass too...nice.

I know where i go with it immediatly after i've it:
-> to the Petite Ceinture, the old railroad wich made the turn of Paris...don't want to go here with a digital expensive camera but with this one it's more simple.

-> go in the street for asking portrait of people.

What else ??
today: music on, lot of classical (yesterday it was more house club and before old US hip hop):
Les pecheuses de perles de Bizet (think it's the name)
Le Kyrie du Requiem de Mozart (said Intro will be a shame:)
L'agnus Dei du Requiem de Fauré
L'adagio pour cordes de Barber
La suite orchestrale n°3 de Bach
La Passion selon saint Mathieu de Bach

one with a strange name:
Pachebel's Canon for three violins & Cello of bach
Moonlight sonata of beethoven

and La jeune fille et la mort de Schubert.

I love all the system with play list: you can put some musik and after go doing other thing, the mix was done itself.
glucozze 11 years ago
Mercredi 31 janvier 2007 - Going to the Louvre 3thrd


Today i rego to the Louvre museum, i train myself with my 135 SMC manual....i've better result than the later time...
i now think of a picture with the plug-in used before taking it (I've heard after years of shooting, some people can see the photo BW like it will be before shooting...really weird :D )

I used too a lot the new feature i found on my camera: the possibility of increase or decrease the power of the build-in flash by 0.5 fstop.
really useful.

The only problem: at the beginning of the visit i've seen i forget to put energy in my i very rarely use my shake reduction and can't play like i want with the flash...I hate when the battery bar is empty.
glucozze 11 years ago
Jeudi 1 fervier 2007 - going to Louvre and going crazy at work

Statue in the small corridor and staircase n°2

This morning for the second day the professor chief came for visiting the patients and checking us...
Haha me and another boy here, are now her clap-heads...she yelled, treated, ...
now it makes me laught....But i've to be really cold nerve to don't answer...
One month last, i think i will survive :D

This afternoon, regogoing to the Louvre.
glucozze 11 years ago
Vendredi 2 février 2007 - passing oral exams of medical therapeutic

Veiled statue

This morning going to my last exam of the year before the national exam of's an oral revision at all....from some years i have a new philosophy:
-> stupid to reread before exams bcz when you will be doctor you can't go to the WC for reading a medical book when your patient wait in your box....
-> I'm lucky so don't care about difficult subject....exemple: today i've got the simplest thing [rules and jeopardy of blood transfusion] and the hardest [...a special blood cancer]...and the hardest was nicely answered by one of my prof: this question is Shit ! going to another :D

I hope i will be so lucky for the Internat :D but i will no count on it ^^

After ? rego to the Louvre (5th day), take not a lot of pcture bcz for having a nice one, i have to take 7-10....WHY ?
bcz manual focusing at max aperture (1.7 or 3.5) and trying to aim the area between nose and eye is ...impossible without tripod....whit my hand involontary movements i move more than the distance between the nose & eye of the statue :D

That's funny, for my 135, the man i buyed it have said it's a studio lens, not for street portrait (i said yes and don't care what he talk about :), but that's true that without tripod it drives me crazy....

second thing: the bokeh...I don't understand: when i see throught my viewfinder, i see not a lof....when i see in my LCD screen: a lot..
I'm happy bcz i love it, but it's angry me to not have the possibility to see throught my viewfinder for better composition
YoannLeGoff 11 years ago
glucozze, stp, ... mets des couleurs, 1jour par mois.
glucozze 11 years ago
hé l'autre :D
y en avait y a 3 jours ^^ pour l'annonce ebay :D
glucozze Posted 11 years ago. Edited by glucozze (member) 11 years ago
Samedi 3 février 2007 - Anti Death Penalty contest

black & white:
Contest for stopping the death penalty in the world n°1

a color of something like this but with wider angle:

Morning: wake up, eat, go to shave my head, after eat, go to the contest

Contest: meet Julien Muguet here ( ), first experience of shooting star (politician star)...funny: it's like a fake fight, everybody pushing everybody, all fighting for the good place.

