ccorlew PRO 7:02pm, 26 February 2015
Is this the best class ever, or what?
RandomMode 3 years ago
What would happen if I went with "or what"?
Noemig16 3 years ago
Such a fun class!
AndyRCisneros 3 years ago
"Actually" is still a nono?
stopthismadness1 3 years ago
Me hoy minoy
karenamelton 3 years ago
Doodle Bob no!
expensive tendency [deleted] 3 years ago
Flickr ... another way to spend more time on the computer!
nicholas_kourkoumelis 3 years ago
"Actually" is actually used to much.
InfamousGir 3 years ago
We should have a group in 500px
stopthismadness1 3 years ago

ME Ha MAma aba waba? "I'm sorry what was that?" *Inaudible screaming.*
marshall.unique 3 years ago
Flickr, Flickr, Flickr.
Forgetsam 3 years ago
NBD just forcing us to "actually" be social.
technicali87 3 years ago
Everything is awesome!!!!
ghostlytangerine 3 years ago
Attention. This is the fun police. We are here to steal your fun.
Mariane Seminario 3 years ago
Really fun!!!
NickCisneros 3 years ago
love all the new techniques I'm learning
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