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What is c?who invented the c langauge?

C is a procedure oriented computer programming language,Which features economy expression,modern control flow,data structure and rich set of is invented by dennis ritchie in 1972 at bell and bell lab.

feature of c language?

.Extensive variety of operators and data types, to offer great range of options.

Modular in nature.

.c programs are portable can run on any compiler without modification.

.It is a powerful language as it provides a wide variety of data types and functions as well as control statements.

.Efficient use of pointer.

.It is very simple to write assembly language codes programss in c.

What ae the software and hardware requirements of c language?

Hardware requirements:-Pc with 512 kb base memory.

Software requirements:-c compiler.

Write a c program to print “hello world”?

#include { printf(“hello world”); }

What are reserved words?

A reserved word is a type of c tokens also known as keywords.

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