judycsme 1:13am, 27 February 2015
Let's make a quilt and show how we can be "Better Together" inspired by PIPSC Better Together Campaign

1. THEME: Show us your Passion. United, *people* in the Federal Public Service Unions are "Better Together"

2. DEADLINE: on or before April 9th, 2015, you drop in the mail to me your square. It should only cost one Canadian stamp, or have a quilting bee with your friends and send them together! (if participation is overwhelming, we may need more sewists to piece it together)

3. CREATIVITY & STASH – each block will be unique, use your imagination! Preferrably, use a white cotton square as a canvas to: sew or embroider or knit & applique or paint or print a photo or even draw or hand write with a marker! on a square !

4. PARAMETERS- 19 x19 cm (7.5x7.5") square blocks (19th day of action), (which includes a 2.5cm or 1" seam allowance for sewing together, so "viewable" window is 16.5x16.5 cm (6.5" x 6.5")

5. SEWING TOGETHER: I will sew the first?! quilt together with a plan to unveil for May 1, 2015 or sooner. If we have lots of squares, we will have lots of quilts!

6. GOAL: Show that we are "Better Together". That together, we have many passions, and together we are strong! Ultimately, display the quilt as a decorative piece somewhere perhaps rotating locations? Carry it proudly at a rally like an olympian!, unfurl it off the rooftop of the PIPSC building in Ottawa? Donate or raffle it off for charity? We will let all the participants decide once it's complete!

If there is further interest we can make more quilts and show how we are "Better Together".
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