Philly Stan PRO 2:20am, 26 September 2006
Interested in the mystery of the "The Hand Print" in the old jail?

Wonder what the Harry Packer Masion looks like up close?

Want to see fall foliage at its best?

Join us at the Jim Thorpe flicker meet-up in Jim Thorpe PA Sunday October 8th at 11:00AM!

Lots of things to see and photos to shoot.

More Details to follow.

Let us know if your interested!
harmonious sink [deleted] 12 years ago
I still am interested!!

But my mom was telling me that the last time she and my dad tried going to Jim Thorpe around fall foliage, it was so crowded there, that they turned around and drove home. So maybe we should have a back-up plan in that general area if that doesn't work out.
Philly Stan PRO 12 years ago
I'm thinking Sunday AM should be quiet and its towards the tail end of foliage season. But your right, we'll need a plan B. Also, we have a person from the Philly Burbs group thats interested and I just posted to th Leigh Valley group and the PA group.
This is cool- I didn't know there was such a group. I'd love to attend, but will probably get stuck working. Can I change my mind as time gets closer? How are the colors back home looking right now? I haven't been able to get to PA in about 3 weeks and I'm going through withdrawal! :-(
Philly Stan PRO 12 years ago
@NorJon: Ursula really gets the credit for forming the group, I just nudged things along and did some syndication of the meet-up. Hopefully you'll be able to attend, but if you can't for whatever reason, simply let us know.

Things are still green in Lower Makefield, but anticipating the change, how about you?
harmonious sink [deleted] 12 years ago
I live in Quakertown, PA and even here the colours are starting to change.In NE PA (Pocono area where I hang out a lot) the colours are really thriving. Have been for the past week. Early autumn here, I supose, or maybe that's usual for northern PA.

I guess the plan here is to try to have weekly photo meet-ups. Feel free to start a new topic on a place of interest to photograph. Even if it's just a few people at first, hopefully more will join and see people are actively participating with the meet-ups.

I was just at the Bushkill Falls today shooting some stuff for class, so hopefully I will have some prints of that to scan and upload here..
Phlilly Stan: I'm on Long Island and it still looks like summer. Things won't start to change around here probably for another 3-4 weeks althought there have been slight and I mean very, very slight signs. Not to mention it's nothing like it is back home. I say back home, because I have a place in Moscow and to me - it's home!

Ursula: Been to Quakerstown, pretty area. If you have a chance to look at my pictures, could you identify the covered bridge and area? I don't remember the name of the town that I took it at, but it was near to you.

As far as weekly meetups go, please count me in as often as I can make it. Right now I'm busy on the weekends at work, but taking pictures of Pennsylvania is high on the priority list. I only wish that I had started Flickr earlier so that you could see what I have.

Looking forward to meeting all of you soon.

harmonious sink [deleted] 12 years ago
I'm currently a jobless part-time student, so I have a lot of free time to commit to photography! So it doesn't just have to be weekends.

I checked out your covered bridge picture and commented on it. Some nice rural shots you have in your stream!
Thank you Ursula, and thank you for your "lesson in geography" - lol. It's true- you larn something new everyday! LOL

Also, thanks for being so nice and the kind comments. I'll let you know when I can sneak away. Hoping for Tues/Wed of next week, but that might just be wishful thinking. I'm usually there every weekend this time of year- I just hate to miss the beautiful colors. This year is very poor scheduling for me with all of the holidays. On the other hand, I have reserved a whole week in November for just me time! LOL
harmonious sink [deleted] 12 years ago
Wow, insomnia must really be affecting my memory!! This whole week I thought the meet-up was this Sunday, not the next!! Good thing I realized this now..

NorJon - hopefully you cann make it out here soon! Tell 'em someone died, you're in a wedding, your sister had a baby, something! Quick before the fall foliage disappears! haha
Philly Stan PRO 12 years ago
Wow, I somehow missed your last post... Don't Forget the meet-up is this Sunday!
harmonious sink [deleted] 12 years ago
Yes, the 8th! This Sunday! hehe
Unless it rains this coming weekend, I will definitely not be able to make it. How does it look for the 15th? Is that too late for the colors? Thank God you're not here with me- everyone is telling me how bad I need a dose- as if I didn't already know. I am soooooooooo home sick! Wait a sec- is that my excuse for not working next weekend? Can I get a doctor's note? LOL
Philly Stan PRO 12 years ago
Just a reminder, Meet up is this Sunday @ 11:00. Please confirm attendance and I'll provide details off-line.
harmonious sink [deleted] 12 years ago
Well the weather is looking great for Sunday. Sunny, low 70s. I'm not even sure what's going on for the weekend of the 15th. Any ideas, anyone?
leesure PRO 12 years ago
Damn! Thanks to UP for the invite to this group and to Jim Thorpe. I'd love to go, but I'll have a 3yr old and 7 yr old all to myself Sunday am. Something tells me I won't be clicking much ;-)

Next time!
harmonious sink [deleted] 12 years ago
Oh well, no problem leesure! But thanks for joining! We had a great time, so great in fact, that we might be going again this coming up weekend. I'll post a new topic now about what photo meet-up to plan on next..
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