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No_clever_names_left (Michael Lawrence) 11:01am, 23 February 2008
I was thinking that maybe a thread could be started by people who have somewhere they are going to shoot and would enjoy the company of others?

I know it's hard sometimes to coordinate a full fledged meet-up, but maybe it could serve as a 'message board' of sorts to let other's know of your intentions.

Just a thought....
protective impulse [deleted] 10 years ago
Another great idea! I like it.
sssmithphoto 10 years ago
I agree that is a good idea.
dcsaint 10 years ago
Sometimes smaller groups are a good idea.
Meester Steve 10 years ago
Craigslist for strobists! LOL I love the idea.
pshorten PRO 10 years ago
I like it too!
bardgabbard 10 years ago
Would love to be able to get together with any number of people to get out and about, especially as we start to warm up here. Thanks for getting this rolling.
bardgabbard 10 years ago
I have another suggestion to add to Michael's original sentiment here. Other people I know in Flickr Meetup groups (for instance one of my friends living in Ontario - have assignments to keep the members actively shooting in between meetups. I know several of you in this group are actively involved in other groups where you submit for missions/assignments (some excellent photography from a number of you I might add!) Perhaps people here would be interested in regular assignments for this group as well? We could take turns coming up with subject matter so it didn't become a burden on any one person.

The assignments could be technique based or more based on the region/geography or just random assignments. Thoughts? Does this kind of activity interest anyone for this group?
protective impulse [deleted] 10 years ago
I was just sitting here thinking it is a beautiful sunny day and I should go out to snap a few pictures. I also thought of this message / post. It is a little hard to set up an impromptu meet-up via email on short notice. So, I am going out on a limb here...
I will send my cell phone number to contacts / friends on my Flickr list. I can sometimes be a spur of the moment guy. If anyone is going somewhere and wants to do a meet-up, call me or better yet; just send a text message on my phone (and anyone else you want to invite). Something like: "Longwood at noon today. Call if interested” would work for me. If I can make it I would text back [Will be there] or call to confirm.
Anyone’s thoughts?
road_less_trvled 10 years ago
JoJo: I think in your individual case, that is an excellent approach, as sometimes my wife and I find ourselves out and about and headed in a particular direction, then suddenly think of somewhere to shoot. (exa's: Ridley Park, Marsh Creek, Peace Valley, Jim Thorpe, Weatherly, Lancaster County, Fairmont we would give you a call to see if you would want to meet at a particular site on about a two hr notice or less.

Some other times, we scout out a site we might be interested in visiting (because of some recommendation on a web site, or historical connotation), at night (to get the roads down in my internal map)....then plan to go on a sunday or saturday (depending on the weather. If we came up with a day trip, we could post it here to see if anyone was also interested (and available) with 5 days notice (approx.), then check back the days before to see if anyone might like to go.

Conversely, we may have nothing interesting in the works and we could check in here to see if anyone has something in the works that we would like to accompany them to. I think this is a great idea for a small group to attain a greater range of locations and interests together.

Lastly, I would welcome assignments! I love a challenge.In a new thread: Pick a technique, a style, a subject (or combination) and post it as a "Weekly Challenge" That would also further stimulate social interations, improvements in photographic technology and artistic broadening of everyones horizons.

Examples: (1) Something Blue and man-made. (2) The most incongruous public building feature you can find. (3) The oldest datestone on a building (4) The nicest Iron Bridge Setting. (5) Wildlife (6) Most magnicent Sunset in BW...let you imaginations run free! Think up from the simple to the sublime, to the unusual, then set us free to come back and post our entries, and see how it evolves from there.
pshorten PRO 10 years ago
I love the photo challenge idea! road_less your suggestions get my brain working over time...I can't wait, let's do this. I'm out of town next week but after that I'm game to start a thread and get a challenge going, that is if one of you all don't do it first!
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