harmonious sink [deleted] 6:32pm, 31 October 2006
Anyone let me know if you want to get a little risky and do some trespassing in various abandonments, or go for a stroll through the ghettos of Philly. I also know of plenty of crumbling farms here right next to giant plywood developments. So much destruction and decay to document. The world's going to hell and I could care less about fancy Christmas lights and decorations and what not. As a student of photography, I need to find a style and stick with it. It would be great to throw in some nude/partially nude models into my decaying abandonments, but that's not always so easy to arrange. Will have to stick to self portraits for now.

I'm planning to hit up the Steel Works again - after the first week of November. There are a few other places around the Lehigh Valley area I've heard of that I also need to check out.

Anyone who's interested, let me know.
bashful rings [deleted] 12 years ago
I was hoping to do Norristown before it gets too cold....everything from crumbling once-grand buildings, to a cemetery full of Civil War soldiers to a mental hospital with some abandoned buildings (and an abandoned power plant if you are up for a swim).

Not a place to go alone, so let me know if you are interested. I was thinking the weekend on 11/11 & 12.
Ed Roper 12 years ago
Ursula, don't try to pigeonhole yourself into a style yet! I sure havent, at least I don't feel I have. I love landscapes. But I also love animals. And I want to experiment with studio work as well. I think all those discplines lend themselves to each other.

As far as doing some trespassing....eeek. I just fear getting my stuff confiscated by the cops. I believe I'd wind up trying to punch out a cop if he tried to take my stuff. Dont mess with my babies. But as far as checking out some decaying farm land and such, i'm up for that, as long as we dont blatantly break the law, just maybe cross into the gray.

Anyway, I've always wanted to do nude modeling, but I'm afraid nobody want to see me without any clothing!
leesure PRO 12 years ago
I'd be down with some fence jumping.
harmonious sink [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by harmonious sink (member) 12 years ago
Ed - I'm not trying to mold myself into strictly one style - this just happens to be my most favourite. I enjoy many styles - my point is, I need to focus on photography that has substance, meaning, impact, emotion, story. A nice building at Valley Forge can be taken by anyone. Christmas lights in the city - I'd rather start fire to all the decorated trees and then take pictures of that. (I'm just sickened by what the meaning of christmas has turned into, and I'm just sickened in general by anything religious, though I'm not going to start spewing those opinions unless asked for) Well, don't worry about the cops. I'd be right there next to you kicking their asses. Seriously, though. I've been to The Steel Works three times now, and there is zero security unless during one of the tours.. which are over for the season. I've been wanting to be photographed nude there for a while. How about we do a trade off? We'll just get naked together and shoot each other? (nothing sexual intended, just to set that clear. ;) )

Maria - Norristown sounds great. I don't care if it's soon or the dead of winter. Thank god the lab crew at school are cool enough to sneak me free film and paper, now that I've far since passed my limit on that. Just let us know when!

Lee - My naked body is up for grabs at the Steel Works if Ed is still unecertain about a little fence jumping. :-D
helveticaneue PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by helveticaneue (member) 12 years ago
I'm interested in going to the Steelworks! Though don't really want to get naked. Any weekend but this first one in November. I have no idea where it is... I've been wanting to meet up with you guys for a while but things have been too crazy. Let me know when you are going!

edit: Oh wait Bethelehem Steel? Hmm maybe not. I thought you meant somewhere in Philly.
harmonious sink [deleted] 12 years ago
Yeah, Bethlehem Steel, sorry. I have seen pictures of a massive abandoned electricity plant somewhere around Philly. Are you familiar with that? Some of our meet-ups are a bit of a hike from your area, but do share if you know of any cool places in your area.

Actually, I've been wanting to get back to the ghettos of Philly. This weekend and next are shot for me, as I'll be house-sitting up in Bushkill, but anyone interested in Philly let me know. I might go during the week, since I don't work and have class down in that direction..
helveticaneue PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by helveticaneue (member) 12 years ago
That would be this one

I just Qmarted for the first time ever a couple weekends ago. I'd love to explore the area more, I don't mind a bit of a drive. I haven't worked up the nerve to shoot in the ghettos unless by driveby shooting. Deep South Philly, down by the water / Coal Pier needs further exploration. If you haven't seen his work gac has some exquisite explorations...

There is the Gypsum Factory and while I know where it is I have not seen it with my own eyes. I can send you more info if you like.
pshorten PRO 12 years ago
Ursula - I'm interested in shooting anything. I would love to shoot some abandoned buildings. Keep me in the loop when you make plans. Ahem, that would be fully clothed for me!

Should admit that I'm not against shooting Christmas lights or anything else that catches my eye! I wuold like to get a group together and do some night-time photography.
scottkrycia 12 years ago
Yo - I'm in. I have a bunch of locations already. Just let me know.
harmonious sink [deleted] 12 years ago
Pat - yeah, I'm just trying to stray away from touristy-type stuff. Although, I admit, I still enjoy it myself, but I'm trying to break into more artistic photography. I've been interested in trying out night photography as well.

Scott - glad to see you posting. Just check in to see what plans are in the making. Feel free to start a topic as well,to let us know any ideas, plans of your own. I'm usually in the darkroom Tuesday through Thursday at school, but I only have classes on Thursday. Just this weekend to the next isn't the best. Unless anyone feels like making a run to the Pocono area.

helveticaneue - thanks for the links. Yeah, there is definitely a risk involved with that. Would probably be wise to bring a concealed weapon and a 300pound body guard. Will check out those links now..
harmonious sink [deleted] 12 years ago

I'm really more interested in shooting nude females at the Steel Works (which is in Bethlehem, by the way. I don't know.. somehting about the female form and rusted steel is rather appealing to me.
Miss Plum 12 years ago
if you're into shooting non-skinny female nudes, i'd be willing. i think!
harmonious sink [deleted] 12 years ago
I'll message you on that.
Miss Plum 12 years ago
right on.
Wespionage PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Wespionage (member) 12 years ago
--enter paranoia mode---
Something about stating a willingness to trespass, in writing, on a Yahoo! member site, that is certainly heavily indexed by enough folks cooperating openly with the government, scrubbing this stuff for "suspicious" activity... Well, it doesn't seem to be the wisest decision.
--end paranoia mode---

That being said, I'm game. :-)
alankin PRO 12 years ago
Let discretion by the watchword.
harmonious sink [deleted] 12 years ago
Hmm, considering I have photos from all sorts of places posted here, that I obviously trespassed on, that never really crossed my mind. Oh well. They'll never take me alive, damn it!
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