bashful rings [deleted] 3:18am, 10 January 2008
OK, who is in for a January meet-up?

I had a couple of ideas:

-Phoenixville (I found a path along the river/canal that I didn't want to explore alone).

-Zern's in Gilbertsville (or "The Sale" if you are from that area.) Only open on Fridays and Saturdays.

-New Hope/Lambertville

-Any other suggestions?

Vote on what weekend you want to meet Jan 19-20 or 26-27, and what you want to do.
Philly Stan PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Philly Stan (admin) 11 years ago
Wow, its been a while! I'll kick it off with a vote for New Hope/ Lambertville. (There is also a canal path there). Also a war memorial hidden off the canal path about 2 miles from new hope marking Washington Christmas march on Trenton (Near Bowman Tower). Either weekend works, Sunday if possible.
pshorten PRO 11 years ago
Yeah, Maria*PA, thanks for kicking this off, I love photo-walks! Unfortunatly, Saturdays work better for me (sorry Philly Stan); I can do either the 19th or the 26th. I like all the places you mentioned and can get to any of them!
Philly Stan PRO 11 years ago
No worries, I can do a Saturdays also...
TravisTruman 11 years ago
Any of those sound good, but Zerns would likely be the hardest to shoot in. Its pretty dim in there, so high ISO would be the name of the game.

I'll do my best to make either date, but no guarantees.
bashful rings [deleted] 10 years ago
OK, so Saturday, 26th January at around noon. How about by the bridge on the New Hope side.

I suggest that you park at the New Hope-Solebury High School on 202 right before you get into town. They sometimes have students collecting money for parking, especially during the summer, but it is always way cheaper than parking in town.
Shucks- I have a fundraiser to go to that day, won't be able to make it- but I'll look for your photos anyway.
Philly Stan PRO 10 years ago
Is there a final count for Saturday afternoon???
Hi I'd be interested in New Hope. What are the detaiils?
pshorten PRO 10 years ago
Darn't it, I hadn't been able to check my flickr in a few days and now I'm busy on Saturday...I am truel bummed!

Maira*PA - please, please plan another walk - in feb I will do my best to be there!
Just read the thread and see the details. So it's by the bridge at noon. Is anyone else going to go?
bashful rings [deleted] 10 years ago
Looks like we're going to have 4 or so, so it will be a manageable group. If we get bored in New Hope I'll show you the abandoned train cars in Buckingham.

Pat, just found out about an abandoned mansion on the back stretch of Valley Forge Park! Gonna scout it out this weekend.
do you guys all know each other already? this will be my 1st meet up. Can't imagine being bored in New Hope though so much to see.
nostalgic box [deleted] 10 years ago
I don't think this meet up will work for me, but have joined the group to find out about the next one. I saw this cross-posted on PhilaBurbs group.
bashful rings [deleted] 10 years ago
We do know each other, at least I have met everyone going at least once before, but this time last year we hadn't met, so please feel free to join in.

Jim, we'll do Phoenixville in a couple of weeks.
nostalgic box [deleted] 10 years ago
Great, I'll keep an eye on this group - Phoenixville would be good.
nils9three 10 years ago
I just found this post. Thanks Maria for cross-posting on PhilaBurbs. I'd like to meet up with the group in New Hope tomorrow.
TravisTruman 10 years ago
Think I'll catch the next one. Have fun.
angusmcnitt PRO 10 years ago
I'm sorry I found this a day late, but will keep an eye on it. I live in Pheonixville, so exploring that path sounds rather interesting.
I found this a tad late too. seems interesting.
Some more recommendations:
Newlin Grist Mill, Evansburg State Park. Jenkin Arboretum.
nostalgic box [deleted] 10 years ago
Another idea is Springton Manor Farm. I had started a group for that if you want an idea of what is there.
road_less_trvled 10 years ago
Sorry I missed this last meet up. New Hope is a great treasure of history and architecture. I look foreward to seeing the pictures posted here. My wife and I will be at Pawlings on Feb 9th at noon.

Maybe in March we could do Springton Manor? We have always wanted to visit there. We both are excited to find this group as exploring and photographing eastern PA is what we do

Eagerly awaiting any more monthly outings as they arrive.
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