What I learn today ? or my 2 cents advices:
- first rule now: for avoiding the blurring (framing is difficult, i hope no have to woory after with bad blurring !) -> take priority vitess (i used ISO AUTO from 200-800 and my stupid camera take a lot of portrait in ISO 200, aperture closed....BUT shutter speed 10 to i want speed to 1/90 everytime !)

- second rule: hard treatement is good: the color was dull bcz to soft: now it's better :D

- just learn a new technique....seems little complex to total mastering it but you don't need fill-in flash now !! using the lighting filter....too late for trying more...but i will experimenting !
ilford hem05
i don't know for you...but i always love to discover a new tip in CS2...really strange: it's like you could done everything with this software...just you don't know yet.

- how to avoid wasting too much time on the post treatement ? easy: first destroy all the dull photo, after group each kind of shots, after begin the treatement with the better will win a lot of time bcz after 2 hours...if there's no sexappeal in the serie which last...they will directly go to the dumb...if you take the other sideway ? you will work on dull for nothing and waste the work on the good.

- and last one: eat a lot of beans before going to a when there is too much other photographers near me, i can fart them away :)

my first entry in this blog
hope it's not too bad.
glucozze 11 years ago
Lundi 5 février 2007 - At Socialist meeting in Paris

B. Delanoe n°3

Segolène Royal, challenging the French presidence, and Bertrand Delanoë, actual mayor of Paris.
glucozze 11 years ago
Mercredi 7 février 2007 - At the Louvre to African/Oceanian Art section

Vanuatu n°1

I'm not at all in Art, maybe bcz of no enought culture....don't like most of painting (but love Gustave Moreau...will probably return to his museum soon), like occidental sculpture only bcz it's nice for doing photo, don't think photo is art, ...
But i love masks...If i've got the money i will probably go in two years (or the next year forgot) to the Ouagadougou CIAO [biggest african art presentation]
glucozze 11 years ago
Jeudi 8 février 2007 - At the civil servants protest in Paris

Arlette Laguiller, at the protest of public workers, the 8th february 2007 n°1

Big protest walk in the streets of Paris, lot of people (80 000), lot of alcoohol, found an old friend...good day.
glucozze 11 years ago
Samedi 10 février 2007 - At the Louvre for creepy shots

Creepy Louvre n°1

with my annual pass for the Louvre i use thematic weeks of shoot, now i'm in a creepy mood.
glucozze 11 years ago
Dimanche 11 février 2007 - At the Creepy Louvre

Creepy Louvre II n°3

same mood...

and flickr@Paris meeting at a café for coffee breakfeast...funny i jump here on a girl i've known in Africa and who is now friend of my best friends
glucozze 11 years ago
Lundi 12 février 2007 - Going to the Louvre, found a protest...

Police action near japanese office n°1

Near station Pyamides... When i go out (miss subway station, i was thinking Pyramides = Louvre Pyramid...) i jump into a big crew of policemen...I ask them if there is a contest here....they said no...- obviously a lie - so i wait a little more away...five minutes after there is yelling, they push people in the subway station...i just take some others shot before two came to me and said: WHY ARE YOU TAKING PHOTO ??? YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO THAT... i try to said them: yes i've got the right...but they don't listen :) finally i show to the one who don't want to be aknowledgable that his face is not able to be seen on my photo...

Finally i go to the subway, ask to the protester what is the mess, they tell me that it's for protesting against japanese government which hunt homeless from some weeks....

In fact i understand the policeman: he was angry because
1) going here for 20 protester is a joke...what is the problem, they were only 20, seems like students/ fact they don't like dangerous

2) if he lived in a bad neigborhood, don't been known like a cop is a normal thing (sad but true).
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Mardi 13 février 2007 - going to the Defence, the business hood of Paris

Graff à la défence n°1

a spoken wall just under the Grande Arche.

