Philly Stan 11:52am, 21 June 2008
It's been a while since we organized a meet up and would like some suggestions to increase the turn-out. I've seen posts suggesting Parts of Philly (China Town, Old City) Longwood Gardens, Valley Forge National Park. We can also revisit New Hope and Lambertville.

Please post some suggestions
pshorten Posted 11 years ago. Edited by pshorten (member) 11 years ago
Anyone going to photograph the area fireworks fourth of July weekend. I got some great shoots last year and plan on doing better this year...

donr 11 years ago
I suggested a West Chester meetup a few months ago but wasn't able to attend myself, much less organize. I'd be interested in that or anything else that sounds interesting if schedules permit! :)
bardgabbard 11 years ago
Would be up for just about any of the places mentioned. I just need advance warning to be able to go. Thanks for resurrecting the topic Stan!

I've mentioned Longwood and Eastern State, but being relatively new to the area I would love to go to places I don't know like Valley Forge or the parts of Philly. I've heard great things about New Hope too. Would love to visit some place (at some point) with a great bridge nearby.
nostalgic box [deleted] 11 years ago
A couple other ideas are Chanticleer Garden in Wayne and Springton Manor Farm in Glenmoore. I've heard Ridley Creek State Park is nice, but haven't been there myself, so I wouldn't know where the "good spots" are.

sssmithphoto 11 years ago
Ridley Creek is really nice. I go there whenever I get bored because it is right down the street from me. I have a set or two up from there but both were taken when there wasn't a lot of green. The one titled Ridley Creek was the first day I used my D80 back in October and the other is called "Ruins at the Creek" which is of an abandoned house in the park. There are many ruins throughout the park and I haven't seen all of them. Most are only remnants though.

Bardgabbard, I've been wanting to go to Eastern State for a while. The only time I was there was for their halloween attraction and I didn't have a camera. Longwood Gardens would be good too.
sssmithphoto 11 years ago
Jim, what is Chanticleer Garden like? I've seen some of the shots you took at Springton Manor...could be a cool place to go.
pshorten 11 years ago
Hi All,
I would like to go to Eastern State, I wonder if we could get a group rate. I know they close in the winter so we really should consider going soon.

I'm good with going to any of the places mentioned. Last time I did a shoot with this group I came away with several new friends!

Chanticleer has some great fake ruins as well as the gardens, ponds, statues and these cool chairs painted in all sorts of colors. It's a fun place to shoot.
One of those really cool chairs...

Springton Manor Farm is wonderful because it has lots of farm animals...last year they had a really large pig there and these neat shaggy bulls. I'm not sure I'm doing the farm justice. There is a good hiking trail down by a large boulder strewn stream, two nice reflective ponds, a big stone barn and a tree lined lane.
The farm house...

OK, let's do this!
magazione 11 years ago
Please let me know if you guys do Eastern state.
protective impulse [deleted] 11 years ago
I like Pat's idea. I want to do more fireworks this year...any suggestions as to where?
geolvr 11 years ago
I like all these ideas and am up for pretty much anything! Looking forward to meeting up with you all. I will check back to see what the consensus is.
nostalgic box [deleted] 11 years ago
I have a set for Chanticleer and a group for Springton Manor if you are interested. Pat described Chanticleer pretty well.


Springton Manor:

protective impulse [deleted] 11 years ago
Here is the complied list from the above posts:
Eastern State Penitentiary
Valley Forge
New Hope
Chanticleer Gardens
Longwood Gardens
Springton Manor
Ridley Creek
Night time July 4th Fireworks (I am waiting on The Philly Inquirer to publish this years list of “Regional Fireworks Displays”. They posted one last year on 6/27/07.)
I am not sure the fireworks would make for a good meet-up because of crowds. We probably would never find each other in the chaos and crowds.
So, any more suggestions? Time and possible dates? Or do we just vote on one of the above?
magazione Posted 11 years ago. Edited by magazione (member) 11 years ago
July 19th anyone? a saturday. I won't be able to do the fireworks in PA... but when I get back from a trip I will be more available. I could also do something in the evening after work sometime, somewhere in Chester county.
protective impulse [deleted] Posted 11 years ago. Edited by protective impulse (member) 11 years ago
July 19th, or any Saturday or Sunday after the 4th weekend is good with me.
bashful rings [deleted] 11 years ago
I'm going to Chanticleer either Saturday or Sunday morning this weekend, before it gets unbearably hot. Drop me a PM if you are interested in meeting me there. I'm leaning towards Saturday.

I can also do Valley Forge any time since it's about 5 minutes for me. For anyone in the area, we can do something after work.

I may be able to make the 19th; it all depends on my hours for my PT job, which vary every week. Eastern State would be nice since it's pretty cool in the buildings during the summer. If I have time, I would love to do a Laurel Hill/Eastern State combo.
pshorten 11 years ago
I've got a crazy weekend schedule in July.

I vote for Eastern State/Laurel Hill on Saturday July how do we do this, everyone toss in a vote for a place and a date or choose both dates and different places???

I'm willing to call Eastern after we get a head count and see about rates, times and tripod let's get going on this!
pshorten 11 years ago
Forgot to say that I'm going to look into the fireworks and will start another thread stating the times and parks near West Chester that are having fireworks. We may not be able to meet-u[ between the darkness and the crowds but it will be fun knowing some of us are there!
naiffer_romero 11 years ago
I am in for whatever we decide... really looking forward Eastern..
protective impulse [deleted] 11 years ago
At this point in time I am good for any and all weekends in July after the 4th. Even if we do one every weekend. So, the 19th, 26th, or whatever is good with me.
Pat: Thanks again for the fireworks list!
bardgabbard 11 years ago
Also good for after the Fourth. 19th or 26th would be great. I'll check back to see what is agreed upon. Thanks!
sssmithphoto 11 years ago
Either of those dates should be good for me as far as i know.
road_less_trvled 11 years ago
Eastern State would be a great group Meet if we can get a group tour organized, and then on to Laurel Hill Cemetery. They are really close to one another, but this would require an entire weekend afternoon. As always, my wife and I are available almost anytime, any weekend, so let's see what everyone's schedules would permit.
pshorten 11 years ago
OK, Eastern State has group rates for 15 or more people. These private tours are schedule a week in advance. It doesn't look to me like we have 15 folks going but if everyone would check in with me on Flickr mail I'd get a head count.

At any rate, the full cost to get in is 12.00 per person (go to the web site to get a dollar off coupon I can't find anywhere what the group cost is, sorry. Please note that there is a 10.00 tripod fee, good for the entire season (5.00 for groups of 15) and rules of photography are here:
and it's open from 10-5...

I'm planning on going on Saturday July 26th anytime during the day is good with me and I don't think the light will be better at certain times of the day but I could be wrong.

Now, it's up to each of you to write me and let me know that you are coming. I will start a list and see if we can find 15 photogs and get the discount. I will call tomorrow and find out what the group rate is.
naiffer_romero Posted 11 years ago. Edited by naiffer_romero (member) 11 years ago
I had the opportunity to shoot an ESP fund raising party few months ago. The place is just amazing to shoot, the light is awsome (3-6pm). Check my stream for more. I can give them a call and find out what they can offer us as a group.
The place ideal to shoot with models if we find any that are interesting.

Naiffer stream
geolvr 11 years ago
I will be out of town the 26th. :-( But will check back to see if there are any other meet-ups that I could tag along on.
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