MIT Photography 2:21am, 3 April 2007
Just wanted to say "Hello" to everyone and introduce myself.

I just finally joined Flickr and will be a subscriber soon. I joined the EPA Meet-Up ground to meet some other photographers in the area.

Looking forward to the next meet up. I'm sorry I missed the Jim Thorpe meet up. I love it up there.
Welcome MIT
MIT Photography 11 years ago
Thanks for the Welcome NorJon, I forgot that my profile shows me as MIT. :) Still learning the Flickr site, my name is Darren. I should have posted that last time.

Thanks again,
pshorten PRO 11 years ago
Hi Darren - Welcome and glad you posted to the list...hopefully it will inspire a meet-up. I've only been to one but it was great meeting flikr-ites, getting some shooting in and having a good meal!
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