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ORACLE RAC Online training course are offered to beginners and experienced professionals and enjoy great popularity since they could make a substantial difference in one's carrier, and almost always guarantee higher remuneration as well. While buying a book or two and eroding the officially released documentation might be sufficient to gain some understanding of this object-oriented database system, attaining a class and covering the various topics with the help of a highly qualified instructor is what most professionals prefer.

The 11g's Enterprise Edition comes with an Oracle RAC (Oracle Real Application Clusters), which enables a single database to run across a number of servers. This has great many advantages, most of which are scalability, performance, and fault tolerance. If you want to learn more about RAC, then a RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administration Accelerated Release class would be greatly beneficial.
In almost all cases, such class would offer teaching about Real Application Clusters, installing Oracle Clusterware, administering RAC database, database servers, and Oracle Clusterware, as well as adding a node to a cluster, patching Oracle Clusterware, and upgrading to the latest Clusterware version. This course could be excellent not only for DBAs, but also for technical consultants, support engineers, data warehouse administrators, technical administrators, database designers, and even project managers.

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