pawseyphotography 2:37pm, 9 January 2015
Hi all,

Firstly, thank you Kevin Webb for taking the time and effort to get the CPP camera club off the ground and bringing it to a reality. Also thanks Justin for setting up this Flickr group... I am sure that it will prove to be a very helpful and convenient way for us to share pictures.

Thanks also to all that turned up this Wednesday, it is good to see some fellow enthusiasts and spend some time talking, showing pictures and getting helpful tips.

We want to be able to give as many people as possible the opportunity of being able to come to these meetings, but we don't want to run the risk of killing the enthusiasm... so the question stands of how often we should get together?

People may find it difficult to make it every week (which is understandable), but monthly may not be enough for others... I personally think that every other week would be good for me, but we want to hear your opinion as to how often these meetings should be.

Look forward to hearing your views and seeing some of your posts!

Kevin Pawsey
SnapFink PRO 4 years ago

Firstly let me second your thanks to Kevin & Justin (good work chaps) ...

I'm tempted to go with the idea of every other week to begin with so that we can hopefully get some impetus over the coming few weeks (accepting that things will be 'slow burn' for a little while as none of us are experts here (and apologies now to un-declared expert(s) amongst us :-)) ...

So happy with every fortnight (and Kevin to provide the chocolate biscuits :-) )
pawseyphotography 4 years ago
Which Kevin?... :-P I vote Webb, but I am biased ;)
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