WiBadger PRO 1:31am, 30 April 2010
Anyone interested in a meet up? I’m looking to get out and shoot with some local photogs. Here are some places I want to get shooting:

Philly neighborhoods
Eastern State Pen
Philly Zoo
Covered bridges
Small towns
Longwood Gardens
Valley Forge

I’d love to hear other thoughts and suggestions.
WiBadger PRO 8 years ago
Bueller? ... Bueller? ...
Meester Steve 8 years ago
Sounds good! LOL
sssmithphoto 8 years ago
I'm interested but my schedule has been crazy lately. I'll try to check back and hopefully I can make it.
Adam Cooperstein PRO 7 years ago
I would be interested. I am so excited about this group that I just found. I, too, am looking to shoot some of the same things on your list, as well as small museums, historic small towns, abandoned places. I live in Horsham, Montgomery County, PA.
locksmithjim Posted 3 years ago. Edited by locksmithjim (member) 3 years ago
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