~Erathor Pridenar~ 8:08pm, 11 December 2014
Contest description:
- The aim here is to create a logo for The Brick Tavern LEGO blog.

Contest rules:
- You can make the logo however you want, whether out of bricks or digitally. It doesn't need to look like LEGO, but bear in mind that people need to have an idea what the blog is about at a glance.
- The words ‘The Brick Tavern’ must be clearly incorporated in the logo, ‘TBT’ at the very least.
- Keep it simple. Remember, the image should appear obvious even as a thumbnail.
- Only one entry per person.
- This is (obviously) a family-friendly site – KEEP IT THAT WAY WITH YOUR DESIGN!
- Please tag your entries with 'TBT Logo Design Contest' and post them in the group pool.

Contest deadline:
- Midnight anywhere in the world, December 31, 2014 (subject to change - an extension is possible)

Thanks for viewing, and we hope to see some entries soon! The winning entry will become The Brick Tavern’s new logo…get creating!
andhe :-) 4 years ago
I might see if I can come up with something.
Dead Frog inc. 4 years ago
awesomeknight1234 3 years ago
It's been months now. When are we choosing?
Toltomeja 3 years ago
Hi there, I see your blogs still remains without a logo. How about changing this, when you've got some really cool designs?
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