harmonious sink [deleted] 10:20pm, 2 August 2006
So invite all your friends!

Anyone have any plans this weekend (or whenever) to go anywhere cool for some photo shooting?

I wouldn't mind going down to Philly again and shooting some of the more "abandoned" sections of the city.

And there's always the Bethlehem Steel Works, but that's involves trespassing, unless some here don't mind the risk. I've been meaning to go there again anyway, now that I've got this old 35mm Canon.

Anyone know of any cool abandoned decaying places around the area? Not that it has to be limited to only that subject, though it is a favourite of mine. :)

Share your ideas. :)
alankin PRO 12 years ago
For cooler places tempurature-wise, Valley Green in the Wissahicken is usually at a lower temp. than the rest of the city. Not much in the way of abandonment or decay, but if you need a break from decay there's some variety there such as people, birds, water, bikes, buildings, a bridge, greenery, horses, etc.
harmonious sink [deleted] 12 years ago
Someone has spoken! :o

I'll keep that in mind next time I'm in the Philly area.

But right now my camera is in the shop, and it might be another 4-5 weeks before I get it back. :(
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