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photo_obscura PRO 9:47pm, 17 December 2006
it is ironic that i would get philippe's invitation to join this project as i did a very similar project exactly ten years ago. i called it 'the other side of myself' otherside.org/entry.asp?entry_id=1 because at the time, i was going through an identity crisis and i wanted to discover who i was, other than the person that everyone knew. what i found was that the journey to discovery is long and difficult and along the way, you meet all sorts of people, some good for you and some bad.

i think this is an interesting challenge and i look forward to sharing a little of myself with you.

my name is michael woodward and i will see you on 1/1/7

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photo_obscura PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 12 years ago
january 1, 2007 - the partygoers
originally, my wife and i had planned to stay home for new years as she has a fear of being hit by a drunk driver, but i convinced her that we could make sport out of avoiding them. we have a tendency to be homebody's and i want to change that before parenthood forces the issue.

we went to our friend christina's house in stafford, va and talked to friends all night until the ball dropped. her party was a dry one, so later that day, we had our own party and for the first time in my life, i got drunk.

Patrícia Raimond 12 years ago
Good way to start. Have a nice 2007!
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 2, 2007 - self reflection
i tend to spend a lot of time reflecting on the past, trying to make sense of it and learn from it if at all possible, but i find it easy to get trapped there and not realize just how good things are in the present.

oddityinabox PRO 12 years ago
Well don't get trapped there for too long because look... whats that in your reflection... a new dawn! Perhaps a hint to focus on the present and look forward?

_ravi | *life through pictures
cautious range [deleted] 12 years ago
Are you trying to write those things down?
Makes it easier for me.
But I tend to keep most things locked or turn around and run back into the present when it gets too dark in the past ;)
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
i do write it down, but i find that only with time (and distance) does it really make any sense.
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 3, 2007 - work
i work 4 days a week in an office as an it director and 3 days a week at home as a photographer. the days i am in the office are filled with meetings and conference calls and endless to-dos. the days i am at home are filled with art, socialization, and endless photo-editing.

if i could make a living off photography, i probably would.

this was a doodle of "bert" my co-worked made during our weekly all staff meeting.
Loca.... 12 years ago
Always draw in my meetings as well, like the look in this guys face.
sarahwoo 12 years ago
I spent a lot of time living in the future....not appreciating the present. It is something I am actively trying to work on, living in the now. For a long time I had issues with photos because I thought it was just a way to live in the past rather than experience the moment fully....but now I see it completely different. It can give you a completely different perspective on everything - past, present, and future.

Also, good idea to go out now...before parenthood...my husband and I are homebodies too but we wished we had gone out a bit more when it was just easier to do so...

Looking forward to reading more of your photo diary...

Sarah My Photo Diary 2007
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 4, 2007 - impression

tomorrow, i am meeting with a girl that i approached at the mall. i have approached a dozen or so people in the past, asking if they might be interested in modeling for me and leaving them with my card, but this was the first girl that actually contacted me.

i used this meeting as an excuse to update my print portfolio. i wanted to make sure i left a good impression. i find that seeing photographs at 11x14 inches is much more powerful than seeing them at 500 pixels on a screen.

PutYourFlareOn PRO 12 years ago
Getting drunk with people you care about is really fun! Especially for your first time... I haven't been drunk in ages.

The photo of the girl is stunning her lip ring distracts me beyond belief only because I can't imagine having a ring through my lip!

Aimee, PutYourFlareOn's 2007 Daily Photo Diary
photo_obscura PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 12 years ago
january 5, 2007 - drawing an imaginary line

i had a photoshoot today with a young russian girl named masha.
masha is one of many 17 year old models that i have worked with and every time i do, i find myself having an internal debate about the us laws on child pornography.

i feel that i have a pretty good understanding of the laws and am always careful not to run afoul of them. i understand they have to draw an imaginary line somewhere, but the lines they currently have in place are so blurry, that many of my colleagues refuse to work with anyone under 18.

i want to make all my models look beautiful, not just the ones 18 and over. i hope that never lands me in jail.

