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cowfish 9:25pm, 17 December 2006
One day I will have as much hair as Phillippe - I suspect it could be this year...

I give it a week before I miss a day, time to prove myself wrong.

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cowfish Posted 12 years ago. Edited by cowfish (member) 12 years ago
Monday January 1

Worryingly, this photo sums up my new years experience. My brother and step dad are still down the pub. This is causing worry. Happy New year kiddies.
alert chicken [deleted] 12 years ago
excellent, a wii moment. happy new year!
Osbornb PRO 12 years ago
Looks like more fun than I had ;-)
cowfish Posted 12 years ago. Edited by cowfish (member) 12 years ago
Tuesday January 2

The Perils of inviting your family to stay

The floor of my study is significantly more comfortable than I thought, but a season of soft beds and ploomfy pillows has turned me more than a little soft and I may now be slightly tired...
cowfish Posted 12 years ago. Edited by cowfish (member) 12 years ago
Wednesday January 3

Good bye to you, my old phone. It's served me well these last 3 years (or so), but now it doesn't ring (well, it sometimes makes little chirpy noises, but generally not) and it definitely needs a new front, now that the numbers have rubbed off and the screen is opaque.

I'm rather sad to see it go, especially as finding a phone that just goes "ring ring" seems to be impossible these days.
PutYourFlareOn PRO 12 years ago
I'd say that you got full use out of that phone. All the new ones have at least one bell or whistle. Good luck finding the right one for you.

PutYourFlareOn's 2007 Daily Photo Diary
Ladybadtiming PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Ladybadtiming (admin) 12 years ago
hm, I am gonna be obnoxious about this ...
you're supposed to add a date to your daily pic
with or without fun
with or without hair
with or wothout a ringring !
glucozze Posted 12 years ago. Edited by glucozze (member) 12 years ago
lol i've got the same before...but one of my cat brake it....this cat want to sleep on the desktop...excatly where i'd let my phone...it crashed on the floor :)
cowfish 12 years ago
@ladybadtiming: I thought there'd be more rules so I checked and realised that I missed a few things out. All tagged and dated now though.

@Putyourflareon: I spent a while looking on ebay, found out they were expensive and then asked work for a new one. I don't like it...it's not the same as my old one :)

@glucozze: I'm surprised that one cat attack broke it - my one ended up underwater, thrown against walls, dropped in bins and it still survived. I only gave it up because the ringer stopped working (which was actually quite nice)
Ladybadtiming PRO 12 years ago
thanks !
and keep on posting !
cowfish Posted 12 years ago. Edited by cowfish (member) 12 years ago
Thursday January 4

As big as you like

On departing the Croydon Steak House - venue for the eating section of my friend Robbie's stag do. A most civilised affair with no strippers. He gets married in the morning, hopefully he will be awake for the rather important 11am meeting at the town hall...

More piccies to be found (taken by me and others) here (when I upload them. It's bedtime now).
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Friday January 5

Homemade Nando's

Nando's were a bit busy this lunchtime and had an hour wait, even for takeaway. So I popped next door, bought a whole chicken and some Nando's marinade, took it back to the office, jointed the chicken, covered it in marinade and microwaved it.
leroyer 12 years ago
Mmmmmh !! Chicken !
cowfish Posted 12 years ago. Edited by cowfish (member) 12 years ago
Saturday January 6


Into town this afternoon to buy comics and drop in to the Curzon Soho to watch Pan's Labyrinth.- very good film, but much more war film than I'd guessed from reviews that often said "this is really a war film". Back home via the Loon Fung chinese supermarket (which seems to be open at all hours of the day) to grab some chicken for dinner (for more Nando's style goodness). Off out later to have a beer with my bro, but until then i have Planet Earth on TV, a bottle of Rioja and a pile of comics.

Uncle Billy recommends 3 Iron - excellent movie (that I managed to pick up for reasonable moneys in the cinema).
sunshinecity 12 years ago
love the Soho pic!

~ sunshinecity
cowfish Posted 12 years ago. Edited by cowfish (member) 12 years ago
Sunday January 7

Biggest Person Here

Met up with the London flickrites tonight to see the Hyde Park christmas funfair before it gets dismantled tomorrow. It rained a bit, but there was a pub with Arundel beer and no rain, so it all worked out nicely in the end.

Picked up some books courtesy of Mr Oxfam earlier, making up for my delight at finding a hardback copy of Air by Geoff Ryman for only a pound by spending a little bit more than that on a copy of Modern Cookery by Eliza Acton

Also tidied my study, meaning that my house is now as unpacked as it probably ever will be (until I get some more bookshelves) and that I now have no excuse not to have a housewarming.
cowfish Posted 12 years ago. Edited by cowfish (member) 12 years ago
Monday January 8

As I Lay Dying 1

Off to see Bullet for my Valentine supported by As I Lay Dying (in the picture) and Bleeding Through. Didn't see the first support due to the silly queue stretching into the distance - a quick half hour in the pub and then we joined the end as it finally got to the door, only an hour after they opened.

Pre-gig me and adam went to The Gate - a vegetarian restaurant. Rather different to my normal bloody meat preferences, but as I have lived on little but leftover meat and cake since new year, it seemed like a good plan. Most tasty - plantain fritters followed by vegan thai green curry. Best cheesecake ever also followed (as well as a shared expresso creme brulee).

Gig went pretty well, apart from the sound being rather crappily quiet, and the PA stopping to provide sound during the "official" end of BFMV's set while they were covering Creeping Death. They didn't realise as they still had stage sound, and thought that the shouts of "turn it up" and waving of hands in an upward manner were the crowd going slightly wild. Wrong. And then there pyro didn't work during their last song - the big bang happened, but the sheets of flame didn't.

The venue staff were universally crap, forcing a rather young an gig-inexperienced crowd out through a single door with little direction until you found that they had shut all the other doors. We may have put our heads down and charged once we got bored of milling kiddies - I've never had a crowd part quite so quickly.

