Nata Luna PRO 3:41pm, 30 September 2014
It might be fun for us to compose mystery images with our detective figures, for the other group members to figure out.

What i'm imagining: you set up a scene, including a number of clues (and possibly red-herrings [false clues]) all over the place. then you make photo(s) of this and add it in the group. If you want the viewers to figure out something specific (like *only* what the crime was, or *only* who is the culprit) you specify that in the description. otherwise, it's open for interpretation.

Then the viewers approach it sort of like how Sherlock Holmes looks at a scene trying to deduce stuff.

It could be a fun way to use all those props that we don't know what to do with, or a fun excuse to get or create new ones or get more creative use out of free printables, etc.

there could be some code in the image title so people can distinguish those from the general pictures of our detective figures...
i propose "THE ART OF DEDUCTION" (puns always intended)

what do you think?
madeboxer PRO 4 years ago
I'm up for it!
ShellyS PRO 4 years ago
Sounds interesting. I'm not sure I'd contribute, but it would be fun seeing what folks come up with.
sydneyblackburn 4 years ago
I really like the idea; need to do some thinking on how to compose such a shot. :)
Nata Luna PRO 4 years ago
Cool, so i guess whenever anybody comes up with one, we just post it and put the slogan in the title so people will notice? if people don't notice, we can also put a link in this thread.
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