ps: the soundtracks of the day are:
-TTC: girlfriend (this music is like the official music of a lot of medicine party weeks or night -> french experimental of the punchy sentence here is: "Whore suck my dick freely i'm your pimp"), frenchs lyrics:
(Teki Latex)
J'aime les chattes.
Quand je rentre dans la boite
J'ai la trique.
Toutes les chattes des putes sont moites,
C'est pratique.
Elles vont frotter toute la nuit.
Pute, je suis ton mac alors suce ma bite gratuit.
Torse nu,
Je donne des claques à ton cul
Et tu cries,
Tu oublies tout quand t'as bu.
Quand tu jouis,
Soudain toute la boite te mate.
Pute c'est normal j'ai mis mon doigt dans ta chatte.
J'aime ton air sévère,
Est-ce que je peux t'offrir un verre ?
Je t'emmène en Mercedes
Jusqu'à mon belvédère.
C'est garanti ma petite,
On va baiser comme des lapins.
Donc engloutis ma bite,
Comme après une grève de la faim.
Elles ont des rêves de catins genre bijoux et draps de soie.
Le lendemain matin je ne leur dis pas bonjour mais “casse-toi”.
Pas de joie pour les salopes, ça c'est ma loi.
Marche droit,
Parle pas,

Mets un doigt dans ton cul sale pute viens d’arriver le mac
On m’appelle Cuizinier, laisse-moi donc te dire aç
Aç aç aç aç aç aç aç aç aç aç aç aç aç aç aç.
Bouge ton gros cul pute, fais-le rebondir
Et prends ça dans ta gorge,
Ça je n'ai pas besoin de le dire (Avale-la)
Suce-moi bien pétasse, prends des initiatives.
Moi je n'hésite pas car direct je te sodomise.
Je suis beau, lèche-moi toute la nuit
Afin que ta chatte ne sèche pas.

(Tido Berman )
Tid’ un marteau-piqueur.
Survoltage, pute en cage.
Elle m'appelle magicien.
Pimpage, vidange.
Twist et string, swing et stress, cuisses et seins,
Plus je la lime sa petite chatte devient mauve
Et elle m'aime, elle gémit.
Vas-y suce ma grande, ton dessert et sers-toi, ma petite bitch.
J'aime les putes, les bimbos.
La cochonne veut sa cartouche, m'engrener dans une partouze
Avec son pote la tarlouze,
Une caillera déterminée.
Copuler avec madame Y sur la photocopieuse,
Je suis défoncé et tout transpirant.
Aspergé, j'ai rempli le réservoir, je lui colle dans les yeux,
Elle est motivée sous pression un récipient.
Adultère et son mari me paie pour que je la surveille,
Obnubilé, je suis tombé amoureux, je lui dévoile l’histoire
En mordant ses fesses...

-TTC: Végétarienne (probably in english: no meat eater, only vegetables girls): in french the lyrics:
J’ai rencontré cette meuf, Hélène
Une végétarienne, à moitié lesbienne
Avec un style de l’espace, on aurait dit qu’elle était Vénusienne
Sa poitrine m’a très vite fait dire qu’elle serait mienne
Alors je lui ai parlé des étoiles et de son karma
Et le soir même je l’ai ken
C’est à ce moment là qu’ont commencé les problèmes
Mais comment expliquer à une nana que son piercing au vagin me gène !
Sans pour autant faire baisser son taux d’œstrogène
Je lui ai dit les anneaux dans la chatte j’en suis pas fana
Et elle m’a fait toute une scène !
Enfin bref, au cinquième jour de notre relation
Elle a voulu me faire partager sa passion
J’lui ai dit NON sans façon
Attention, l’absorption de légumes dans mon estomac
Provoque chez moi une réaction à base de boutons et d’irritions
Sur mes doigts, ma bite et mes fesses ainsi que sur mon bras droit
J’suis un carnivore autrement dit j’ai bien le droit de bouffer ton chat et ton canarie
Elle est partie en emportant ses bouquins de philosophie et ses conneries
Ca m’a fait gol-ri
De toute manière je ne comptais pas me marier avec une fille dont la foune était pleine de dreadlocks avariés
Tout ça pour dire qu’avant de partir elle m’a fait toute une histoire
Elle m’a dit « t’es vraiment dégueulasse, j’veux plus jamais te revoir ! »