Last time I saw BFMV was last year in the LA2, where the stage is smaller than the shortest distance between band members microphones at the Hammersmith Apollo. They do now run around and definitely have more showmanship than they used to, but I can't quite take a well-spoke, squeaky voiced welshman seriously when he tells everyone how much he loves them for buying his album.
cowfish Posted 12 years ago. Edited by cowfish (member) 12 years ago
Tuesday January 9


At lunchtime today while wandering around the bookshop (and only finding one book I wanted in the 3 for 2 offer - The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay [the research of which has shown me that I haven't read any of the fiction Pulitzer Prize winners]) I heard a jazz tune playing in the background of the shop and was overcome by an urge to spend the afternoon listening to some nice piano-y jazz. Unfortunately I couldn't remember the name of the tune and don't have my "Best of Bluenote" cd ripped at work (which the track I heard is the first track on). So I wondered down to Liverpool Street station to grab a cd in the cd and dvd shop there (appropriately named "Impulse"). I found the small jazz section, couldn't find the bluenote cd to discover the artists and so grabbed a couple of jazz cds that were in their "3 for £20" offer and picked up a random Tom Waits cd that had a nice cover (since I have no idea which album is which and have liked them all so far).

When I got back to the office I started them ripping and started listening (when finished) to Tom Waits first, only to discover that I knew the first track - the only Tom Waits track that I have actively known on first hearing it, Big in Japan. I then moved on to the Art Blakey cd, needing some jazz, only to discover that the track I heard earlier was the first on the album, and the title track - Moanin'. When it had finished I moved on to the Herbie Hancock cd and looked up all the protagonists of my musical afternoon on wikipedia. It seems that I managed to pick up two of the finest jazz cds of the last 50 years, including the one that I would have chosen had I done more research, and also that the Mule Variations is considered one of Tom Waits best, was a critical success and a grammy winner. All in all a good trawl.
cowfish Posted 12 years ago. Edited by cowfish (member) 12 years ago
Wednesday January 10


Not much happened today. I had Nando's for lunch. I listened to some jazz (nice). I did some meetings. I fell asleep on the train on the way to work. Orphans didn't turn up. Same as normal.
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Thursday January 11

Bongo King

Tripled booked this evening, but of the three chose to go to the "jam" night at the pub down the road, as organised by my brother and his mate Sedleigh. A random guy from the pub asked if we had any way of letting him join in, as he was a percussionist. After some mild fobbing off he was handed some bongos and showed us that he could actually play rather well. Rather splendid set from Sedleigh and Alex and rather splendid beer from the pub (including HSB). I seem to have two locals...

Orphans did turn up today - it's rather good.
sunshinecity 12 years ago
... great skyline from jan 10th!!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
cowfish 12 years ago
It's the view from my office window. Well, at least for the next couple of months til we move to the second floor...
sunshinecity 12 years ago
... wow lucky man... great office!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
cowfish 12 years ago
This is the view from my old office (well, one of our meeting rooms, and not my actual desk, anyway)

Tower 42

That was really rather special...
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Friday January 12th - Day 12

My Downfall - The Beginning

My first delivery from the Virgin Wines Discovery Club turned up today - while I don't think that "leaning against my back gate just out of sight of the road" quite counts as "left securely at the back of the house" and the card through the door did say "we will try and deliver tomorrow" (although that was a fault of the card not having a seperate space for ticking "first delivery" and "we'll come back tomorrow", I do now have 12 bottles of hopefully tasty wine to drink.

Also today, I organised a vast quantity of meetings (4 or 5. Lots for me) a long time in advance (4 weeks. Lots for me), forgot to eat lunch until late again (I ended up in the dodgy cafe over the road and had an awful but very tasty roast chicken dinner for cheap) and bought more wine on the way home, not realising that I had a box sitting round the back of my house.
cowfish 12 years ago
Saturday January 13th - Day 13


Chorizo en vino for lunch - I was meant to eat some salad with it, but ended up with a bowl and some bread. As ever Saturday was a day of cooking, with a dinner of steak and sauteed potatoes.

Watched Silent Hill this evening - okay film - and cracked my first bottle from the Discovery Club - not quite to my taste, a bit "leathery"...
durhamyankee 12 years ago
Here's a big cheers for Hancock's maiden voyage!

and mmm. Chorizo.

DWM's return to the everyday
cowfish Posted 12 years ago. Edited by cowfish (member) 12 years ago
Sunday January 14th - Day 14

Ice Men

In the future the world will be overrun with dangerous, homicidal ice-men who will try to kill us all. Luckily we will be able to escape them by looking through the nuclear smog for their glowing chins, which will light our way to freedom. (Shot in the glass gallery in the V&A).

Wander around the museums this afternoon and a scary salad pickling in the fridge for dinner - maybe with pan roasted smoked haddock if I can be arsed.

My brother has invited himself around to use the internets, so should go and cook forthwith.

Just cracked the second bottle from the discover club (having accidentally drank the whole of the last one yesterday) - much better, trad not-too-fruity South African Shiraz.
cowfish 12 years ago
Monday January 15th - Day 15


Today I chipped a tooth - front right lower incisor, the back of it. Most annoying as it's where my tongue normally rests, so I feel the chip rather a lot. Off to the dentist tomorrow. At least this time I can say "I cracked it while eating a Halls Mentholyptus, extra strong I might add" rather than my last two broken teeth (both shattered rather effectively) which happened while eating a fish finger and a piece of rather soft chewing gum respectively.

My teeth aren't this yellow - that'd be the lamp I held my face over. Really. I hope.

This evening I watched "The Man in the White Suit", my first Ealing comedy for a while. What makes it specially appropriate is that I now live pretty much directly opposite the studios, although they've only recently started doing films there again. Marvellous film, most definitely not a straight comedy, but with a definite humour as well as some great acting from Alex Guinness.
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Tuesday January 16th - Day 16

Working from home

Off to the dentist this morning only to discover that they didn't have my phone number so couldn't tell me that the dentist was off sick. But I'm now registered and have an appointment to patch up my tooth next Thursday. Worked from home beforehand, hence the lovely picture above.