i should note that the meeting with the model i spoke of on january 4th went very well. we have been having a warm spell, it was almost 70 degrees, so we sat outside a starbucks and she looked at my book and told me that it was a childhood dream of hers that someday, a photographer would walk up to her and discover her.

we plan to shoot early tomorrow before she goes back to college.
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 6, 2007 - art supplies

the shoot with the girl from the mall didn't work out. i thought our meeting went well, but later, she emailed me with concerns about escorts and model releases, things that i guessed her parents were concerned about. we were unable to come to an agreement on the release so i cancelled the shoot and instead, went with azcra to the art supply store to get matte board for her upcoming gallery show.

while there, i wandered up and down the isles and stopped to look at the paint.

"i have never tried painting", i thought.

when i got back from the art store, i had an email from the mall girl who still wants to work with me, regardless of what the release says, so that might still work out. cross your fingers for me!
BellaGaia PRO 12 years ago
great lines and contrast... very appealing..... and good wishes coming your way :-)

BellaGaia (Living with BellaGaia)
durhamyankee 12 years ago
Hope the model works out. Good luck with painting!

DWM's return to the everyday
sotonrich 12 years ago
An amazing start...I love the oil paints....sorry your shoot didn't work out, it's a shame the unscrupulous photographers and bad stories have to ruin it for the rest.

I look forward to your future posts

Breathed Upon
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
photo_obscura PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 12 years ago
january 7, 2007 - angels and artists

i started working with an amazing makeup artist last year named georgia allen. georgia and i met at a group shoot event and i was so impressed by her skills, i hired her to work with me on personal projects. the first one was of gloria as a fashion lioness. georgia nailed the concept i had in mind and since then, we have done amazing work together.

georgia is very good at prosthetic makeup, her passion is horror and we wanted to find a way to mix her passion for horror makeup and my passion for beauty, so she drew some sketches for a broken winged angel and i called upon my lovely model and best friend, christina marie to make these two elements come together. the three of us are artists in our own right, so it was very powerful to fuse us all together as a group. for some behind the scenes photos, click here.

the makeup took 4 hours and a lot of patience on christina's part but i think the results were very cool, and deserving of our last shoot together; georgia is moving to philadelphia and i won't get to work with her nearly as often. i wish her love and luck!

photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 8, 2007 - culture

my ukranian co-worker left some russian candies for me on my desk. i used to date a ukrainian girl. i loved that we could talk to one another about how we saw the same world with such different eyes.
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 9, 2007 - missy

we got missy (an australian sheppard mix) because our first dog, fiona (a beagle sheppard mix), was very restless and demanded so much attention that it was obvious she needed a playmate. renee adopted missy from the fairfax county animal shelter. her previous owner didn't even know she was a girl. she was very thin and starved for attention. she is a good weight now and she and fiona play non-stop. we couldn't have asked for a more loving addition to our family.
francophony 12 years ago
Oh memories. We had both a beagle and an aussie shepherd mix in my youth. Both awesome dogs.
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 10, 2007 gloria and me

i <3 gloria
sunshinecity 12 years ago
I just love the photo of the tubes of paint!!!
You are definately an amazing professional.... very inspiring!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 11, 2007 - places

i work in an architecturally significant building. i have walked into this building every week for 11 years now, and only occasionally do i give it any thought. that is a shame because it really is a beautiful building. i am so focused on people, i rarely notice places anymore.
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 12, 2007 - meet ups

this is a model named storm with her pet turtle. i met her at a meet up where we talked about the possibility of shooting. we scheduled a shoot for this friday.

four days a week, i hold a full time IT job. three days a week, i am a photographer. last year, i did around 120 shoots and when i look back, i can see both the benefits and the pitfalls of working at that pace. this year, i decided to slow down a little. as a part of that slowdown, i am now meeting with models before we schedule a shoot for the first time. this meet up gives us both a chance to talk about what we are looking for from photography/modeling and allows me to asses whether or not i think they are committed or will even show up (i had two no-shows last year, one of them when i had hired a makeup artist). i am hoping that i can weed out people who are so disrespectful of me and my time. i have already canceled a paying gig this year because the person was a half hour late without calling.

i suppose at some point, you just have to weigh your self-respect against the potential benefit, and lately, my self-respect has been winning.
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 13, 2007 - costco

i have a love hate relationship with costco.
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 14, 2007 - runway

gloria and i have been working together for about two years now. today was her first runway show. she does amazing print work, but at 5'11", she is also suited well for runway. i was very happy to be there for her first walk down that runway.
sunshinecity 12 years ago
sounds like you do interesting work...

