Vanessa Sokic 10:43pm, 8 December 2014
This week, take a picture of something that has to do with the holidays!

If you are having trouble posting your photo in the discussions (I didn't feel like explaining it via that message app) here's how: just copy and paste your image's URL and put it in square brackets (ex [www.flickrbiufgubiv.c]).

Also feel free to jot down some ideas for future assignments! We'll share at our next meeting, next Wednesday the 17th.
robert_7007 4 years ago
2014-12-08 20.09.12 by robert_7007
victoriiaaa98 4 years ago
2014-12-15_06-40-06 by victoriiaaa98
Towels42 4 years ago
Red tree ball thing by Towels42
alyssa.mariie 4 years ago
The Swarovski Crystal tree! :) by alyssa.mariie
Towels42 4 years ago
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