Uncle Billy's album of the moment: American V - A Hundred Highways by Johnny Cash, the best of the American albums I'd say at the moment. I also had a borrow of the Unearthed boxset, which is horrendously expensive, but is a best of the American albums (which I already have), a copy of "My Mother's Hymnbook" (which I've thought of buying but haven't) and 3 cds of outtakes from the American sessions, which I am currently listening to at the moment, and which is wonderful.
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Wednesday January 17 - Day 17

New Books

I feel like shit today - my cold has decided to make itself very well known. Anyways, busy day at work, followed by accidentally reading thelondonpaper and discovering the details of the "Celebrity" Big Brother "RACISM SCANDAL" (I wonder how it will affect house prices), leaving me wondering whether I am part of the same species as the people who a) are involved and b) care.

Got home (having finished The Man Who Ate Everything on the tube - some of it excellent, some of it not so great. Overall - READ THIS BOOK) to find a big box of books (as seen above) sitting rather sodden on my doorstep. On picking it up it I discovered that one of this sides had dissolved in today's rain and it must have been one of my neighbours who had turned it round to try and protect the books. Interesting interpretation of a delivery instruction of "leave securely at the back of the house". I would have thought that "leave in full view of the road in a direct stream of water in the heavy rain" would have been a more accurate description. All the books are fine, apart from some wrinkling to the Rick Stein one (the one I most wanted to read - watched him and St Ray of Mears on telly tongith) and the complete destruction of my free book - The Wayne Rooney Yearbook. Well, I say complete destruction, but it's 12 pages are so laminated I suspect it will be "right as rain" tomorrow...

Next book to read, Aristoi by Walter Jon Williams, as recommended by Ingvar. Thankyou Amazon sellers and your cheap £1.26 + postage import from the US for a hardback book unavailable in the UK in any format.

I also found my passport today - I've been looking for it for a month and it was at the bottom of the first box I looked in today, inside a random A4 envelope...
cowfish 12 years ago
Thursday January 18th - Day 18

Mike Sings

Windy today - all the trains stopped because bits of the stations kept blowing away. In the end I faffed so much about leaving work that I didn't have any trouble getting home. Which was nice.

Got my 500gb hard drive, the first step in to making my computer useable again, only to discover that my USB tweaking of yesterday has seemingly burned the USB2 controller, leaving a bunch of USB sockets dead on my machine. I now have a 5 port USB2 PCI card waiting for me in PC World near work tomorrow. The humiliation of buying such a thing from PC World is part of my punishment for plugging in the USB headers the wrong way round, causing sparks to shoot up my arm when I plugged my card reader in. Ho hum.

Down The Castle tonight to see my bro and have a listen to the jam night. The piccy above is of one of the barman finally getting up and having a go after much chivvying - not half bad.
cowfish 11 years ago
Friday January 19th - Day 19

Guess Where

Newbies arrived at work today, so not much got done. I skipped out to buy my usb card, which worked and helped me back my pc up ready for it's destruction and phoenix like resurrection from the flames (but hopefully without so many flames), and shot this for the Guess Where London group.

Now I need inspiration for pie, as the next LJ Pie-off is on Sunday...
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Hey Uncle Billy! New visitor to your thread.
I really dug your story for the 9th--unintended music scores are the best!
ebilflindas: Everyday Dad
cowfish 11 years ago
Saturday January 20th - Day 20

Infinte Bathroom 1

Woke up randomly early today, after microsleeping my way through the end of Up Pompeii last night, and after some consideration decided that the local farmers market wouldn't have any rabbit, so went off to Borough Market for some food retail therapy. I do spend a lot of time buying food...

Anyways, I had decided to make a rabbit pie for tomorrow's pie off (details probably in tomorrow's post) and thus needed a bunny, preferably in as close a state to "boned and chopped" as possible. Got to the guys who always have good game and found some jointed rabbits - not quite boned, but enough on the way. I also managed to pick up one of the Ginger Pig's fab sausage rolls, some cider from the cider-man, some dutch farm cheese with cumin (that almost tastes like curried cheese) [although I am now kicking myself that I didn't get any of the young cumin cheese, or the young gouda, as they were fantastic, maybe more than the one I got], some Bratwurst (that are frying away at the moment) and a bunch of piccies. I then wandered off to the comic shops and wandered through the British Museum, grabbing the shot above in the bathroom below the reading room (the main reason I wandered in...). Back home via the local butchers to pick up the rest of my cooking ingredients, as well as some duck legs to confit (which I grabbed because you normally have to order them in).

An afternoon cooking has taught me that it is very advisable to use fresh, in date flour, as my 1.5 years out of date flour made bad, unworkable pastry and the new shiny nice flour made the easiest to handle and hopefully best pastry I've ever made.

I boned the rabbit, chopped up chicken and assembled two pies that are now cooking. Every time I got up to my elbows in flour I got a phone call or a visiting brother arriving, which combined with the tasty cider means that my flailing arms have now covered my flat in a thin sheen of flour. Which is not good.

Now it is time to eat some hopefully tasty bratwurst, finish off this rather good bottle of red and watch myself a film - The Proposition or Bedazzled...Nick Cave's downbeat take on an Australian western or Liz Hurley being the devil. A hard choice to make: not enough wine yet.
ebilflindas 11 years ago
Awesome pic!
Rabbit pie? Makes me think of the old joke about having a friend over for a rabbit dinner.
ebilflindas: Everyday Dad
cowfish 11 years ago
This isn't any old rabbit pie - it's a modern rabbit pie, from a recipe from the 1840s :)
sunshinecity 11 years ago
wow i had some catching up to do!!!

infinite bathroom... kinda freaky!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
cowfish 11 years ago
Sunday January 21 - Day 21

Rabbit pie - done

Pie-off day today. Set of piccies of the entries over here. My "Modern" Rabbit Pie picked up the Isambard Kingdom Brunel Award for Pie Engineering (due to its hideous density and possible use as a weapon in hand-to-hand combat) and the Heartwarmingly Honest to Goodness Traditional Pie award. Much pie was eaten, all was good (especially the Fish, Banana and Cashew pie, which didn't win anything due to being a little too banana-y, but which was rather tasty all the same). Bumped into my dad and Gill for a swift half on the way home and have finally now finished the joy of RAW->JPG and Neatimage-ing all the pie piccies.

I have chicken pie for dinner for the rest of this week...
cowfish 11 years ago
Monday January 22 - Day 22

Dry Riser Inlet

Busy day today - 8.30am meeting and another one tomorrow...
Apart from US customs being their normal friendly selves my new employees arrived safely in the US, as has my new camera, which is now sitting on a cow-orker's desk awaiting my fair hand to pick it up.

