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Novemeber 4th and 5th Meet-ups?

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Philly Stan is a group administrator Philly Stan says:

I've seen lots of meet-up ideas floating around, but Is there anything scheduled for this weekend?
10:21AM, 3 November 2006 PDT (permalink)

harmonious sink [deleted] says:

I'm stranded in Bushkill house and dog sitting till next weekend. I'll be in Qtown and Newtown Tuesday through Thursday, though, but mostly in the darkroom at the lab. So if anyone feels up to a drive north... lol
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Ed Roper says:

I am locking myself in my apartment today, and forcing myself to clean up. The last 4 weekends i've neglected my poor little place so much!

But sunday should be open, if I dont spend all night working on my website tonight.... www.edroper.com , that is :)

( cheap plug :) )
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