Hello as well!

Chris.Whitpan 8:16am, 17 June 2008
Greetings everyone, thought I would chime in as well. I haven't posted yet myself, other than a photo here and there.

I would love to get a meet up going soon as I haven't been out shooting with photographers and think it might really help!

I am from Collegeville area.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

sssmithphoto 10 years ago
Hello, check the other thread people are suggesting some places.

I definitely learned some things last time I went out with this group. It seems like everybody has their own specialty so you can learn different things from each person.
geolvr 10 years ago
Hi Chris,

I am also new to this group. Hope to meet you at an upcoming meet up!
Ed Roper 10 years ago
I don't really get down with the meetup thing so much anymore, unless its for specialized interests.

If anybody wants to get together and do some studio stuff, contact me.

but hi none the less
pshorten PRO 10 years ago
welcome to the group. I've been to a couple of our shoots and it's just great hanging out with other folks that share the same passion. There's a thread started discussing where we should meet and shoot for July. It's gonna be fun!
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