harmonious sink [deleted] 11:34pm, 22 October 2006
So.. I thought it might be a little fun to have a weekly contest in which members select their favourite photo (not one of their own, but another member) from the last meet-up, and members can then vote on any one of the nominations for Photo of the Week.

Ruels in basic as follows:

As I stated in the group description, I am hoping for weekly meet-ups, sometimes that isn't always possible, so if there is a weekend missed, we can just do a Part 2 Photo of the Week from the last actual meet-up.

So. I or Stan would start a topic to begin the voting each Sunday evening, and then we would all choose our favourite to nominate. Once everyone has submitted their nominated picture, voting will run until Thursday evening. Whosever's picture with the most votes would then have a new topic started to present the winning photo of that week. There are no pirzes, but I can guarantee at least a small amount of short-lived fame in CyberSpace. ;)

This is just the basis for this idea here. Anyone feel free to comment with any ideas, suggestions, etc..

harmonious sink [deleted] 12 years ago
If no one cares, I'll just delete this topic..
Philly Stan PRO 12 years ago
I'd like to suggest opening this up to beyond just the meet-up and have do judging of photo's submitted based on a specific subject matter, since many wpn't be able to meet-up.
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