noeltykay PRO 1:53pm, 18 June 2008
#1 Type about:config in Firefox 3's address bar and press Return. The configuration settings will appear.

#2 In the Filter field, type gfx. The list of settings will shorten to show just those related to graphics, ie gfx.

#3 If the Value for gfx.color_management.enabled is False, double-click anywhere on that line to toggle the setting to True.

#4 Quit and relaunch Firefox 3 and you're in business. You can confirm that colour management is working by viewing the photos on this page. If all four quadrants of the first photo are a seamless match, then colour management in your copy of Firefox is up and running.
tmac0381 9 years ago
lui summer 8 years ago
How does this work with Firefox 3.5?
sabbathack 8 years ago
Excuse my ignorance, but I did what you said and it worked!! ;)

So what does that mean? How does this benefit me?
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