Miss Plum 6:39pm, 8 December 2006
tomorrow, dec. 9
yards brewing company
2439 amber st.

i'm showing about 10 photos, and i think laura (helveticaneue) is showing some, too. plus a bunch of other folks from the philly flickr group.

come by if you can! i'd love to see you there.
Ed Roper 12 years ago
how'ld you score that gig?
Miss Plum 12 years ago
the salvagers organized it. should be awesome! there's going to be at least 40-50 photogs in it. you coming?
harmonious sink [deleted] 12 years ago
Awesome! Sorry I can't make it.. had to take a break from driving today. Fucking wearing myself out, back and forth to the darkroom in Newtown. Nearly fell asleep at the wheel the other night on the way home.. :-/ But best of luck to you today!!
Philly Stan PRO 12 years ago
Addie, How did the show go?
Miss Plum 12 years ago
it was awesome...fantastic turnout, and i sold one print. there's a couple of shots in my stream of the action.
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