Started some duck confit this evening - threw out the two duck legs I bought at the weekend which smelt rather nasty, rubbed the two new ones I bought today with salt and wrapped them in plastic ready for tomorrows "slow cooking in duck fat". Oh yes. The picture was snapped on the way to the nice butchers - I used to pop in their when I worked at the Corporation of London (my first real IT job, while I was at university 7 years ago) and they've now moved around the corner. Just as good and my hunch that they would be poncey enough to stock both duck legs and duck fat paid off - I paid 4 pounds for two of the biggest duck legs ever as compared to 3.30 for two teeny ones that went off from the guys down the road...my local butchers may be great for most things, but I don't rate their game...

Watched The Player this evening - excellent. I've seen most of Robert Altman's films and have found them all very different and variable (MASH is one of my favourite films ever but Gosford Park left me strangely cold, despite it's containing all my favourite british actors) - I will have to seek out more, especially having read about him last year.
cowfish 11 years ago
Tuesday January 23 - Day 23

Sac Magique

Another early start and a chat with Tokyo this morning left me dead all day. My camera bag turned up from Singapore, complete with lying customs document (Goods valued at $1) and a big "SENT AS GIFT NO COMMERCIAL VALUE" on the front in black pen. Nice to see that we all understand the simple ways of avoiding customs charges...

My house is now filling with the smell of fat as I attempt to make my duck confit. My main barriers being that I don't have quite enough duck fat (I did, but the top of one of the duck legs is poking out now it's started to cook) and I don't have a suitable dish. So, I'm making do with a casserole dish and am hoping that the currently exposed bit of duck sinks during the cooking process. In any case, I suspect they won't last more than a few days after they are cooked, completely ruining the original intention of the process - preserving duck legs in fat for later eating...
cowfish 11 years ago
Wednesday January 24 - Day 24

Escaped Tomato

It snowed this morning. I didn't realise until I saw a photo from one of my flickr contacts while doing my normal internet trawl - the curtains by computer weren't even drawn. I popped outside for a few photos in the dark, but by the time I got to work it had all melted...

On my way from station to home it got a bit random, with the cooler cabinets from the now closed branch of Morrison's being removed and left unplugged along the path at the back of the Ealing Broadway centre... The bit when two fork lift trucks were passing industrial cooler cabinets to each other over a hedge was interesting as well.
cowfish 11 years ago
Thursday January 25 - Day 25


Off to the dentist this morning to get a chip on the back of a tooth fixed - I was pleasantly surprised that the appointment took 5 minutes, cost a third of what I'd expected from the last dentist I went to and also finished before it was meant to start. The half day I booked off from work felt a bit silly.

The dentist is also rather lovely.

So after that "traumatic" experience I ended up working from, and actually getting rather a lot of stuff that I needed to do done. And I got to watch Ready, Steady, Cook.

Then off down to The George and Devonshire for a few bevvies in honour of Mr Rich's birthday, although I managed to turn up 1/2 an hour before everyone else, more due to my relative efficiency in travel (as compared to Mr Rich's accidental meeting of a bunch of other people on the way to the pub and an impromptu beer stop on the way) than any particular earliness.

Mr Rich and Claire gave me a lift home to my lovely duck fat filled flat - I heated up my confit to remove the duck legs (as bits were exposed and they were obviously going to go off...really...it wasn't that I couldn't wait to eat them) and then accidentally ate both of them. They were rather good.

Back in the office tomorrow, and meeting with the flickr posse in the evening, as well as a bunch of n00bs it seems.
lramiro520 11 years ago
Digging your pics, and very fascinated about your rabbit pie. I've only had rabbit once in my life and it was pretty yummy. I never thought it could ever be made into a pie! Oh, and I just LOVE duck! Seems like you really know what you're doing in the kitchen, so I'm sure your version of duck tastes much better than mine...

The Other Side Of The Fence
sunshinecity 11 years ago
glad to hear you fixed your chipped tooth!!

I like the lit-up phone booth... the tags n stuff show up so well!!

~ sunshinecity,
a picture, a story
cowfish 11 years ago
lramiro520: Thanks - the duck really was rather special, and scarily easy. The main problem was finding someone who sold big tins of duck fat...

sunshinecity: you can't see all the tags in the photo - it was totally covered and looked really quite impressive in the dark
cowfish 11 years ago
Friday January 26 - Day 26


Another busy day at work today, with an unfortunate mix up at lunch which led to the accidental ordering of an entire rack of ribs rather than a single rib. We ate them.

To the Natural History Museum this evening to see the Wildlife Photography of the Year exhibition with the flickr meetups posse. Lots of new faces, some rather splendid photography, and some beverages in the pub.

I arrived home to find my Wii pulsing it's little blue light at me and it's now attempting to download the new News Channel from Nintendo's seemingly overloaded servers - it's taking so long that I'm giving up and am going to bed. I can see what's happening in the world in the morning.
cowfish 11 years ago
Saturday January 27 - Day 27

Up early

Up early this morning due to a) my body clock being shit and b) the heating coming on while I was half awake and making it too warm for me to sleep, but not quite warm enough to get out of bed...
Had my inaugural dinner party in my flat this evening, so today was mainly preparing for that - had to go shopping for ingredients and tidy up, as it seems the flat had turned into a bit of a shit-heap since moving in.

The menu for this evening was Lasagne with Brocolli and Glazed Carrots, followed by Tangerine and Chocolate Granitas. The lasagne was to try out the various different ragu recommendations that I've recently found - I tried them all at the same time: add star anise in a muslin bag (Heston Blumethal), use a base of celery, carrot, onion and garlic (Heston Blumenthal), minced (in my case very finely chopped) oxtail (St Heston of Blumenthal), stick a pork chop in for flavour, but remove it before serving (Salvo Profita's Sicilian mother, via the London.food mailing list. The chop was fantastic and was shared with Adam), cook it for ages (St Heston, my mum, me, everyone). After searching everywhere for table mats (only to discover that I actually had 5, rather than the 4 I thought, which would have meant I needed another) and star anise (the hippy shop up the road had sold out. Arses) I managed to get all my ingredients (and a couple of bottles of Lehman Australian Tempranillo - thankyou Mr Waitrose).

