seankerrphotography 5:24pm, 28 October 2014
I just bought the Tamron and had it out for the first time today. I have to say that it doesn't fit as snugly onto my camera body as my other lenses (Canon and Samyang). I can rotate the body slightly more than with the other lenses. I even noticed it rotating sometimes when auto focusing.

Anyone else experienced this? Wondering if it's normal and nothing to worry about or whether I should have it replaced, which would be a bit of a pain as it shipped from the USA to the UK.
aksoykaan1 4 years ago
Dear Sean,

I have bought this lens several weeks ago.
I fits normally on my 6D. There is "loose" feeling after this lens is mounted on my camera.

I recommend you to read the user instructions for this lens.
Especially the instructions stress on not holding the camera while this lens on it, you need to hold the lens. If the camera is held, the lens mount may be damaged due to the weight of the lens.
As long as the instructions say so.
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