leesure PRO 6:39pm, 12 November 2008
Suggestions for date ad location?
jetHANLEYlol 10 years ago
I think we have a better chance with the philly strobist. I think I saw you over there :D
magazione 10 years ago
I have always wanted to do a trip to take photos of the Brooklyn Bridge... but it is getting cold out there.
sssmithphoto 10 years ago
Depending on the day and location, I may be up for it.
leesure PRO 10 years ago
How about the 23rd at Washington's Chapel in Valley Forge?

-- from wallyg - (?)

I'd love to have a model or 2, but I don't have modeling connections...anyone?
bashful rings [deleted] 10 years ago
Let me know what place/time and I will try to make it - depends on my work schedule. Would love to do the parkway with all the sculpture.

Washington Memorial Chapel is an active parish and the 23rd is a Sunday, so I doubt that would be a good location at that time.
magazione 10 years ago
what kind of model?? also what time?
leesure PRO 10 years ago
Working on time...waiting to hear back from the church so we don't interrupt services.
sssmithphoto 10 years ago
I might be able to make that if it was in the afternoon.
Bryen Ford 10 years ago
Id love to come any time yet?
leesure PRO 10 years ago
Still waiting on the church. I know they have an Evensong service at 2:00.
dcsaint 10 years ago
I'd like to meet-up again.
nostalgic box [deleted] 10 years ago
I just saw this. Since there is no time, I guess this isn't happening today?
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