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 15, 2007 - dawn desiree

i met dawn desiree a few years ago. she is a solo artist formerly with the band "rain fell within". i shot all of the photos for her first solo album and they came out beautifully. since then we have become friends and when it was time to shoot cover art for the most recent album, she called on me. this is one of my favorite shots from the set. you can learn more about dawn desiree from her website at www.dawndesiree.com/larg/site.html
Osbornb PRO 12 years ago
Beautiful -- she has a strong profile.
2007 in photos or bust
sunshinecity 12 years ago
great shot!
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 16, 2007 - erotica

a few years ago, i had a muse that i worked with named desiree and our work primarily consisted of erotica. since desi moved away about a year ago, i have found that i don't shoot as much erotica as i used to so when christy called looking to hire me to get some artistic erotic shots, i welcomed the chance to jump back into this sometimes controversial genre. my goal with all photos is to really bring out the personality of the model, not just treat them light inanimate objects or worse, sex objects. i think i did a good job of that with this photo.
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 17, 2007 - pizza

i gained ten pounds between thanksgiving and new years last year.
between new years and now, i lost 9 of them. to celebrate, i had
five slices of pizza. stupid, i know, but sooo good.
photo_obscura PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 12 years ago
january 18, 2007 - love

christina called me on the 16th and told me she had a surprise and asked me to come over. i had a shoot and couldn't come so when she called me on the 16th to say she was coming over to show me her surprise, she admitted that she was a little mad that i hadn't come over. my first reaction was that it was silly for her to be mad, but then i realized that she wouldn't be mad if she didn't care about me. sometimes i can't tell because she is hard to read, but little clues like this tell me that she loves me.

the surprise was that she got two new baby tortoises (christina is very passionate about her pets).

oh, and if you saw my post from yesterday, she finished the other rest of my pizza.
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 19, 2007 - storm

storm is a well traveled actress and musician. storm is the second model whom i have met with prior to scheduling a shoot and her descriptions of the places she has been and the kinds of projects she has been associated with made me long to travel and work with people from other places. storm had this very odd hat and in one of the shots, i noticed that from certain angles, it complimented her strong jaw line. once i noticed that, we spent a lot of frames trying to find ways to exploit those angles. i like this image in particular as you don't really know what is going on, but it leaves you wanting to know more.
ebilflindas 12 years ago
How have I missed your thread this long?
I enjoyed reading through from the beginning--too many comments to make. I will leave one for this last, though.
I spotted it in the pool--thank you for linking back to your thread!
Reminds me of Natalie Merchant on stage.
ebilflindas: Everyday Dad
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
satrina* 12 years ago
You have really amazing shots!

My favorites are the ones from the 5th, the 9th and the 18th.

Satrina: av meg
photo_obscura PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 12 years ago
january 20, 2007 - honfleur gallery

one of our friends is a gallery manager at the honfleur gallery in anacostia, dc. just over a month ago, she sent us an email inviting us to submit work to the gallery. at the time, i was swamped with shoots and didn't have time to prepare for a show, but my wife, azcra, had some time, and when she told them the themes of their recent work, they asked her to submit to a specific show called 'no scratchers' that featured the work of tattoo artists with an emphasis on tattoo's as art.

we worked very hard to get her submission together and the day i dropped off her work at their offices, they were so impressed by the images, they conference called her and asked her to be a featured artist, showing her work there for an entire year.

she wasn't looking for gallery representation, but it found her, and on the night of the opening, she got lots of respect for her work. she was even interviewed by jackie lydon of npr news for a feature they were doing on the gallery and the exhibition.

