Philly Stan PRO 2:20am, 11 September 2006
Real Name: Stan

Local or Transplant: Sort of a transplant from Philadelphia

Part of PA do you reside in: Lower Makefield

What do you take photos of? People, Birds, Horses, Flowers, trees landscapes and buildings.

Equipment: Rebel XT, Canon 28-135mm IS; Tokina 28-80mm f2.8; Canon 28-80mm; Promaster (Tokina) 19-35; Canon 18-55mm; Sigma 400mm f/5.6; Canon 75-300mm; and, Speedlight 380EX
harmonious sink [deleted] 12 years ago
Sorry I missed this one!

If anyone cares or even stops by..

Real Name: Ursula

Local or Transplant? Born in Tucson AZ, though have lived here since '82

What do you take photos of? I enjoy industrial abandomnets / decaying objects the most, as well as landscape, skyscapes, trees, animals, macro, self portraits, architecture, random drunken nonsense.. would like to start shooting nudes, but this one friend of mine is always so busy..

Equipment 35mm Canon AE-1 Program with 28mm, 50mm, 85mm and 50mm Macro and a hotshoe flash I rarely use. All lenses are Canon brand except the 28mm which is Vivitar. Hoping to get a 20mm (super wide) one of these days, and eventually a fisheye. Maybe a good telephoto as well. Ah.. so much money..

I also borrow my friend's digital occasionally, and used to own a Sony DSC-R1 until that got destroyed, which is why you'll see a mix of film and digital stuff in my stream.
Philly Stan PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Philly Stan (admin) 12 years ago
Ha! All hope isn't lost. Atleast 1 person checks in..and for the record Canon FD glass is great!
Real Name: Noreen

Local or Transplant: PT Local (Vacation Place in Moscow)

Part of PA do you reside in: None yet, someday, hopefully LIttle Meadows or somewhere in that area. (NYS Border)

What do you take photos of? Baseball, beaches, animals, sunsets, anything that might catch my eye.

Equipment: Canon EOS-Rebel- 135mm plus a ton of lenses. Saving up for the Digital version.
wkmpellucid PRO 12 years ago
Live part-time in Philadelphia, rest of the time in southwestern Pa.
Rural and small town America, national politics, social issues...
Leica (M2,M3, M4), Linhof (4x5), Graphlex (4x5), Canon (Digital RebelXT), Panasonic DVCPRO (HD)
harmonious sink [deleted] 12 years ago
Wow! This place is really thiving today!! Thank you all for sharing!
Philly Stan PRO 12 years ago
You sound surprised....oh ye of little faith....
harmonious sink [deleted] 12 years ago
Well this place has basically been a cemetery since the day I first started it... lol
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