PhotoStudio Purple Cows 2:39pm, 28 August 2015
Something special going on here.. something new and exciting!!! At the time you find yourself here to enter for our photo contest, your probably having a brand new product in hands.. a creation, of a collaboration between Blush Skins and Purple Cows by Skip Staheli...

Marie made a truly awesome new, very natural skin.. The Summer Goddess skin. And this time Skip made some skin effects/add-ons to go with it!

To celebrate this awesome fact, we wanted to do something fun for youuuu all too!

a photocontest!

So here it goes...

Rules and Info:

1. Contest runs from Sunday August 30th until Wednesday September 30th, 12 PM SLT

2. Contestans MUST enter the Blush group inworld and the Flickr contest group

3. Contestant can enter the contest with a maximum of two photos.

4. Contestant MUST wear the new Blush Summer Goddess skin ánd at least one of the new add ons by Skip Staheli, showing it on the photo.

5. The ratio or size of your picture has to be 2048 X 1024 (2:1) This is important cause Blush Skins might want to use your entry for magazines or store art!

6. Your NOT allowed to use a DEMO for ur photo entry, you will be disqualified if you do so.

Just fyi, though the skin is called "summer goddess" we decided to not persay go for this summer feel free to make a winter photo or whatever your creative mind flows to... no limits... go wild!!

Now.. thats the formal part... not that hard huh.. just be sure you stick to the very few rules though, we will be very strict...

now the fun part..

Whats there to win??

1st prize:

Photoshoot a 7.500 LS with Skip Staheli, a Blush Skins giftcard á 5.000 LS ánd a moneyprice of 2.500 LS

2nd prize:

a Blush Skins giftcard a 2.500 ánd a moneyprice of 1.500 LS

3rd prize:

a Blush Skins Giftcard a 1.000 LS ánd a moneyprice of 1.000 LS

Our judgingteam:

1. Marie Whitfield
2. Skip Staheli
3. Skippy Beresford
4. Coralie Bilasimo
5. Luana Barzane
6. Jumofashion Resident

If you have any questions you can contact Delinda Dench, Skip Staheli or Marie Whitfield
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