geolvr 7:43pm, 7 June 2008
Hi, I am new to this group and wanted to take a couple of lines to introduce myself. I am an advanced amateur photographer and am in the Harleysville/Lansdale area. Would love to get out and shoot with some fellow photographers. Looking forward to an outing in my area and swapping some ideas and techniques.
Hi there! Welcome to the group!
pshorten PRO 10 years ago
Welcome, our meet-ups are really fun. Hopefully someone will plan one soon!
cumbersome snails [deleted] 10 years ago
Geolvr, welcome to the group.
geolvr 10 years ago
Thanks everyone! Looking forward to joining in on the next meet up. Do they usually have any over the summer?
dcsaint 10 years ago
Welcome geolvr, I hope you can join us on an up-coming outing.
bardgabbard 10 years ago
Would love to see a meetup happen. I still haven't had the chance to meet everyone, but love the photos from here. Since going abck to work after my maternity leave I have less time for Flickr so would an exxuse/opportunity to go and shoot a bit. I'll check back and see if someone comes up with something.

By the way - Longwood is gorgeous these days. :-)
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