azcra is posing next to a photo entitled "jess" (just to her left) which was the first image people saw as they entered the exhibition. i am so proud of her!
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 21, 2007 - mirror project

i submitted this photo to the mirror project.
if you have never heard of the mirror project, you should check it out at www.mirrorproject.com/

My submissions to the project can be found here
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 22, 2007 - snow

yesterday, much to my surprise, it snowed; the first measurable snow this season. normally, i don't care when it snows as both of our cars have all wheel drive, so i was ready to hit the roads in time to make it in my the 10am delayed opening that my office announced. instead i came out to find that we had accidentally left the dome light on the night before and the battery was dead. because of the snow, AAA could not come jump us for four hours. i ended up working from home instead.
sunshinecity Posted 12 years ago. Edited by sunshinecity (member) 12 years ago
your work is so interesting! I love the little tortoises!

oh and thanks for mentioning the mirror project.. I'm definitely checking it out!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 23, 2007 - patterns and color

i picked up a magazine called advanced photoshop (out of the uk) because i thought the cover was interesting and they have a step-by-step tutorial on how you can re-create their cover with the files they include on a cd. what i found is that what i know about photoshop, i know very well but that doesn't amount to much when you consider just how much photoshop is capable of.

i am proud that the majority of my photos come out of the camera looking as if they had been photoshopped, but it never hurts to fully understand the tools at your disposal. one of the things they pointed out in the magazine was that you can use snapshots of color or texture to flavor your photographs as backgrounds. i rarely think about post-processing so this was an interesting concept. while i might have passed a pattern or a color by in the past because there were no people in the shot, i will now grab that imagery in case i want to use it later.
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 24, 2007 - torn out of innocence

in 2004, i was dating a beautiful ukrainian girl named aliona. she gave me this self-portrait not long before we broke up. she didn't tell me the title of it at the time, but i later found out that she had titled it "torn out of innocence". i wasn't sure if i should take offense to that or not.
satrina* 12 years ago
Congratulations to your wife!

Mirrorproject sounds really interesting, definitely will try to participate.

Love the strong colors in the self-portrait.

Satrina: av meg
glucozze 12 years ago
great !
i know the ukrainian were nice girls :D
Яick Harris PRO 12 years ago
Your studio work is inspiring. Well done.
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 25, 2007 - a boring photo for a boring day

going down

being a visual person, i get very little stimulation on the days i go to work...
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 26, 2007 - finding treasure

card for mom

today, i spent the day going though old paper files and shredding anything over 7 years old. the box i am working on has the label "records prior to 2000" on it. when i opened one of the files, this fell out of it.

this is a card i made for my mother when she turned 37 years old. the irony being that i am currently 37 years old. i made this card 23 years ago. i can't image having a 13 year old child at this point in my life so i can only imagine what my mother's life must have been like having me at a young age. (see the inside of the card here)

i called my mother to tell her about it and she said that it made her sad in a way because she knew that if azcra and i had kids now, they likely wouldn't live to see them turn 18.
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 27, 2007 - fetish gone mainstream

sephora fetish

azcra wanted to go to sephora to spend the gift card i gave her for christmas, and when we walked in, we noticed an ad with a girl wearing a bondage collar. i found this mildly amusing as the majority of people probably didn't notice the collar or didn't get it.

next to this image, the sephora website has the text "Chocolates? Puhlease. This Valentine's Day, we've got an insatiable craving for beauty. From succulent suds to pretty in pink palettes to our plumpest pouts over, we're getting in the mood with products that feed your beauty obsessions. Whether you scoop them up for yourself, or crack the whip on your significant other, you might as well face it - you're addicted to beauty."

it is too bad they don't sell the collars :)
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 28, 2007 - gifts of art

christmas present from gloria

as an artist, one of the best presents you can give to someone is a piece of your artwork. gloria gave me this self-portrait, based on a photograph azcra took of her, for christmas. it is the third time someone special to m e has given me a painting and i cherish each one.

in other news, every shoot i had scheduled for this weekend fell through. 2 cancels and one no-show.
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 29, 2007 - black trees, blue skies

black tree, blue sky

i was busy all day, but don't have a single recollection of what i did.
photo_obscura PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 12 years ago
january 30, 2007 - handyman

i built the top

my therapist saw me to the door after our session last week and said "hey, do you want a cat scratching post?"

