lyndell23 7:13am, 26 January 2015
Here is the Easy to Read list of the Daily Themes with hints & explanations that might make things easier.

I've had fun finding interesting and perhaps more unusual daily themes for this month. Be creative, but try to keep to the themes please.


1: "I Want to hold Your Hand"
2: Hearts
3: Setsubun
4: Love Letter
5: Museum or Art Gallery
6: Waitangi Day - New Zealand's National Day
7. Monopoly
8: Celebrate Colour
9: Roses
10: Pop Art
11: Inventors' Day
12: Fashion
13: Chocolate
14: St Valentine's Day
15: Tiffany's
16: Favourite Shoes / Boots
17: Butterflies / Japan
18: Cows / Milk
19: Chinese New Year - Year of the Sheep / Goat.
20: Collection
21: Heritage
22. Weather where you are
23: Craft & Creating
24: Dragobete
25: Seasonal Fruit or Veg
26: Flowering where you are
27: White - Because it is International Polar Bear Day but getting a photo of a Blythe doll posing with an actual Polar Bear might be difficult.
28: Nylon


1: "I Want to hold Your Hand" - because on this day in 1964 the Beetles had their first No: 1 Hit in the US with this song. Photos could be of hands :-)

2: Hearts - because this is February and St Vals is in the middle of this month

3: Setsubun - this is a Japanese Festival to mark the day before the beginning of Spring. One tradition is to throw roasted soybeans out of the door (to also throw out bad luck / demons) another is to eat the beans - one for each year of one's life plus one more to bring good luck for the year to come. Photos with beans or Japanese things perhaps.

4: Love Letter - see the note for the 2nd :-)

5: Museum or Art Gallery - because, according to Wikipedia, The Hermitage in St Petersburg opened to the public on this day in 1852 - making it one of the oldest museums in the world. Photos could include artworks or taken in a Museum or Art Gallery if you are brave ;-)

6: Waitangi Day - New Zealand's National Day, it celebrates the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. Photos with anything New Zealand - kiwi, fern frond, your Blythes doing a Haka ?

7. Monopoly - because Wikipedia says that on this day in 1935, the board game Monopoly was invented. If you don't have a Monopoly game, photos could be Real Estate related ...

8: Celebrate Colour - because on the 8th Feb in 1963 the first full colour TV transmission happened - in Mexico City.

9: Roses - see note for the 2nd ;-)

10: Pop Art - because on this day in 1962 Roy Lichtenstein had his first solo exhibition.

11: Inventors' Day - an US celebration. Inventions - photos could be of a doll with your fav invention or something that you think your doll/s need to invent or ...

12: Fashion - as if we needed an excuse for nice clothes !! but on this day in 1947 Dior launched his famous "New Look"

13: Chocolate ...

14: St Valentine's Day. My own Blythes are mostly grown ups but if you think your girls are a little bit too young for romance - St Valentine's Day can also be about friendship.

15: Tiffany's - because the founder of Tiffany & Co. Charles Lewis Tiffany was born this day in 1812. Photos could be "Breakfast at Tiffany's" or simply using that "Tiffany" colour or jewelry or ...

16: Favourite Shoes / Boots - this one should be easy ;-)

17: Butterflies / Japan - because Puccini's opera "Madama Butterfly" had its premiere on this day in 1904. Photos with butterflies or Japan related / japonerie ...

18: Cows / Milk - this was a funny story I found on Wikipedia (here on this day in 1930 Elm Farm Ollie was the first cow to fly in an airplane, she was even milked mid-flight !!! Photos of Blythe with a cow or milk or on a plane with one or the other :-)

19: Chinese New Year - this is the start of the New Year on the Lunar Calendar. This is a Year of the Sheep or in some traditions, the Goat. Photos could include things Chinese New Year related (dragon dancers, fireworks ...) or sheep / goats.

20: Collection - your dolls' collection or your collection of something other than Blythes.

21: Heritage - because it is International Mother Language Day. Photos could include something relating to your heritage or perhaps your Blythe doll's heritage.

22. Weather where you are - What is the weather like today where you live?

23: Craft & Creating. Many of us are creative - perhaps this photo could include a peep at something you are making. Or do you collect a certain type of craft - the photo could include that.

24: Dragobete. This is a traditional Romanian holiday to celebrate the coming of Spring. This is said to be "the day when the birds are betrothed" and is some ways Dragobete is like St Vals. Photos could include birds, nesting, early spring flowers or things Romanian.

25: Seasonal Fruit or Veg - Because we are an international group and I'm curious about the eatables that are in season where you are right now.

26: Flowering where you are - Again, we are an international group and I would love to see what is flowering where you are ... Is this too early for Spring flowers in the Northern Hemisphere? If nothing is flowering a photo of your favourite plant or tree will be fine.

27: White - Because it is International Polar Bear Day (but getting a photo of a Blythe doll posing with an actual Polar Bear might be difficult)

28: Nylon - Because on this day in 1935 it was invented by Wallace Carothers at Du Pont. Photos could include the fabric or some nylons :-)

Remember to have fun :-)
Wow you put a lot of thought, effort and research into this one.
lyndell23 4 years ago
Abella Blythe aka Gardsabs007:

Awww - thank you. I like doing research ;-)
Puzzlemint 4 years ago
I love the cheat sheet. Thank you! :)
Jenni @ Good Dolly 4 years ago
Great themes~ so much to work with :)
lyndell23 4 years ago

Jenni @ Good Dolly:

thank you - glad you like the list :-)
jodeanface 4 years ago
Just found the cheat sheet, awesome! Thank you!
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