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What is DataStage Online Training ?
An ETL tool to Extract, Transform and Load the data into data warehousing or data mart
Used for data integration projects such as data warehousing, ODS (Operational Data Store) and may connect to major databases like Teradata, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server etc.
Designed ETL jobs can migrate in different environments like Prod, UAT and Dev by exporting and importing DataStage components
Can manage metadata in the jobs
Execute can schedule and track the occupations in DataStage
DataStage Online training Design:
DataStage allow us to develop the jobs in Concurrent variations or Server. Parallel version uses the parallel processing capabilities for processing the data and is ideal for big volumes of information.
• Designer
• Director
• Administrator
The next jobs performed utilizing the administrator. Transfer, delete, and add jobs. Set up user permissions for jobs. Purge job log files. Set the timeout time on the engine.Track the engine task
Set Issue Web Sphere DataStage Engine commands in the Administration client
Configure parallel processing jobs settings.
Create/establish environmental variables.
Enabling job management in the Manager client:

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