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judycsme 3:03am, 27 February 2015

FABRIC: If you or your neighbour don't have a square to spare, and you need to purchase some white cotton background you only need to purchase 20 cm! so 1/5th of a meter! you should be able to make at least 4/5 squares with it... share them with your fellow colleages, or else make your own squares!

HELP?! : can someone help me get my ideas on fabric? Sure ! you can as a friend of family member or perhaps someone here can help you realize your square. Just chime in.

IDEAS: make it a true quilt piece, with fabrics and a geometric design of your passion- perhaps cars, spiders, animals or stamps! Or show your work passions: make it in the shape of your subgroup: ie a computer for the CS group, a microscope for scientists group, a gavel for the department of justice. Alternatively print a photo of yourself at a rally, on a square (see below) or take a sharpie and draw a design, or a list of what makes you happy with your job! The possiblities are endless!

PRINTING PHOTO on a fabric square: see tips on how to do with your inkjet printer and some freezer paper: If you are on a Windows system, right click on photo to view on "windows picture and fax viewer" choose to print 2 files on one page and it will be the perfect size (well, need to add a few strips on the sides to make it to 19cm but not bad)! Upload your photo & send me a flickr mail and maybe I can help you.
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