"why? doesn't your cat like it?"

"he died last week", she said.

i inherited a scratching post which has limited value to my cats as none of them have front claws. i got the idea to built a top so they could lay around in it instead. i happened to have all the materials i needed already, so i went to work and 15 minutes later, viola!

we plan to add fabric to it to make it look finished and be more comfy for our kitty boys.
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
january 31, 2007 - fortunes

my fortune

last week when i was shredding, i found some old records that showed information about an old retirement account i had when i was in a high school job, that i had long since forgotten about. i called them up to get the balance on the account and much to my surprise, it was over twenty-five thousand dollars.
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
february 1, 2007 - silence of the puppy

fiona and missy

i joke with people that when fiona wears her head-collar, she looks like hannibal lecter. if she didn't wear it, she would jerk my arm clean off when we go for walks.
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
february 2, 2007 - stone face

stone face

my old roommate won this at a club one night. when she moved out, it didn't move with her and eventually ended up on my deck somehow. it is near the bird feeder, hence the birdseed in his mouth.
photo_obscura PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 12 years ago
february 3, 2007 - figure


i have a lack of figure work in my portfolio, partly because i am a portrait photographer and even when i shoot nudes, they are about the person, not about the figure. when kaitlin lara agreed to shoot with me, i knew that she was "ridiculously thin". my goal was to find beauty in the figure without highlighting how thin she is. i think i accomplished that with this image.
photo_obscura PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 12 years ago
february 4, 2007 - kaitlin

missy and kaitlin
missy giving kaitlin a good morning kiss :)

kaitlin stayed over after the shoot and i took her to the train station in the morning. after returning to my car, i realized that she had left her cell phone in the passenger seat. knowing her train had already left, i could do nothing except send her an email that said "you left your cell phone in my car. i will overnight it to you. thanks for a great day!"

apparently, people were trying to get in touch with her and when they couldn't reach her by phone, they panicked and called the police. i got a frantic call from her 'boyfriend' asking if i knew where she was. he was relieved to hear about the cell phone.
photo_obscura PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 12 years ago
february 5, 2007 - shooting in dc.

dc sunshine

i had another shoot with the escort today, this time at the rouge hotel in dc. on the way out, i saw the sun shining above the washington monument. it looked very sci-fi.
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
february 6, 2007 - me


i noticed that because of this project, i am taking more self-portraits. this will be interesting for my kids someday to look back and see what a dork their dad was.
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
february 7, 2007 - snow days

azcra at silver diner

it snowed this morning and azcra had a dr appointment so i drove her and afterwards, we had breakfast. it was a nice change from our usual routine of me being out the door before she is even out of bed.
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
february 8, 2007 - work

powerbook blue

another boring day at work...
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
february 9, 2007 - networking

gloria, melissa and jo

renee and i held a photographer/model/makeup artist networking event tonight. it was a huge success and people were asking when the next one would be, even before it was over. we met a lot of people whom we had only known from the Internet and made some good connections that led to shoots and even the possibility of sharing studio space.
photo_obscura PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 12 years ago
february 10, 2007 - spending time with close friends


gloria and i have talked about having a hangout day for some time now. we wanted to basically lock ourselves in a room and talk all day without any distractions from the outside world. we rented a room at the hotel madera in dc so we could combine our hangout idea with a short shoot and this was one of the shots we got. it was a great day hanging out with her and i hope we can do it again soon.
photo_obscura PRO 12 years ago
february 11, 2007 - a friend of a friend


when i was at gloria's bridal show a few weeks ago, she mentioned that her dad's girlfriend's daughter was cute and that i should shoot her. i told her to have her give me a call. she did and we set up a shoot.

