aback account [deleted] 5:51pm, 9 October 2006
Friday the 13th (woo!) I'm going to be at a show in Manhattan, so Saturday and Sunday work for me. We had a blast in Jim Thorpe. Stan and I discovered an awesome massive abandoned crumbling building on the way up (I'm scanning those shots, and some from the haunted prison and around town, now) Might be going again this coming up weekend to get more pictures of the train graveyard (very old rusty trains!) in better daylight, and to catch the abandoned building in better light as well. The fall colours weren't quite yet at their peak there, but still really nice! And we ran out of time to check out the Packer Mansion.

I'm also thinking it would be fun to do a meet-up at the Eastern State Penitentiary during one of their night tours, where they have all the Halloween stuff going on.

If anyone is into more risky stuff invovling tresspassing and whatnot, I know of a couple great locations. ;)

Anyone else have any ideas?
Philly Stan PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Philly Stan (admin) 12 years ago
Maria also mentioned Valley Forge National park for changing of the trees and pictures of Washington's Cathedral. Lastley for those who like flowers, there is always Longwood Gardens!

Unfortunately I won't be able to dedicate a day this weekend, but there is always next.
leesure PRO 12 years ago
You're not thinking of 1 room Amish schoolrooms are you Ursula?

I have my weekend plans set...I'll be getting on a plane for Kona. :-)
aback account [deleted] 12 years ago
If you need anyone to carry your bags to Kona......

I'm all for going back to the burned out building that I missed, hitting the Packer Mansion then wandering over to the rail yard, and picking up some delish TexMex on the way.

Valley Forge should be ripe for the picking in about two weeks. We can also hit up Phoenixville when we are in the area...it's my new favorite Main Street, and home of the newest outpost of Iron Hill Brewery.
aback account [deleted] 12 years ago
Yeah, I wanna get back to that building too! Well, the biggest main structure is just filled with crumbling gaping holes in the wall, a smaller one was burned out.

So, Jim Thorpe again??
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