Guests this evening were Adam, Beth, Dave and Colette

I first made granita - chocolate (make a chocolate soup of water and cocoa, then add sugar and milk and "granita-ise) and mandarin (grate the skin of some mandarins into a bowl of sugar water, juice the mandarins and add that, add lemon juice to balance the sugar and then "granita-ise"). Granita-ise is sticking in the freezer and then smooshing around with a fork every 30 minutes or so, by my method, but according to Mr Steingarten there are many different ways of obtaining the ice crystal size you want - I like mine rather coarse, so it's the fork for me.

The lasagne worked well - the chop was removed and eaten, a white sauce was made and the rather large dish (bought new today and only half the price of the next smallest size) was layered with lasagne, sauce, lasagne, sauce, lasagne, white sauce and parmesan before being baked. It crisped up nicely on top, was subtley but nicely cheesy and tasted pretty damn gorgeous. I now have a tiny square left after my guests devoured almost everything.

Colette brought along a rather fantastic chocolate and stout cake which, along with the granita, closed our meal out in a rather splendid fashion. The bottle of Orange Riesling that has been sitting in the fridge (courtesy of Bethlet) complimented the mandarin granita rather well. My chocolate chilli granita needs some work, but I think adding pricked whole chillis to the chocolate soup before simmering could add enough chilli flavour without the powderiness that the chilli powder I added to my small experimental sample did.

After an evening of friends known for spilling things playing Wii Sports with no accidents, I have just (while writing this entry) managed to kick my glass of wine over. Luckily I managed, although unable to see the glass due to the laptop screen being in the way, to catch the it between my feet (the same feet that knocked it over) and only spilt a tiny drop in the carpet. The rest went on my socks...I have wet feet. They smell of wine.
cowfish 11 years ago
Saturday January 28 - Day 28


Woke up too early again today, but early enough to go and see Blood Diamond for the early show at the cinema - good film, but very undecided as to whether it had a message, was a documentary or an action/chase movie...

Wandered around the science museum for a bit and did some cooking experimentation - cooking steak "sous vide", not "proper" sous-vide, but cooking at about 60degC for 30 minutes in a bag with all the air squeezed out in a pan of water in the oven, before frying for colour on the outside. Best steak I have ever cooked.
cowfish 11 years ago
Monday January 29 - Day 29


Went bowling this evening - been meaning to go along for a while and finally managed it. Good fun and will be rolling again in a fortnight. I am, however, very tempted to buy myself a bowling ball...
cowfish 11 years ago
Tuesday January 30 - Day 30

Chocolate Granita

Busy day at work today, didn't get out to wander at lunchtime so a photo from this evening - some of the leftovers of the chocolate granita I did at the weekend for dinner, now actually frozen properly and shaved out of the tub with a fork. Very tasty...
cowfish 11 years ago
Wednesday January 31 - Day 31

Look Left

One month down, which has beaten my expectation by 3 and a bit weeks. I've not even had to post on the next day yet (next day being after I have gone to sleep, anyway).

To continue the theme, busy at work today. Wandered at lunchtime leading to this shot and a couple of other Liverpool Street locals. Organised more meetings for my trip to the US next week (please don't burgle my house) and should have my shiny new camera for my trip to NYC on Sunday (Pentax K10D, delivered to a cow-orker and hopefully delivered to my hotel on Saturday night - if not into my hot little hands then into those of a hotel employee who can answer "Yes" when I ask "Do I have any messages?"),

Two more days of organising then a day of movies and fun (aka flying to America - PLEASE let me have a Virgin Atlantic plane with 100 movie video on demand system). I need to start going to bed later - jetlag is for the unprepared. I wonder what's on at the midnight showing at the cinema in Norwalk next Saturday...
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Thursday February 1 - Day 32


Now it's no longer January counting the days gets that little bit harder.

Anyways, accidentally got drunk last night so not very easy to get to work. I have, although while drunk, learnt how to play God Save The Queen (Sex Pistols version) in some form on the ukulele. I haven't tried it sober yet, and by the time I got to bed my fingers had stopped working, but I suspect it might work...

Had a wander around north of work today at lunch and grabbed a few nice pics - there's been some cleaning and new graffiti since my last wander, which often gives some good photo opportunities.

I can never remember if graffiti is that or grafitti. Today I am using the former. It may not last.

Went out for dinner with my dad this evening (hello dad, post some photos), grabbing some rather tasty japanese nosh at Taro and then swung by The Castle to see my bro and meet his girlfriend and watch them do a bit of jamming - as seen above. Tim was in fine voice and Amy can definitely sing and even play a bit of harp.

Also, Darren got his Wii. Finally.
cowfish 11 years ago
Friday February 2 - Day 33


Brief wander at lunchtime and a busy day. Off to the US tomorrow, so met up with the bro for a swift half and some banter this evening. I've found my passport so now on to the packing and the staying up late in an attempt to fool my bodyclock - only 5 hours time difference but I'm not good at staying up late. Let's just hope that Heathrow still stocks Red Bull.

New camera should be in my sweaty paws tomorrow night.
cowfish 11 years ago
Saturday February 3 - Day 34


Flew to the USA today - flight at 4pm, delayed on the tarmac for an hour due to incorrectly packed in cargo. Good films (Flags of our Fathers, Little Miss Sunshine and Crank) and good food, and no hassles at security either end (although Heathrow do now have a seperate shoe scanner that noone, especially the operators, seems to care about).

New camera was waiting for me at the hotel and it looks pretty shiny. I would do some test shots, but I'm knackered.