T’es vraiment dégueulasse, j’veux plus jamais te revoir
De toute manière avec les meufs c’est toujours la même histoire
T’es vraiment dégueulasse, j’veux plus jamais te revoir
De toute façon au bout du compte c’est toujours nous les bâtards
T’es vraiment dégueulasse, j’veux plus jamais te revoir
De toute manière avec les meufs c’est toujours la même histoire
T’es vraiment dégueulasse, j’veux plus jamais te revoir
De toute façon au bout du compte c’est toujours nous les bâtards

Les meufs psychopathes j’en ai ma claque
C’est comme cette Agathe
Elle ne m’a pas gâté
Je l’ai rencontré dans une soirée à Paname
Elle était bourrée
Sa petite jupe m’a fait chavirer
Je l’ai embarqué sous ma parka
J’me suis sauvé avec elle sous le bras
Puis je l’ai ken chez elle
Je l’ai retourné dans tous les sens
Ca lui a donné le mal de mer, elle s’est mise à bé-gèr de l’alcool en abondance
Dans sa salle de bain
Vénère je lui ai dit « bébé j’te laisse, on se voit demain »
J’ai été choqué quand je l’ai revu, sa tête pleine de fond de teint m’a déçu
De plus elle a tenté de me faire partager son amour pour le reggae expérimental
Elle m’a proposé d’aller voir Sinsemilia en concert
J’ai failli me tirer une balle
Je lui ai dit « dégage toi et tes milliards de conneries ! »
Elle m’a répondu « toi bâtard j’veux plus jamais te revoir, Cuizi »

T’es vraiment dégueulasse, j’veux plus jamais te revoir
De toute manière avec les meufs c’est toujours la même histoire
T’es vraiment dégueulasse, j’veux plus jamais te revoir
De toute façon au bout du compte c’est toujours nous les bâtards
T’es vraiment dégueulasse, j’veux plus jamais te revoir
De toute manière avec les meufs c’est toujours la même histoire
T’es vraiment dégueulasse, j’veux plus jamais te revoir
De toute façon au bout du compte c’est toujours nous les bâtards

And the last but...a genial lyrics about rich young people trying to looks like poor rebels:
TTC: De pauvres riches (somme poor richmen):
jean louis baptiste a arrêté ses études
à 20 ans en terminale il décide de tout plaquer
décision intelligente
il échouerai au bac pour la troisième année consécutive
il cultive la fainéantise
il butine à la paresse collective
et séchait les cours avec ses potes
dans sa piaule il habite tout seul depuis sa majorité
56 m² à proximité du marais
c’est sa zone
en plus d’être égoïste, il boit et fume depuis l’âge de 13 ans
p’t’être qu’il s’tape un gros fixe
mai nan
et avale un p’tit truc qui te scotche les dents
puis s’arrache sur sa trottinette
JLB a rendez-vous avec une pute tchatchée sur internet
le village planétaire
son tarif est excentrique
mais monsieur a quelques briques sur son compte
donc il peut s’la raconter avec ce visage qui à l’air *d'être refait*
passons ce garçon est une kaïra
avec ses darons aucun respect
c’est une espèce néfaste
il a ce style pommé pour essayer d’gommer son côté friqué
mais son attitude n ‘est tout simplement pas naturelle

putin c’est la merde
pourquoi tu dis ça ?
chez moi c’est la misère
ah ouai ta trop raison
ici c’est la galère
reprends du champagne man... t’façon c’week end on s’barre sur la côte...

pu de vacances écolos
saint paul en vélo hollandais tu connais les magasins bio
l’huile d’olive aux herbes de Toscane
une nouvelle pile du livre importé de Boston
sur mesure les costumes dans des restaux chics
en guest infeste avec la fille d’Bill Clinton
un solarium déverse des pluies de paillettes d’or
virant de l’orange au mauve selon l’emplacement d’notre planète par rapport à ses astres
moulures au plafond dans les chambres exposées plein sud très vastes
la grande classe des stores écarte tout facteur destabilisant rien qu’pour son épanouissement personnel
le cocktail de la rue c’était générationnel : le fait d’être ponctuel, toujours fonctionnel
est elle complétement chéper sous acide avale des barres bituric pour redescendre
(dsl si ya d fautes)