this was laura's first shoot ever, not surprising since she is only 14. i didn't put her age on the photo and in looking at the comments, i doubt anyone would suspect just how young she really is.
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
february 12, 2007 - just me
on my way out of work

photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
february 13, 2007 - erotica

MOCA juried submission winner

i entered my first juried show recently. "erotica" is the theme and the show will be at MOCA DC starting on March 2, 2007. i was a little afraid i might not get in but of the five images i submitted, this is the image that was accepted. here i am trying a new process with Cone's Piezography Neutral K7 inks and Bergger matte papers. i tried the sampler pack and finally decided on the Bergger High Definition - PN32. the quality of this print is such that it made me pee a little when i first saw it :)
photo_obscura PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 11 years ago
february 14, 2007 - burlesque-a-pades

burlesque-a-pades at the birchmere

each year for valentine's day, azcra and i try to do something special. last year, we went to burlesque-a-pades at the birchmere in alexandria, va and she liked it so much, she wanted to go again. as with most shows you see for a second time, it wasn't as good as the first, but it was still fun. how could boobies on valentine's day not be fun?
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
february 15, 2007 - stock photos

christina and foxy

christina marie really wanted me to use her for stock photography so we looked at the top keywords on shutterstock and came up with some concepts. this is a photo of her (unedited) with her newest dog, foxy.
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
february 16, 2007 - gallery representation

azcra at honfleur with her photo of jess

tonight, we met with the director of the honfleur gallery to go over the contracts that azcra would be signing. they have discussed extending her representation to two years and having her own show to coincide with a book they want to help her publish.

they are very impressed with her ideas and when they went through her book, they oohed and aahed.

i brought my book along to show off but while i think my work is very good, i don't think my work is what the art world is going for.
photo_obscura PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 11 years ago
february 17, 2007 - pie party

desirae and bill

my best friend desirae and her husband bill drove up from south carolina for our semi-annual pie party. it was especially good to see her since she just announced that she is expecting :)
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
february 18, 2007 - me and missy

me and missy

after the pie party, we had a relaxing morning and a good-bye brunch for bill and desirae, then we worked on shoots for a while. missy likes to give me kisses just about all the time.
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
february 19, 2007 - figure nudes


i don't get to shoot figure nudes often and the model i was working agreed to trade for fashion and portrait work. i like how the blue hat contrasts with the rest of the scene.
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
february 20, 2007 - friendship and love

bff (me and christina marie)

sometimes it takes hardship and adversity to test a friendship. the ones that withstand and grow are the ones i most cherish. i love christina and she is my best friend.
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
february 21, 2007 - back to work

note that there are five computers visible in this photo, and one that isn't.
my office mess
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
february 22, 2007 - before sunset

i spent tonight (and yesterday night) alone, something i rarely do.

just before sunset
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
february 23, 2007 - mirror

i like target. i hate wal-mart.

im looking at the man in the mirror
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
february 24, 2007 - my wife

i had a shoot scheduled and the model became ill with little notice so since we already had a makeup artist there, i shot a few frames of my lovely wife azcra.

photo_obscura PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by photo_obscura (member) 11 years ago
february 25, 2007 - snow angel

we got a surprise snowstorm today. 5 inches of snow dropped on us in just a few hours. christina called and said she wanted to stop by on her way to another shoot that was nearby. when she got out of her car and the snow fell in her hair, she looked like an angel.

christina in the snow
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
february 26, 2007 - coworkers

lisa and i are friends at work.

me 'n' g - keepin it real
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
february 27, 2007 - rodney

rodney mickle is a fellow photographer who needed a headshot for a gallery show. he hired his favorite makeup artist and he got to see what it was like on the other side of the camera. afterwards, we were joking around. i called this photo 'rodney nipple' i was tempted to put up his studio shot, but i think one is funnier :)

rodney nipple
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
february 28, 2007 - missing glo

it says "Gloria - U2". haven't seen glo in a while. miss her. saw this little reminder of her today.