It now feels like 5am, so I must sleep.
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Sunday February 4 - Day 35


Into NYC today. Very tired now, I'll fill in the writing part of this tomorrow.
cowfish 11 years ago
Got into the City at about 12:30 and wandered down to Battery Park City to meet up with Bethlet and James for lunch. Then after helping to carry some shopping I jumped on the Staten Island ferry with Nick, and on the way back got a bit of golden hour light that ran out just as we got to the Statue of Liberty, which looked rather special at a distance with the light on it. Then up to 54th street to watch some of the superbowl and then on to The London Bar (Gordon Ramsay's restaurant in New York. Well, the slightly cheaper part of it anyway) for an excellent meal. Back on the 12:22 train and in bed by 2am...hence the tiredness above.
Ladybadtiming PRO 11 years ago
cowfish 11 years ago
I am the Lord of fun. The King of Mirth. Or something.
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Monday February 5 - Day 36

Thankyou Mr Weak American Dollar

Some games I picked up in New York at the weekend that I finally got a chance to play tonight. As far as I know neither are released in the UK at the moment, and I bought them both for the same price as 1 game in the UK. Thankyou Nintendo Europe.

Successful meetings today, with lots of stuff done (and pretty much justifying my trip already, which is nice) and a nice meal in South Norwalk.

It's still really cold.
cowfish 11 years ago
Tuesday February 6 - Day 37

Wintery sticks

I stupidly walked to work. It may have been only 15 minutes, but it was rather cold. Good day at work, missed a nice curry for lunch, but was out for dinner and pool tonight. My pool skills were almost unchallenged. But I was actually crap. I did actually rule at darts, but that is to be expected...or something.
cowfish 11 years ago
Wednesday February 7 - Day 38

The Author : Tired.

Flying back to the UK tomorrow on an 8.20am plane - my cab arrives at 5am, I should really go to bed.

I'm full of steak, found a copy of Diddy Kong Racing for the DS, have no battery power left for the DS, have brought the wrong charger for the DS (brought the phat one, not lite one) and have a copy of Charlie Stross' "Atrocity Archives". So, a mixed day.

Now I sleep.
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Thursday February 8 - Day 39


Up at 4am (EST), on a plane by 8am and flew home. Impressively, the door of the plane opened at 8.05pm and I was at home by 9.25, including a trip to the pub and also picking up some dinner. Which was nice.
cowfish 11 years ago
Friday February 9 - Day 40


Up bright and early for work, and still seemingly without jetlag. Out last night for Fiona's birthday, her first night out since the recent birth of her and James' son, iirc. Back after to Bruce's house in Aylesbury (where I now sit) where I ended up sleeping on the kitchen floor due to the colossal noise of my impromptu roommate's snoring. Gave up with that once I could no longer hear him through the closed kitchen door and spent a surprisingly relaxing night on the floor wrapped in a sheet and covered by my fleece.

Now I've got to work out how to get back to London...
cowfish 11 years ago
Saturday February 10 - Day 41


After a surprisingly good (ie, edible) breakfast in the local Tescos we wandered to the local "Permanent beer festival" pub (The Hop Pole) only to discover that the beer gods had frowned on us and our plan to start with a breakfast beer at 11, and the pub didn't open until 12. So, we wandered into the wilds of "downtown" Aylesbury to have a nice pint at a Chiltern Brewery pub (The Kings Head). Then off to The Hop Pole again for tasty beers (from their 10 on tap) and the rugby.

Annoyingly, there was engineering work, which combined with the hourly trains and change at "Princes Risborough" (which Wikipedia tells me was once an important station) meant that I didn't get home until late.

Anyways, London Flickr Scavenger Hunt tomorrow.
cowfish 11 years ago
Sunday February 11 - Day 42

Shocked bust

Flickr scavenger hunt today, and it went rather well. I wandered around the V&A with a posse of admins while we waited for the kids to finish finding things, which they did surprisingly well. Now I have to do the washing up (which I still haven't started yet, dad)
cowfish 11 years ago
Monday February 12 - Day 43


Brief wander at lunch while my pasta was being "cooked" and then a bunch of work. Went bowling again this evening and rolled absolute shite, not breaking 100 in either game. There would have been a piccy here from the bowling alley, but it seems that Pentax's software isn't compatible with itself, and while I can view images from my new camera I can't convert them from RAW to jpeg. Ho hum.
cowfish 11 years ago
Tuesday February 13 - Day 44

UK Market

Not a lot happened today, apart from me forgetting to put my memory card in my camera at lunch, hence the "at home while watching the TV" picture. I seem to have become obsessed with the rubik's cube.
cowfish 11 years ago
Wednesday February 14 - Day 45

Monitor macro

Off to the dentist this morning - a lucky discovery of my appointment card helped here, as I thought it was tomorrow. She, in her scarily efficient manner, capped a chipped tooth and filled a couple of other chips, as well as doing a full clean, in under 30 minutes. Scary.

The dentist is opposite the butchers and grocers, giving me the ideal chance to grab tasty dinner, which I dutifully did. Our current american visitor at work ducked out of our meal this evening due to jetlag (or "because everyone hates you, Billy" if you listen to certain cow-orkers) leaving me to an evening of sous-vide rib-eye, garlicky beans (idea stolen from Carluccio's yesterday lunch), glazed carrots and washing up. The same washing up I was meant to do on Sunday. It's mostly done now.

The rather dull looking photo is a macro shot of my monitor from this morning, when I was a) playing with my macro lens and b) learning how to hack my new camera...
cowfish 11 years ago
Thursday February 15 - Day 46


Went out this evening with some people from work, including a visitor from the US, for some beers and tasty food at Belgo's. Met up with Stevel from work and his mate Chris, a man who is also allegedly my doppelganger. I've met him twice and we are both still alive, which suggests that he is not my nemesis. I have some (from the back of the camera screen) nice photos from tonight, but a) it is late and b) I still haven't upgraded the software on my pc to convert RAW photos from my new camera, so they remain stuck on the memory card in the camera in my bag. In the other room. Away from my bed. Where I am going now.
lramiro520 11 years ago
Just catching up on your thread, and am seeing lots of cool pics and strange fun-sounding European jargon, like 'doppelganger.' Maybe I should start using that word too :)

The Other Side Of The Fence
cowfish 11 years ago
Friday February 16 - Day 47


Last day of training people at work and it seems to have gone well. Next week they start "real work" and we'll see how they really do, but that doesn't involve me so much, which should let me sleep at my desk more again.

