XantheT 6:07am, 15 January 2015
Who's to say really?
Bryan Maxwell 3 years ago
Typing is pretty hard on small mobile devices. So this feature really benefits tablets and phablets(Galaxy Note style devices). They are getting more popular in some countries, but overall I don't think they have taken the lions share of % of total devices. Will people be more engaged on mobile by discussions about high end photography using DLSR's?(debatable) I would rather have more of a "What does this photo say/speak to you" sort of expression. Not a comment per say, but "this photo is eery and dark, it brings the stuff of nightmares to life" Almost like a movie review. Would be more entertaining and you don't have to own a DLSR to have an opinion about a photo. Engage the user by prompting, latest group photo, how dos it make you feel? See what others feel about this photo etc....
guacamelee PRO 3 years ago
Oh God, I turned off the group discussions Beta and I don't know how to turn it back on!!! But this looks so much worse!
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