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Ed Roper 3:51pm, 22 October 2006

Check that site out. This may be old news to you guys, but there is a non-profit nature conservancy group in lancaster county that has some amazing looking properties under their belt, and its all open to the public. There seems to be some amazing natural areas in Lancaster County. In case you guys haven't figured it out I'm more of a lanscape/nature kind of guy.

Anyway, I've been doing a lot of research and trying to find some lesser known places within an hours drive. So far I've been pretty impressed with the amount of natural areas in this part of the state.

Regardless, we should have an abundance of places to have meetups around here for sure..
harmonious sink [deleted] 12 years ago
Awesome of you to be doing so much research into this. Sounds like a cool idea. As much as I love my decaying crumbling abandonments, I love landscape photography just as much. I haven't done much of that lately, however, so Lancaster would be cool. I know I'm veering from the Eastern PA part, but I was in the southwest area at Jellystone Park (yes, a Yogi Bear themed familiy campground lol) where nearby is Frank Llyod Wright's famous house called Falling Water, which just so happens to be built over a waterfall. Problem with that place, is you can take outside pictures, but to take indoor pictures, you have to pay the fee for the photo-taking tour, and that's at least $50 I was told. Though I certainly wouldn't mind going there again for that once I have the appropriate funds.

But just to throw that out as an other idea. Maybe I might just change this to the Pennsylvania Photo Meet-Up group, because I really don't mind a nice day or two trip to check out some of the futhrer-away wonders of this State. Would require camping it, which I'm always up for. So that would be something cool to think about, although it is getting a bit on the cold side for that. So maybe in the Spring.
Ed Roper 12 years ago
I went to Tucquan Glen Nature Area and Theodore A. Parker Natural Area in Lancaster County today. Both were amazing places, highly recommend them. Both have very nice trails and both I didnt even take the whole trail. Deffinately will be returning. Needless to say I've gotten my share of flowing stream shots. I've been feeling a little bay/ocean homesicky so I'm mulling the idea of a trip maybe to Havre De Grace, or somewhere in Delware.

It's going to be interesting to see how we keep this group pulling through the winter. I'm hoping for lots of snow, since thats an element I've never photographed.
Philly Stan PRO 12 years ago
Been to Harve De Grace, its a disapointment in person. Your better off heading down to the Jersey Shore, Longport, Sea Isle and Avon are usually deserted but make neat locations in the winter. Cape May is usually bustleing with Chirstmas Shoppers,etc.

Another thought is that maybe we should start pulling all the idea's into a calendar or something. There are several bigger than a breadbox type trips we've all picked out.

As you said Ed, winter is coming we should also consider indoor venues like aquariums, libraries, museums, etc.
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