donr 12:48am, 7 April 2008
Hi All, We had a bit of interest in a photo meet-up in West Chester, so I'll make an "official" thread to gauge interest.

How would Saturday, April 26 be for people, perhaps meeting at 11:00 a.m. or so?

I haven't done a photo walk before, so I'm not sure the protocol. I'm not sure what the correct walk would be for the area... but here's what I was thinking for things we'd see:

There are some interesting sights, including weekly war protests at the courthouse on Saturdays (at least every time I drive by), the beautiful old courthouse, an old church, and quaint shops/bars, etc. If there's a way to get into the refurbished court #1 it would be a treat. That's doubtful though. Getting into St. Agnes Church might be more do-able, pending events/weddings/etc.

There is/was a ton of construction building a new courthouse structure (I think) over on the west side of town. This would be street/city photography, not scenics or landscapes. West Chester University is close as well, maybe a half mile walk from the center of town, they have some neat buildings.

Regarding a route, I was guessing starting near the courthouse, then up to Gay Street down to perhaps St. Agnes Church, then back to Market Street by the new construction and back to the courthouse.

Would anyone be interested? How about this date? Anything special that we should make sure to see?
Sharkey M. 10 years ago
As far as I know, April 26 is good for me. I wonder if we'd have better light if we met earlier (or later)? I'm flexible though . . . if 11:00 works for others, that's fine too.

Thanks for starting the thread!
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