-soccerkid6 11:04am, 14 July 2016
Well with 130 entries, you guys didn't make it easy on us, but the judges have given their verdict!

Given the high number of quality entries, we're listing all builds that were within 4 points of the category winner as honorable mentions.

We'll kick things off with the Natural Beauty Category
The Winner...
WookieWarrior with
Temple of Oxomoco
Temple of Oxomoco by Wookieewarrior

Honorable Mentions
Mark of Siloam with Stavkirke at the Fjord
Stavkirke at the Fjord by Mark of Siloam

Toltomeja with Prenwaig Falls
Prenwaig Falls by Toltomeja

Kingdomviewbricks with The Mountain
LoR/TSJ - The Mountain by Kingdomviewbricks

W. Navarre with Night Explosion
Night Explosion by W. Navarre

Mr. Unknown with Snow-Covered Mountain Landscape
Snow-Covered Mountain Landscape by dawson.jones

Next, the Faction Action Category
And the winner is....
Aido K and The Treasure Troll's Lair
The Treasure Troll's Lair - Part 1 by aido k

Honorable Mentions
Marcel V with Wolfpack Ambush
Wolfpack Ambush! by MarcelV.

Mark of Siloam with Northern Bears
Northern Bears by Mark of Siloam

Brick Rebel with The B.E.A.R.S.
The B.E.A.R.S. by Brick Rebel

MKJoshA with Viking Tales of Dragon Woes
Viking Tales of Dragon Woes by mkjosha

Petric_G with Hun Faction Action
GoH_Hun-3 by Petric_G

And The Historian Category
Aido K built the winning entry, England 1216-The First Baron's War
England 1216 – The First Baron's War by aido k

Honorable Mention
Also Aido K with Dover Castle in 1216
The Siege of Dover Castle 1216 by aido k

Castle Interior(s)
Brickvader came out on top with his Secret Door creation.
Secret Door by Travis Brickle

Honorable Mentions
Marcel V. with The Queen's Chamber
The queen's chamber by MarcelV.

Legophthalmos with Departure of the Samurai
departure of the Samurai by legophthalmos

Teabox with A Scene in a Library
A Scene in a Library by Teabox (henrik_zwomp)

David Zambito with The Northern Wing
The Northern Wing by dzambito42

And the winner of the extremely popular Vignette category...
Marcel V. with his Nocturnian Floating Castle
Nocturnian floating castle by MarcelV.

Honorable Mentions
Guy Smiley with Dragon Attack
Dragon Attack by Guy Smiley :-)

Toltomeja with The Manhunt
The Manhunt by Toltomeja

Aido K with Undermining the Castle Wall
Undermining the Castle Wall by aido k

Brother Steven with Fisher's Luck
Fisher's Luck by Brother Steven

Halhi141 with Bluewater Castle
Bluewater Castle by Halhi141

~Brick with Castle on the Edge
Castle On The Edge by Tilde Brick

Forlorn Empire with The Sandy Citadel
The Sandy Citadel by ForlornEmpire

Andrew JN with The Chamber of Self-Motivation
The Chamber of Self-Motivation by Andrew JN

Dave Zambito with The Chapel on the Wooded Hill
The Chapel on the Wooded Hill by dzambito42

Dubbadgrim with Neck Warmer Merchants
TSJ - Neck-Warmer Merchants by Dubbadgrim

Jonathan Catland with "You There! Handsomely Now."

Last, but definitely not least of the categories, is Guild Creation
This was extraordinarily close, but in the end, the Mastik Guild emerged victorious.
Kiyonobu Military Center
TSJ - Kiyonobu Military Centre by Dubbadgrim

Khanibre Castle
Khanibre Castle by W. Navarre

The Village of Manigb
The Village of Manigb by W. Navarre

The Black Dragon
The Black Dragon by W. Navarre

Honorable Mentions

Faun Valley Guild
Faun Apple Farm by dzidek1983

Faun Valley - Cider Mill by Cyryl K.

Faun Valley - The Shrine by Toltomeja

Kaliphlin Guild
Terraced Villa in Peregrinus - 1 by qi_tah

OstrichKnights by Kayne_

Chapter2a by Kayne_

Beneath Anrarr by BrickCurve

Ingenious Dwarves and their Magnificent Creations Guild
Dragon Hunt by Jan Woznica

Dwemerium_Front view by BH's

Steam Princess And The Seven Dwarfs by goldsun19731

Ainesford Guild
Ainsford 'Red Elm' Market - Overview by Ayrlego

Ainsford Archery Range and Bowyer's Shop by The Corner Builder

Lands of Roawia: Lenfald: Ainesford Vineyard by ~Mythical

LoR/TSJ - LC 23 - Aines Bridge by Kingdomviewbricks

Michael and David Guild of Awesomeness Guild
A minstrel at the fair by Michael the Builder

The Outer Wall by David FNJ

Paying the toll by Michael the Builder

Llydelian Trading Co. Guild
Trade Company Postal Service by dzambito42

Serpent Towed Trade Barge by dzambito42

Elemental Drawn Supply Wagon (main) by dzambito42

Llydelian Trading Co. Home Port by TheRoyalBrick

Avalonian Guild
Good Old Days by titus.verelst

9 by milo.nelsiano

d by milo.nelsiano

And now for the Individual Awards!