Tim and Amy came over this evening for a "goodbye" dinner, as Tim is off to Scotland to work in a hotel on Saturday. He cooked up some rather excellent lamb shanks, showing that despite not having cooked since getting back to London a few months back he hasn't lost the family "I can cook" touch.
cowfish 11 years ago
Saturday February 17 - Day 48

Ken MacLeod uses a Whiteboard

Picocon today - the yearly Imperial College sci-fi and fantasy society's convention. This year it was very much SF themed with Ken MacLeod and Charlie Stross representing authors, and Farah Mendolsohn representing the critical and academic side. Unfortunately I ended up in the bar in the afternoon, missing Mr Stross' talk and the panel (both of which I hear were rather good), but did manage to catch Ken MacLeod's self admittedly random talk (including drawing the above wiggly graph to explain a method of predicting social trends used when planning books) and his interview of Farah Mendolsohn, both of which were rather good.

After a showing in the quiz that didn't get our name mentioned in the results (my knowledge of of some book covers in the picture round scared me, although I did forget that the first book of Stephen Donaldson's "Gap" series is the one that doesn't follow the same naming pattern as the rest, and thus got it wrong) I departed for home and had a chat with my brother, who is now happily ensconced in his new home above a pub/hotel in Scotland where he is currently drinking an excellent prize-winning beer (Black Gold) from one of my favourite breweries in an attempt to make me jealous. He is succeeding.
cowfish 11 years ago
Sunday February 18 - Day 49


Chinese New Year celebrations down in town today, so I wandered in to do a bit of the old photography. The parade seems to have been slightly curtailed this year in comparison to previous years - I turned up at 11:20 and it had disappeared already, to the dismay of a lot of the audience. I then met up with a few flickrites and did some more shooting, including taking some people piccies, which I normally shy away from. Still haven't worked up the courage to ask people if I could take their photo, so most were shot with my rather clunky old manual 70-210 - got a couple of nice ones, including the one above.

After a swift half we stopped off for a pint and I ran away home via the comic shop - I just finished reading the last issue of Nextwave, so Phillipe might get his first comic book series in the "Books you've read" thread shortly.

I am now full of tea (I forget how nice tea is sometimes) and have more comics to read (two weeks worth...maybe three...), so will probably fall asleep on the sofa shortly.
cowfish 11 years ago
Monday February 19 - Day 50


Out tonight for some bevvies and dinner with Cath, Dave and Fu Ting. We may have come last in the quiz in Cath's local, but our lack of knowledge of the works of Bruce Springsteen (apart from the answer to the question "Who has supported Springsteen on his last 8 european tours" - answer "Noone. Noone can support the boss") coupled with the rather media and thelondonpaper focused questions meant that we could at least rustle up an excuse why we got 14, as compared to the next lowest team's 19 and the winner's 28...
cowfish 11 years ago
Tuesday February 20th - Day 51


Out for a night of pool with work last night - having people visit from the US is always a good excuse for going out. Me and Rich were knocked out in the first round by the eventual runners up, although as it was by knocking the white in off the black it was sort of a win. Just not actually one.
cowfish 11 years ago
Wednesday February 21st - Day 52

Give Way

Busy at work today, but enough time for a quick wander round at lunchtime. Out this evening with a visitor from the US and ended up in Fish! due to Brindisa being typically full (3.5 hour wait for a table). A rather nice evening.
cowfish 11 years ago
Thursday February 22nd - Day 53


Weird day at work - first day that I've not felt like a software engineer at all. Anyways, much busy and went out for dinner with Dave. Tasty thai food, although it seems that Dave now has rather bad food poisoning - very strange seeing as I am the king of being sick if I sit near bad food, let alone eat it...
cowfish 11 years ago
Friday February 23rd - Day 54

These ones are mine

It seems I was not immune to the (potential bad prawn induced) food poisoning - I had to leave the curry house at lunchtime on seeing a menu, as the urge to be sick on the table became rather overwhelming the second I thought about food. I ended up eating some bread and chicken which stayed down for a few hours and made me feel much better.

The caramel wafers were a present for feeling better.
cowfish 11 years ago
Saturday February 24th - Day 55


It seems I am addicted to playing with the Rubik's cube...luckily today Playin' Games had none in stock (apart from the tiny key ring ones) so I only have a lended one for the moment...hopefully I will get over this obsession before I find a place with one in stock.

Off out bowling tonight with some of the kids - I got a 97, so still room for improvement.
cowfish 11 years ago
Sunday February 25th - Day 56

If only I could

Off out shooting all day for "The Project". Absolutely knackered due to the 6 hours of walking around but a bunch of nice photos that will appear at some time.
cowfish 11 years ago
Monday February 26th - Day 57


Wandered around towards Bethnal Green at lunch, which was nice. Cried off bowling and did lots of sitting around and being in my flat, something that I haven't done for a while.
cowfish 11 years ago
Tuesday February 27th - Day 58

Caramel Henge

Absolutely knackered today - did little and went home skipping Steve's birthday party.went bed at about 9pm and got a good 8 hours sleep (hence the posting this the next day).
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Wednesday February 28th - Day 59


31 days in January plus 28 in Feb...yup that makes 59. My counting hasn't gone awry.

Busy day today - celebratory lunch with the visiting CFO acknowledging the masterful work that the recruiting posse (including my good self) have done so far this year. Lunch turned up very slow after an overrunning presentation so I had to run out early - although as it was to go and interview some potential employees it was probably the best excuse to have (the other main recruitingy person had to run out to do a presentation to a bunch of students, which was sort of poetic).

Stopped by Bush House this evening for a focus group about the BBC Catch-up TV service which I am helping to trial. Interesting to see how other people watch tv and how they use the service, as well as what they thought it was, generally to have their hopes somewhat dashed - I was alright as I had no real clue what to expect and in the end it was much better than the rather crap thing I had finally decided it would be...I have instructions now how to properly reset the box to hopefully stop it crashing. Hopefully.
cowfish 11 years ago
Thursday March 1st - Day 60

no dogs

Off on a wander to find Guinness Marmite this lunchtime. We found a gap where it would have gone on the shelf, along with a teasing sign claiming that it was "Temporarily Unavailable", rather than sold out which I'd guess is the actual case for a limited edition yeast extract spread...

