bashful rings [deleted] 12:38am, 4 April 2007
Spring is here and time to get out and enjoy the season.

I was thinking about heading to Reading and checking out the Pagoda and also a couple of cemeteries in the area. I don't want to do Reading proper unless someone knows the safer areas.

Hopefully some of our new members can make it. Post your availability here and feel free to throw out any other ideas for the Spring/summer.
MIT Photography 11 years ago
I would love to make it, I'm actually shooting a BatMitzvah on the 21st and my friend's son's communion on the 22nd.

Some areas that I have shot during my travels:

Van Sant Airport:
(located in Bucks County) not far from River Road which has some nice areas along the river.

Lake Nockamixon:
Great shots when the sailboats are racing. I want to get a longer lens this year and get out on my kayak for some good action shots.

Golden Age Air Museum:
(Bethel, PA) They have a "Barnstormer Day" on May 26th that is a blast. A bunch of old planes and cars. I'll have to go through some of my photos from 2 years ago and post them.

Just a few suggestions,
pshorten PRO 11 years ago
Hi MaRkoP,
I'm good to go on the 21st...have a rugby game on the 22nd. I'm interested in Reading. I've seen the Pagoda from the highway but not up close.
Philly Stan PRO 11 years ago
Sounds good, as long as I'm back from San Fransisco...
bashful rings [deleted] 11 years ago
OK, so 21 April it is; meet at the Pagoda. Time to follow.

Feel free to cross-post to other groups.
pshorten PRO 11 years ago
Anyone going from the West Chester Area? I'd be glad to drive or ride! Just let me know...
pshorten PRO 11 years ago
I've been out on the web looking for info on the Pagoda...
the official web site
A slightly different web page...
Looks like we want to be there between 12-4 in order to go inside.
MaRkoP - do you want me to call and see if we can get a tour of the fire tower?

This looks like a great place to go!
bashful rings [deleted] 11 years ago
Noon sounds like a good meeting time.

Go ahead and call about the firetower. I didn't even know it was there but looks interesting!
pshorten PRO 11 years ago
Will do - I'm off on Friday and will make the call then and report back to everyone.
Miss Plum 11 years ago
sounds interesting! i've never heard of these places before. i'm probably in.
bashful rings [deleted] 11 years ago
Mainline Mom 11 years ago
Hey that sounds awesome! I used to live in Reading and am very familiar with the area. Unfortunately though, I doubt I will be able to join you all. Noon is it? Don't count on me, but if I can get away I'll drop by.
leesure PRO 11 years ago
Looks like you got some cool stuff! Sorry I missed it.
bardgabbard 11 years ago
I've been looking for a PA Flickr Meet up grup and just found you all. I know you just had a meet up a few weeks back but curious about when your next one will be. Thanks!
dcsaint 10 years ago
I'd really like to join the group again and I like the Pagoda to, but I have to work on week days. I wish we could meet on a Saturday like the last meeting.

I wish you good weather and nice shooting.
protective impulse [deleted] 10 years ago
Sounds good; count me in.
sssmithphoto 10 years ago
I'm with Dave...Saturdays are much better. That is a monday right? I doubt I will be able to make it on a monday...have work M-F until 4:30.
Ummm...Dave, Steve, and JoJo....I don't know about what it says on your monitors....but on mine...the OP was from April 3 2007. I think you're a little late for this meetup!
protective impulse [deleted] 10 years ago
You know, I missed that. It popped up as a new entry and I followed it without really looking at the full post date (year). Uhhh...a lesson learned! May be there should be a way to remove these out dated meet-up to reduce confusion for "confused" people like me :)
Thanks for the heads up!!!
sssmithphoto 10 years ago
Thanks a lot Dave, You resurrected a really old post and made us all look dumb...hahaha. Mike was the only smart one to notice the date. It seemed a little odd that people wanted to go on a monday. I just figured some of us didn't work on mondays.
bashful rings [deleted] 10 years ago
Yes, this was last April, but if you guys want to go again there is an awesome cemetery up there, Charles Evans Cemetery.
dcsaint 10 years ago
Well, we may have not noticed a little detail - like how many months ago the last post was - but at least we got to communicate with some new friends.

I hope to see some of you - sometime soon.
sssmithphoto 10 years ago
It is an easy mistake to make. I was just giving you a hard time. Maybe someone can change the date in the title and then we have a post for this april.
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