sandyquiltz PRO 10:47pm, 10 January 2015
I got all my background cutting today and yep, very first cut was wrong. Dang it all. So much for "measure twice, cut once." The saying should be, "Measure twice, read instructions three times to be sure, cut once." I just got the wrong number stuck in my head. Hard to tell how much of an issue it'll be whenever I get to the part that requires that reserve fabric--I'm debating ordering just a little more of that particular fabric to be on the safe side. The rest of the cutting seemed to go well (due to "read instructions three times to be sure"), and now I'm on to actually cutting for the first block.

Here's a tip--it seemed to catch a lot of people up in the class given the conversation in the discussion thread so I figured I'd mention it here. When you print the PDF with the templates on it, be sure your print setting is set to "actual size" or "no scaling" or whatever your menu option is. I printed off all the materials at the same time; when I went to measure the 3" scale at the bottom of the template page, it was nearly 1/4" short. When I re-set my PDF printing to "no scaling," it printed correctly.
knowing decision [deleted] 4 years ago
For some reason, my copy of Adobe Reader defaults to this setting. I printed the templates a second time, just to be sure, and noticed the default at that time.
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