it says 'Gloria'
photo_obscura PRO 11 years ago
march 1, 2007 - some excitement at work

breaking up an otherwise normal day at work, a fire alarm (not a drill)

fire truck
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march 2, 2007 - erotica show

tonight we attended the opening of the erotica show at MOCA in georgetown. both azcra and i had juried pieces in the show. azcra stands next to hers entitled 'penis'.

azcra with her juried entry in the moca erotica show
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march 3, 2007 - the studio

today, we got our first glimpse at our new studio. azcra and i are starting a studio with kathy and luis aragon, long nguyen and james basset. at lunch, james talked about his vision of changing the fashion scene in washington, dc. i am very excited about this and cannot wait to get started cleaning it up (everything you see here is going away in the next two weeks).

a wall will go where luis is standing
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march 4, 2007 - shooting at the mansion

i was invited to work a group photoshoot at a mansion in manassas. a very eclectic decor and an indoor pool. i shot this photo of christina there. i later slipped on the way out to the pool and sprained my wrist and ankle. oh well.

christina marie
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I really need to come here more often. You get to work with some really beautiful people, and your pictures do them justice. Christina Marie is such a beautiful model, I think it shows that you have a special relationship. I fave'd the lady in the blue hat some time ago.
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march 5, 2007

hey, everyone needs a day off...
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march 6, 2007 - christina's birthday

christina invited azcra and i to a celebration of her birthday at the improv and afterwards, i treated everyone to drinks and appetizers. her friend natalie (to her left) would later say of this night to christina, "michael acts like he and you are secret lovers". gee, and normally people think i am gay!

nat, christina and natalie
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march 7, 2007 - puppies!

after christina's dinner, we went to her friend tim's house to check on his puppies. the momma dog, pilar was a puppy from christina's dog, daisy a few years ago and christina helped deliver the pups. azcra is holding one of her 2 week old pups

azcra and a puppy
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march 8, 2007

azcra and i had dinner with christina and tim tonight.

christina and tim
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march 9, 2007 - visiting my parents

despite my parents living only about an hour away, i only seem to see them once every few months or so. azcra and i had bought them a dvd player that could also record and they needed help setting it up. afterwards, on the way to a nice lunch, a lady veered into our lane just short of hitting us and waved at us like an idiot.

me and mom
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march 10, 2007 - breakfast with kat

i met kat about two years ago at a group shoot. she was interested in modeling and friends with christina and gloria. we had breakfast to catch up because she works so much, it is hard for her to keep up with her friends. we spent about three hours talking and made plans for a shoot in a few days time.

i told her that if she were interested, i would mentor her as a photographer. we will see if anything comes of that.

michael and kat
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march 11, 2007 - drawing

azcra suggested we go to a drawing session at MOCA, so we went and found that they didn't have any models lined up, so i drew from the photos hanging on the gallery walls instead.

my first real attempt at drawing
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march 12, 2007 - christina

christina came over tonight and inadvertently hurt my feelings. she made it up to me though. i am glad because i need close friends in my life. i miss some of my other friends whom i haven't seen or heard from in a while.

christina marie breastfeeds her tortoise
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march 13, 2007 - kat

i really enjoy spending the entire day with a friend. despite a late start (someone was up late night before) we had a great conversation, a fun shoot and overall a really nice day together. i wish for more of these :)

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march 14, 2007 - because i can

sometimes i do things and i don't really have a good reason to, except "because i can". because of where i work, i qualify to be an associate with the university of maryland. when i first started, they actually called us faculty, but later changed it to associate. nevertheless, i enjoyed telling my father i was faculty at his alma matter.

i got my umd id updated today. i don't really know why. i never use any of their facilities. i suppose i did it because i can.

michael at umd
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march 15, 2007 - fast food

when i was a kid, i loved going to mcdonald's. my grandfather (pop) would take the grandkids there all the time and i have very old memories of eating there with my dad.

the ronald mcdonald of my youth was different than the vandalized version i photographed this morning on my way through the drive through. sausage mcmuffin with egg and cheese and a large orange juice. now that i am working out, i can only afford to do this once in a blue moon.

scary mcdonald
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