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dw01010101 ADMIN January 24, 2016
Thanks for stopping by, this Flickr photography focus group was closed at 00:00:00 UTC on the 15th December 2015 and no longer accepts new members or photo contributions. Content was inspired by the Biological.Flight.Design header page detailed below. Feel free to have a browse of the full Photo Pool in descending date order.

This group discussion is for members only.

Group Description

Do you marvel at all things flying?
Do you photograph biological flying things (without machina assistance)?
Do you wish to participate in a fully searchable index of species flight attributes (photo tags optional)?

If the answer is yes, feel free to join us!

Welcome all! This is an informal group, with the attributes (refer guidelines) providing a focus and potential method for accessing attributes in-common across species (tags optional). But ultimately, this is a celebration and reflection of our always mobile flying inhabitants via the lens of a camera. This, from an engineering or artistic perspective, in the many flying forms they take!

Choose one or two attributes below that best represents the shot. Optionally, tag the attribute and scientific name. If another attribute is required we can discuss and I'll add it here. If the shot is just beautiful or artistic post that too!

Flight.Design.Amphibious - Features for water
Flight.Design.Camouflage - Colourations and textures similar to the surrounding environment
Flight.Design.Coupling - Usually an in copula shot of dragonflies, damselflies, insects etc
Flight.Design.Coupling.Maintenance - Usually the same species, one maintaining the other, preening for example
Flight.Design.Edge.Straight - A straight edge, usually on the wing
Flight.Design.Edge.Alignment - A curved alignment, usually wing feathers
Flight.Design.Flap - Capture of powered flight
Flight.Design.Geometric - Line, arcs, circles or geometric shapes
Flight.Design.Glide - Capture of gliding
Flight.Design.Grounded - Now grounded or an initial development state
Flight.Design.Hover.Control - Capture of a hover
Flight.Design.Hover.Pitch - Hover with angled pitch
Flight.Design.Hover.Sideways - A sideways hover
Flight.Design.Leg.Retraction - Legs folded neatly into the body
Flight.Design.Navigation - Usually a head shot
Flight.Design.Neck.Retraction - The neck is retracted or bent in flight position
Flight.Design.Refuel - A capture of feeding
Flight.Design.Self.Maintenance - A capture of self maintaining
Flight.Design.Self.Repair - A capture of a part growing back, eg, wing feathers
Flight.Design.Soar - Capture of soaring
Flight.Design.Tail.Redundancy - Usually a part of the tail missing
Flight.Design.Tail.Retraction - The tail folded neatly, not in flight position
Flight.Design.Tail.Structure - Usually an outspread tail
Flight.Design.Wing.Redundancy - Usually a part of the wing missing
Flight.Design.Wing.Retraction - The wings folded neatly, not in flight position
Flight.Design.Wing.Structure - Usually an outspread wing
Flight.Design.Winglet - Usually feathers bent up at the tips

That's it, enjoy!

Biologica.Flight.Design (15.01.2015)
Biological.Flight.Design (05.07.2015)
Biologicum.Fuga.Consilium (14.09.2015)
Biologia.Flugo.Dezajno (08.12.2015 Final)

biological biologicum biologica biologique biologische 生物 biológico βιολογική ביולוגי biológico जैविक 생물학적 بيولوجي biologia

flight fuga volo vol flug 飛行 vuelo πτήση טיסה vôo उड़ान 비행 طيران flugo

design consilium disegno conception design 設計 diseño σχεδιασμού עיצוב desígnio डिज़ाइन 디자인 تصميم dezajno
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At it's peak, the group pool consisted of some 2400+ photos contributed by 90+ members and a large number of other participants by way of admin invites. A range of contributions was received with editorial powers used mainly in the latter part of group operation. To maintain editorial integrity, all members are to be removed and an admin holding account created.

Group foundation was laid by way of basic photos using an entry level digital SLR camera with associated search terms that are visually self evident. Primary theme was flight design from an engineering or artistic perspective with no belief system conveyed leaving such matters to the viewer.

Photo Pool - Descending date order
Photo Pool - The Beginning

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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