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Load runner online training in ithub online training provides the best web 2.0 9(2G) and fast mobile test experience.Load Runner is a performance testing product and charge by Hewlett-Packard for review system performance, whileneeded to script. It makes the testing of Web 2.0 (2G) and mobile web Generation actual load. HP Load Runner Avoid allows the production of an application derived by preventing Identify Before a new system or upgrade is put in place. The test solution, Load Runner allows you to test Rich Internet Applications, Web 2.0(2G) technologies, ERP and CRM applications, and legacy applications and It helps to give you a better understanding of the final performance before the launch to give you a chance to fix the last minute performance requirements. It is cost effective in that it helps to know the scalability and capacity of the application in advance ..
Load Runner significantly reduces the amount of time and expertise required to script. It makes the testing of Web 2.0 (2G) and Fast Web mobile applications, easier and much more complete

load runner online Training
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