Last night I watched...well...sat in a room while Ultraviolet played on my dvd player. I think I can safely say that is pretty much the worst film I have ever seen in my entire life. I will not even link to its imdb page as any hindrance I can put in the way of others who might learn more about this film is a good thing. It is shit.
cowfish 11 years ago
Friday March 2nd - Day 61


Out tonight with Dave, Let, Adam and Kosh for beverages and tasty foods. As ever followed up by a spate of Wii-ing and some Guitar Hero 2. Dave's unbeaten reign at Wii boxing has now been brought to a close by Kosh's rookie punching skillz.
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Saturday March 3rd - Day 62


After a rather impressive hangover, solved by a croque madame in the portugese place over the road, I managed to meet up with some of the flickr kids for a swift half, before I left them to go to the Kew Bridge Steam Museum. I came home, sat down for a bit and then promptly got on a bus to Cheam for an evening of Ardbeg tasting - it "only" takes 2 hours to get there on the bus... Whisky was drunk in fine company, with a grand total of 8 on the card in the end.

On the way back I remembered that it's lunar eclipse night and managed to grab a few shots. Unfortunately the gimp doesn't like me so no cloning away of some hot pixels, so not uploaded for now.
cowfish 11 years ago
Sunday March 4th - Day 63

Candle 1-2

Watched Hot Fuzz this morning - quite marvellous and on my list to buy when it comes out. I washed up and did my washing, and now my flat is on it's way to being that of a normal human being again. I will hopefully follow in its stead.
cowfish 11 years ago
Monday March 5th - Day 64


Busy day of early meetings and interviewing. I read a recommended recipe for buffalo sauce earlier today so decided to have a go for myself. After a selection of burning tastings I had the ratios of tabasco, butter and vinegar about right (my clear malt vinegar is a bit stronger than the vinegar the recipe writer must have used...or they like really vinegary sauce) and covered a bunch of wings that I shallowed fried with the concoction. Result: tasty. It burned...oh my god did it burn. Not all that much in the end though, as the addition of enough butter to frighten my poor heart sucked out a good chunk of the heat.

Sauce: 4 tbsp tabasco, 4 tbsp (well, a bunch of slices) butter, 1 tsp vinegar.
cowfish 11 years ago
Tuesday March 6th - Day 65

Starry night

Busy day and an evening of nothing. Which was nice. Sat out the back of my house for a bit to have a read in the outside and shot this down the side of the houses nearby. I could have got my tripod to do it properly, but couldn't be bothered - much too much of an evening of sitting around.
cowfish 11 years ago
Wednesday March 7th - Day 66


Happy Birthday to Me.

Out with Dad and Gill tonight for dinner and now awaiting the arrival of Mr Jim, who needs somewhere to sleep after a Nine Inch Nails gig.
msspider66 11 years ago
Happy belated b-day Billy!

[Ms Spider66]
lramiro520 11 years ago
Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a good day!

The Other Side Of The Fence
cowfish 11 years ago
Thursday March 8th - Day 67


A day off work today and off out wandering around the Tate Modern. The slides are still there but I took on the role of bag carrier while James, my random visitor, did the slidey thing. Out down the pub in the evening for some belated birthday celebrations...leading to rather more drunkenness than I was expecting.

And thanks for the birthday wishes!
cowfish 11 years ago
Friday March 9th - Day 68


An impromptu working from home day today, as my hangover was bad enough that I couldn't make it to the station - the first time I have done that in my working career. Got rather a lot done workwise as well as watching Quantum Leap and Quincey, which is always nice.

This evening I met up with the people of thegestalt.org/london.food/ for our 4 year anniversary of the mailing list starting. Tasty foods were eaten and rather nice wine was drunk. I managed to get a glass of Don PX to wash down my pudding with, although we didn't get shown into the Vivat Bacchus cheese room, which was rather disappointing as they chose our cheese boards and I had to swap mine as there was nothing on it that I liked (being the cheese wuss that I am).

And now to bed, after sleeping on the tube both out on my way to dinner and all the way back.
cowfish 11 years ago
Saturday March 10th - Day 69

5 shillings

Up early to find that we had a powercut - it seems that someone flipped their car at the end of my road after hitting a lampost, and that the power had been turned off due to the lampost being live. Fire engines, ambulances and police cars all with flashing lights filled the space outside my house through the early hours of the morning...I slept through it all and assumed the fuses had gone due to me leaving the shower turned on at the mains...

Went for a wander down to the farmer's market while waiting for the power to come back on and then went for a walk around Walpole Park with Dave. I have now completed an evening of tasty smoked sausage, tasty australian tempranillo, Bullets over Broadway and now a background of the Royal Opera production of Siegfried while I looked up random things on wikipedia. All in all a good night.
cowfish 11 years ago
Sunday March 11th - Day 70


Gorgeous day today. Went for a wander to Gunnersbury Park but got stuck in a neverending series of twisty cul-de-sacs and gave up, eventually wandering past Foxtons and grabbing the piccy above for the cockmobiles spotting group.

England won the rubgy, so sorry to the french taskmasters who rule the mdpd group, but it was the first game I've watched in ages and it was rather good.

I've goat for dinner and a ridiculous horror movie. All in all a rather nice weekend.
cowfish 11 years ago
Monday March 12th - Day 71


Bit of a wander at lunchtime today after a long meeting and forgetting to eat. Which was a bit silly.

Out bowling this evening - 108, 90something and 112, so vaguely getting better. An earlier start means that we should be able to get three games in each time now, which should be good.
cowfish 11 years ago
Tuesday March 13th - Day 72

It's mine

Guess Where London meetup this evening, at the Freemason's Arms in Holborn. I was expecting 4 or 5 people but we ended up filling a good third of the pub in space and we were probably 3/4 of the customers. Annoyingly I hadn't got the message from the landlady to confirm our booking of the back of the pub, which meant that we ended up with a hastily grabbed chunk at the front, which filled very quickly. However, with a bit of unsubtle encircling we took over the whole of the front of the pub by the end of the night. Good night.
cowfish 11 years ago
Wednesday March 14th - Day 73

Pancetta Wrapped Chicken Breast

Quiet night in this evening, with dinner (although the chicken went a bit dry in a bout of "must not leave chicken even vaguely uncooked" paranoia, combined with a "I have no idea how long to bake a chicken breast for even when it's not wrapped in pancetta"), a niceish bottle of wine and Snakes on a Plane. The film rocked.
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