My first BaD

Leslieshappyheart PRO 2:30pm, 1 February 2015
I'm excited to be a part of this group! I am trying to take a dolly picture every day this year, and post them on my blog ( So far I have done fine without a daily theme, but I see that having a theme will give me a direction for the daily picture, and that will be helpful. I am really looking forward to seeing how different people interpret the themes.
lyndell23 PRO 4 years ago

Yea - Great to have you here and to see your photos or your sweet Blythe dolls :-)

I've tried a couple of the different sorts of groups for taking photos of Blythes and I really like having themes ... they do seem to help with incentive and direction.

And of course - seeing how others interpret things is great and inspirational - and seeing other peoples' beautiful photos is also really inspirational.

And as a bonus - I get to see photos of Blythe dolls and that never fails to make me smile :-)

My own photos probably won't be up to much this month - I still don't have a decent digital camera (mine died last October) am using the iPhone camera ... it isn't the best!
Blythe Quake 4 years ago
The Blythe-a-Day group is really fun; it's so enjoyable and relaxing to see other people's pictures and to respond and get a response to your own.
earthchilde27 4 years ago
Glad you are here Leslie! I prefer the monthly themed challenges...keeps me from getting into a rut. Have fun!! :)
jodeanface 4 years ago
Welcome Leslie! It is so fun to look up the days theme with morning coffee and see what ideas come to mind. And especially to go on later and see how everyone else interpreted it. I am newly back in touch with my Blythes after a hiatus, just need more clothes (hopefully some of your cute undies) and more dolly sized props. But even just working with what I have has been fun and I absolutely marvel at some of the shots, true art. :-) Jo
Leslieshappyheart PRO 4 years ago
Thanks Jo! I have been working a day ahead on my pictures, and I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment I get when I put together a cute picture that fits the theme! I could use more props too, I make do with what I have. I too enjoy seeing how other people interpreted the theme--that is the best part of this group for me!
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