harmonious sink [deleted] 3:21pm, 26 November 2006
So we were up to 34 members, now today I notice we're at 33 members? :(
wkmpellucid PRO 12 years ago
I haven't. It is just that I have been out in southwastern, Pa.
harmonious sink [deleted] 12 years ago
That's a nice part of PA. Southeast has gone to hell.

I'm just curious who jumped ship here..
Philly Stan PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Philly Stan (admin) 12 years ago
The usual suspects are still on the member's page... except for Kaiser Sossa
harmonious sink [deleted] 12 years ago
Whoever that is/was..

I make a great group administrator, don't I? Not even aware of all the members, who joins and quits.. :p
Philly Stan PRO 12 years ago
your back up to 34 :)
Ed Roper 12 years ago
Haha, I probably should quit, seeing that I haven't made a single meetup since the first one :P
bashful rings [deleted] 12 years ago
Ed, you can't quit until we go back to the railroad warehouse and pick up a new member.
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