Lainey1 PRO 6:50pm, 17 February 2015
I love the Sigma DP Merrill cameras. Not too many people use them. That to me is quite sad. What's even sadder is trying to hook up with people who shoot this camera, only to find that you are excluded from a group due to taking pictures of your pets or using this camera for snapshots. It's hard enough to find people who use this camera, but to be excluded for the content from this camera is ridiculous and arrogant. Sigma is a small company compared to the Canon/Nikon giants. The cameras are hard to use for most people or annoying. I should think that groups using the Sigma DP Merrill cameras would welcome EVERYONE who uses these cameras, whatever skill level, whatever subject (short of something criminal or lewd in nature.). And that's what I do here. If you use a Sigma DP Merrill, please place your pictures here. Also, if you have any tips on the processing of your photos, include that was well. I want this too be the ultimate DP Merrill community that allows people to express themselves; even if that means they photograph their cat or dog. The only banning I will do is if someone puts photos of something criminal, lewd and in poor taste photos that in any way hurt children or women. Welcome to DP Merrill Heaven, and please introduce yourself.

I am Lainey, and I use my Sigma DP Merrill cameras for many subjects. What I show online here for the most part are my dog Ozzy. Flickr to me is a place for fun, not professional photography. I leave my clients photos out of this environment. Any photos that I purposely shoot to sell will also be excluded. Having said that, I use these cameras a lot and for perusal on Flickr, it's mostly of a "snapshot" nature. This is in order to protect my sellable photos. Maybe that's not you, which is fine. I welcome everyone. Please respect each other and offer help to those in need.
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