elle traîne dans des squats d’artistes
elle teint ses cheveux en rouge pour se donner l’impression qu’elle existe
jamais un sou en poche pour se donner l’impression qu’elle résiste
à la pression dans la société de consommation
alors que sa fortune est placée sur un compte en banque helvétique
elle écoute Louise Attack parce que sur scène ils ont trop la patate
elle aimerait avoir des potes en banlieue mais la réalité la rattrape
elle écoute aussi du rap conscient depuis trop longtemps
parce que le système il est vraiment pas juste et ça ça la rend pas contente
c’est pas de sa faute si ses parents sont avocats
elle a pas eu de chance
elle ne comprend pas
elle aurait bien aimé avoir le choix
en même temps quelques fois ça n’la dérange pas
de conduire la laguna de papa
pour se rendre à son cours de capuera
son petit frère est mc
depuis qu’il boit de la 86
il s’invente une vie
et tout les lundis après le catéchisme
il rêve de téci
il rêve d’avoir des soucis
c’est tellement chic de n’pas avoir de fric
tu saisis ?

refrain * 3

All this thing to say: TTC is one of my favorite hiphop exactly conscient hiphop...but more like a comic hiphop mixed with a lot of Hawaïan Mushrooms and Philosopher Stones mushrooms...

for heard them:

write TTC and you can choose this one.
glucozze 11 years ago
Jeudi 16 fevrier 2007 - Return to the Defence

La Defence II n°1

Bad day for work....near to punch my boss, before being quiet...(that's true that discussionis better :D

After go to the Dapper Museum...the exhibit about Gabon art funeral wasn't to my taste....wooden object were too tought carving, too smooth...and too few for the entry price !!!
[and photo forbiden....bad, i've seen one good mask but it will disapear in my memmory]

After, return to the Defence for taking shots...But no batteries, so only 100 photos (and only 14 saved on my PC after CS2)...and return to home.
glucozze 11 years ago
Samedi 17 févrirer 2007 - Sync my new flash


just going everywhere in Paris for finding sync cord and linkers....i've found an helpful helper in the last shop i've try: Odeon Occasion [probably near the 47 or 45 of the Beaumarchais Avenue, in the others shop: they don't know the system or they're not really sympathic...[oups not, in the firts shop of the pair number of the avenue the seller was in fact sympatic too, he tell me he don't have the stuff and tell me to go seeing in others shop...this one was not bad: D
glucozze 11 years ago
Dimanche 18 février 2007 - Going to the New Chinese Year walk

Profile Portrait n°1
glucozze Posted 11 years ago. Edited by glucozze (member) 11 years ago
Mardi 20 février 2007 - using my new flash and taking photo of my masks

Mossi mask of the horn from Burkina Faso n°1
glucozze 11 years ago
Mercredi 21 février 2007 - Going on the streets

Bear near Beaubourg n°1

tomorrow i will go to the medical student protest, maybe i will found other city friends, i will go with a poto and we will take photo, flirt, and drink :D
glucozze 11 years ago
Jeudi 22 février 2007 - Medical student contest

Manif des externes

I go here withn a friend, strange, i found only 4 friends i know here...we were becoming old, no much time for going in this kind of things....bad.
glucozze 11 years ago
Samedi 24 février 2007 - Going crazy at Guillaume flat

From one to two each month, Guillaume organize a party in his flat...only problem ? no much girls coming :D so this time we decide to tell at all the girls who know (hum: not all, but a lot...6 ? :D )
that guillaume party is new house living (lie, he lived here since 4 years)...

like each party: problem, the SM/leather girl i want is in Bretagne (bad), another is sick (rebad), so only 4 comes (in fact 2 and after 2 others i don't like)...

After some time, and before the destruction of the guillaume flat, we done photo scession, objectif ? Doing nude after trying gay-style photo...

Here on of the nude, the gay style are on my stream :D

Mario n°22 - some nude, if you don't like don't see them
Groups Beta