First, the Expert Artisan award goes to the build with highest presentation score...
Dubbadgrim with Kiyonobu Military Center
TSJ - Kiyonobu Military Centre by Dubbadgrim

Runner up...
Marcel V. with Wolfpack Ambush
Wolfpack Ambush! by MarcelV.

Next, the Master Architect prize goes to the single highest scoring entry of the contest...
Also Dubbadgrim with Kiyonobu Military Center
TSJ - Kiyonobu Military Centre by Dubbadgrim

Runner up...
Toltomeja with Faun Valley - The Shrine
Faun Valley - The Shrine by Toltomeja

And finally, the Conquering Hero award, which goes to the competitor with highest average score who has entered at least 3 categories (only their top 3 builds from separate categories are averaged).

Prenwaig Falls by Toltomeja

The Manhunt by Toltomeja

Faun Valley - The Shrine by Toltomeja

Runner up...
Marcel V.
Nocturnian floating castle by MarcelV.

The queen's chamber by MarcelV.

Wolfpack Ambush! by MarcelV.

If you won a category or individual award, please send me your address so we can get those sent out to you. Each contestant can only win 1 category and 1 individual prize, if multiple categories are won by the same contestant, he/she chooses which prize to receive and the other prizes will be awarded to the runner ups.

Once again I'd like to thank all of you for entering and making this such a great contest.

But it wouldn't have been possible without the help of Mark of Falworth, Brickfiend, Finn Tegotash, cmaddison, aardwolf_83, Sir Edwyn, Legopold, Jonas Wide, Sergeant Chipmunk, and jsnyder002. They all provided vital help with various aspects of the contest, whether that be donating prizes, judging entries, or coming up with ideas and categories.

Thank you all, and we'll see you at the Summer Joust next year!
W. Navarre 3 years ago
Wow, we won the category I was gunning for after all (and despite my lousy presentation ;P ). Thanks a lot Dubbadgrim, and thanks judges and organizers and donaters! I had a blast participating and would love to enter again next year!
Alfadas Mandredson 3 years ago
Thank you for hosting this amazing contest, congratulations to all the winners (shame I am not one of them) and good luck next year too!
Michael the Builder 3 years ago
Wow! Congrats to all of the winners! You guys definitely deserved it. :)
Toltomeja 3 years ago
Haha, reading the results post was a real thrill to me... Honorable mention... Honorable mention... Honorable mention... Runner up... And then I found my name where I'd never expect to find it. :D
Thanks again for holding the competition, all these 130 builds are here thanks to you!
And congrats to all!
durazno_33 3 years ago
Banners, trumpets, and golden arrows to the winners.
David FNJ 3 years ago
Super fun contest, hopefully I'll be able to build more next year! Congrats to the winners! :D
Classical Bricks 3 years ago
Well, I didn't even get HM... :/
That's okay, I really can't wait for next year!
Noric Warrenson 3 years ago
Congratz to the winners! Hopefully next year i'll be able to enter more! :D
Brick Rebel 3 years ago
Congratulations to all! Well deserved! I'm really pleased with my honorable mention, thank you so much! So nice to see my name being mentioned along with some AFOL heroes :-) And thanks so much for hosting this! Had great fun building and seeing all entries. Same time next year?
Nolverine . 3 years ago
Congratualations! This was an awesome contest to watch :D
Teriyaqi Bricks 3 years ago
Congrats to the winners! Is there a way for us to see our individual scores?
Legopold 3 years ago
Woot! There were so many awesome entries, judging was indeed tough. Thanks to everyone who participated. You all deserve a pat on the back. Congrats to the winners and everyone who built! :)
mkjosha 3 years ago
Thank you for hosting, and congratulations to all the winners!
Mark of Siloam 3 years ago
Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentions, especially Dubbadgrim with so many placings!
aido k 3 years ago
A big thank you to the organizers and judges, and many congrats to the winners! And a special thank you to everyone who shared their creations. I really love seeing what different people come up with and can't wait to see what your imagination will deliver next!
-soccerkid6 3 years ago
Yeah, that was quite the build up for the Conquering Hero announcement! Congratulations, and don't forget to get me your address so we can send you your prize :)

Brick Rebel:
I'm glad you enjoyed the contest! It will likely be the same time-frame next year. If something changes, we'll do our best to let everyone know ahead of time.

Teriyaqi Bricks:
If you'd like to know your own scores, send me an FM :)
en_zoo 3 years ago
Allright then guys, congratulations to all winners and big, big thanks to the organisers!

This contest provided me with the chance for my very first contest and like me, more people can do the same. This, I think, it's one important part of the happy ending we're celebratin here ^

Once again - this was wonderful. Keep it on u builders!
legophthalmos 3 years ago
Some great stuff!! Thanks for organising it, great effort :)
MarcelV. 3 years ago
Again, thanks a ton for hosting the Summer Joust! Great amount of entries!...
I'm really really excited about winning the popular Vig. category and even achieve the "Runner Up" Conquering Hero.

Fun to see three category wins across the pond, castle is (of course) still a thing here ;)
Mpyromaxos 3 years ago
Great creations from all!
Congrats to the winners!
Cause of Bob's challenges i didn't have time to get in! :(
I hope next time i will be able to enter to the competitions with some creations! :D
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